Wowm Review: Scam Alert!

Wowm is a fake online store, it's not the legit one. Lots of things of Wowm matches with other scam online stores such as MusicEnjoyStore, ShopByHot, Eccoemall, ArkiveShop, CoffeeMakerShops, OutdoorsWell, TheTrendyDealStore, FineFurnitureu, Imixers and so on. These all sites don't have revealed their company location or any contact information. However, the legit online stores always provide the detail contact details including their phone number. Since Wowm also hasn't revealed the owner details or company's location, so we should be cautious with Wowm.


Well, it is not only the hidden company details which make us list Wowm in our Bad and Scams category. But, there are lots of things which make Wowm a scam. So, let's continue with our review as below to find out what are those things which make a scam and what is in real.

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What is Wowm and why is Wowm a fraud online store?

If you click the products of Wowm, you will be directed towards the checkout page. In that page, you will find out the McAfee Secure and VeriSign trusted seals located on the bottom of the page. But those trust seals are fake because the real trust seals will be clickable so that we can click on those trust seal logos to verify them. But, in the case of Wowm, those trust seal logos are not clickable which prove Wowm has provided the fake trust seal logos.


Now you can think yourself. Will any legit website provide the fake trust seal logos? Of course not. Legit websites used trust seals on their website to provide a safe and secure platform. However, if some website is using fake trust seals, then you can guess yourself how much unfaithful that website is. You should never believe any website which provides such fake trust seals. So, this one reason is already enough to prove Wowm is a scam.


So, now it is clear that Wowm is a scam. These kinds of scams not only steal your money by not delivering your purchased items but will also steal your money by charging your credit card randomly without your consent. So, never ever purchase anything or provide your credit card information to these kinds of scams. However, if you had already provided your credit card information to Wowm or have purchased anything from Wowm, then we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company or payment processor like PayPal (whichever method you have used) and follow their instruction to secure your money as well as to get refund which may be possible in some cases.

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Comments: 7
  • #1

    carlos (Tuesday, 13 November 2018 09:33)

    Yo he comprado en esa tienda he tenido unos 7 emails y todos ,contestados,tengo un número de seguimiento ,que me ha dado ,pague con PayPal y emitieron factura y número de seguimiento si que observé que tienen diversos nombres de enlace que van todos a wowm con ,y me comunicaron ,con número de seguimiento que ha salido de china.Veremos que llega.Si no abriré disputa en PayPal y Reclamaré....ya os comentare

  • #2

    Phil (Tuesday, 13 November 2018 12:12)

    Orded a phone on facebook from wowm, i reseved a pair of cheep headphones ,yes a scam

  • #3

    Royd (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 05:42)

    Ordered a phone, received a headset. Total scammers. Thankfully paid via PayPal and they are refunding.

  • #4

    Walter McDonald (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 14:13)

    Bought phone a pair of headphones valued at 12 USD turned up , paid through PayPal.

  • #5

    News Online Income (Thursday, 15 November 2018 03:01)

    Thanks, everyone for using our forum to report about Wowm. Yep, that is what Wowm is exactly doing. It is either sending completely different and cheap items or even not sending any items.

    So, those who have purchased from Wowm using their credit card, we suggest them immediately contact their bank or credit card company and ask them to help to get a refund as well as to secure the credit card. Those who have purchased using PayPal, we suggest them to open a dispute through PayPal.

    Good Luck!

  • #6

    Nick (Thursday, 15 November 2018 08:28)

    Yep, ordered a phone and received a crappy pair of Beats knock off headphones.

  • #7

    Mickey (Thursday, 15 November 2018 19:13)

    Ordered a smartphone for 50.00 sounded really good, what I received was a 15.00 headphones branded as Beats, but was a G5 knockoff instead. Disputing thru paypal