The Wealthy Affiliate Review, Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam?

We continuously update our reviews. This Wealthy Affiliate Review is lately updated at: 9 April, 2017.


Before you decide to join the Wealthy Affiliate, we strongly suggest you to read our detail review of the Wealthy Affiliate University so that you can find out the truth about the Wealthy Affiliate. This review will help you to find out about what is WealthyAffiliate.


Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? Are you searching for the Wealthy Affiliate Reviews in order to find out Wealthy Affiliate is Scam or not? OK, you will find out all of these answers within our WealthyAffiliate review here, but before that first of all we want to explain you what is Affiliate Network because it is related with Wealthy Affiliate.



What is Affiliate Network?

Affiliate Network is the process where publishers/affiliates can generate income by promoting products or services of companies which offer affiliate programs like eBay, Amazon, JVzoo, Jimdo and so on. In another word, Affiliate Network is the process that acts an intermediary between publishers/affiliates and affiliate programs (programs which offer people to earn commission by selling their products and services). Affiliate Network helps affiliates/publishers to find and participate more easily in affiliate programs which are suitable according to their website niche so that they can generate good income just by promoting products or services of other companies for which they don't need to have their own products or services and don't need to bother for shipment or delivery of products. Everything will be done by affiliate programs, publishers/affiliates just need to promote those products and provide the unique affiliate link of those programs within their website to promote them so that when someone click those links from those publisher's website and buy the products in that affiliate programs, publishers/affiliates can earn commission completely in passive way. Affiliate Network is the best legit and passive way to generate good income online on regular basis.


So, why are we talking about Affiliate Network in the middle of Wealthy Affiliate review?


It is because Wealthy Affiliate is like an online university where you can learn everything about Affiliate Networking and also about Internet Marketing such as:-

  1. You can learn to make money by creating website in your own subject of interest (niche) for which you don't need to have any technical knowledge. If you can operate your Facebook account, you are all set to go.
  2. You can learn every details about Affiliate Network such as selecting good affiliate programs according to your niche and promote the products of those affiliate programs and earn money from that, means you will learn completely about Affiliate Networking and Marketing. 
  3. You can also learn to earn from your own website without selling anything or recruiting anyone, such as by placing advertisements of companies like Google Adsense, and so on.
  4. You can also learn to make good amount of referrals in any legit online work companies and earn very good income by working with any online work companies of your choice.
  5. You can also learn the best way of advertising to promote and sell anything online such as PPC advertising, social media advertising like Facebook, Twitter and so on.
  6. You can learn the every possible way to earn from Affiliate Networking, such as by creating your own website, or by using social media services like Facebook, Twitter or by email marketing and so on.
  7. Wealthy Affiliate itself provides its affiliate program from which also you can make money by promoting its affiliate products.


Click this link to join Wealthy Affiliate:

Rating: 97/100

Suitable for: All

Recommended: Yes

Price to join: Free

You can find out the detail procedure to join and login Wealthy Affiliate by clicking the link as below:

Wealthy Affiliate Review, Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam or Legit?

Before investing in any program, it is best to research and find out about it to avoid losing your investment, time, and other opportunities, we're sure you don’t want that since there are several scams around now. Therefore, read the Wealthy Affiliates Reviews presented here in several pages of our website as a guide to making a decision; your success is very important. Followings are other articles and reviews related with Wealthy Affiliate:-


1. Wealthy Affiliate Forum -  Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials, Complaints and Support:-

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7. Brief about declaring Wealthy Affiliate as Top Online Work Company


OK, let's begin with a Wealthy Affiliate Review as below to find out what is in detail.


Wealthy Affiliate login and join in link, click here:

Background of Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle - The founder, editior, moderator and tutor of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an established Online Work Company that has been paying from 2005 and has been awarded as No.1 Online Work Company continuously from 2009.


The founders of Wealthy Affiliate are Kyle and Carson. Kyle is also the editor, moderator and tutor at Wealthy Affiliate program. Wealthy Affiliate was launched in 2005. Wealthy Affiliate is also known as WA or Wealthy Affiliate University.

