Grandbux Review - Is it Scam or Legit?

As per our investigation, we feel that Grandbux .net is not a good company. However, if you still want to join GrandBux after reading the following reasons why we think Grandbux is not good and after finding out what is GrandBux in real, then you can join it by clicking this link:-

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GrandBux review. Is GrandBux scam or legit? What is Grand Bux?

Following are the reasons which make us feel that Grandbux is not good company.


1. Grandbux was in debt and that time there were lots of complains from members for not getting payment on time and even getting their account suspended without any valid reasons. However, at the moment they are out of debt, but those whose account were get suspended that time, were still not recovered.


2. Grandbux has applied new rule. In order to withdraw money from Grandbux, we need to provide the screenshot of Paypal showing it is verified, Image of ID or driver license etc., which is very sensitive information to provide to any site and even that is not necessary for any legit PTC website to ask with their members in order to pay them. So it seems they are upto something.


3. Grandbux is giving very high rate of returns for those who invest in their rented referrals. It sounds good, but it is not because most of those RR are BOTS and none of sites will sustain for longer time if they start to give such high ROI in RR investment. In the past, there were many sites like Grandbux which had offered such high ROI with RR investment, but later on they, all of sudden they shut down their site and run with money of many members. The top big scam sites in this category are Probux, PTCsolution, Nerdbux etc.


However, if Grandbux try to solve these problem and try to make their business sustainable,  then we will again re-consider our review on it. Lets see in future what will happen. For right now, we suggest everyone to only work as free user in this company. At least don’t invest from your own pocket.


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