What is Wealthy Affiliate? Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not a scam. Instead, Wealthy Affiliate is number one online work company continuously from 2009 in which you will not only earn, but will also learn to earn from other big companies like Google AdSense, eBay, Amazon, JVZoo, Jimdo etc. as well as from your own website. It is all about training plus the best platform to make money online. Wealthy Affilaite provides you the platform to earn money from its Affiliate Bootcamp section and also teaches you everything about online business and work and make you an expert in any online works and businesses that you are doing or you want to do in future.


In other words, Wealthy Affiliate is a work from home business which provides you all necessary information and training that you need to be successful in the online work industry and also provides you the platform to earn money from it. The help and support section of Wealthy Affiliate is also top rated in the industry. It is also known as the Facebook for online workers because you can communicate with all the members within the Wealthy Affiliate as well as with the team of Wealthy Affiliate including owners and can make friends and get help from them. You can easily earn money online with help of Wealthy Affiliate in various ways such as:- 

You can learn all these very easily within Wealthy Affiliate through step-by-step video lessons. Unlike other programs that people subscribe to and are not successful, you are certain to get value and returns for your investment in Wealthy Affiliate.


Generally, WA courses are so advanced that even you can create own business online after takings all lessons within WA.



Who can work? Does Wealthy Affiliate really work for everyone?

Wealthy Affiliate is suitable for both beginners as well as for professional online workers.  If you have only basic Internet knowledge such as operating Facebook, sending emails, etc. then you are all set to succeed through Wealthy Affiliate. It offers a variety of courses which are suitable for all categories of users. In order to know more, read Wealthy Affiliates Reviews viewing our other posts on Wealthy Affiliate, such as this one:-



Business Model of Wealthy Affiliate - How does Wealthy Affiliate work? - How to Make Money from Wealthy Affiliate? - Wealthy Affiliate Program Details

Well, the Wealthy Affiliate has two parts of programs:-


1. Affiliate Bootcamp - Affiliate program for the members to earn money from WealthyAffiliate.

2. Get Started Here Courses - Training Courses to build the online businesses and succeed



1. Bootcamp:-

 Members can earn money from Wealthy Affiliate through Bootcamp program. After joining, you can get the full training in their Bootcamp section. They teach you how to succeed in their Bootcamp program with a step-by-step guide, tutorials and videos. So it will be very easy for you to generate income through affiliate program of Wealthy Affiliate after you learn everything in the Bootcamp courses.


If you can make just 300 upgraded referrals per year, then you can attend fully paid conference of Wealthy Affiliate every year at Las Vegas, USA. All will be paid by Wealthy Affiliate including airplane ticket, and lodging, and fooding, everything.



2. Training Courses:- 

Wealthy Affiliate training courses are the main theme of this website which is also known as "Get Started Here" lessons. As soon as you join Wealthy Affiliate, it will be better to start your journey by clicking "Get Started Here" green bar on the left-hand side menu of Wealthy Affiliate. It includes all of the features which you need to build your own online businesses or to be successful in any online works. Through these courses you will learn the stuffs like how to build your own website free of cost in your own subject of interest (your own niche), how to get that website rank on the search engines like Google, how to get free massive traffic to that website through the search pages like Google, how to promote any product you want to sell online (If you don't have your own product, then they will teach you how to find the other companies' best products and sell them online such as eBay, Amazon, JVZoo, Jimdo etc.), how to make tons of free direct referrals to generate good income in any kind of online work program, and many more. 


After completion of this training, everyone can be established through their own online career and can earn a good income. These courses help both beginners (without any knowledge of online work) as well as advanced users who are looking for how to drive massive traffic to their website or marketing ideas to sell their products or other companies' products, or to get the direct referrals to their online work programs.



Is it free or you need to pay to join Wealthy Affiliate?

You can join and try Wealthy Affiliate entirely free of cost if you are not listed within one of those banned countries as listed below in the last paragraph of this review. If you are listed within those banned countries, then also you can join Wealthy Affiliate, but only by paying $47 (now $49) premium membership cost.


The basic courses are entirely free under which you can make two free websites using Wordpress themes and gain the necessary knowledge to get traffic to your website. The basic courses of Affiliate Bootcamp section are also free from which you will gain the basic knowledge of getting free referrals to any online work companies you work as well as within Wealthy Affiliate. You can earn up to 15% commissions from your referrals within WA as a free member whereas 50% commissions as a premium member. You will also get two free websites as a free member forever till you want to be a member of Wealthy Affilaite. However, basic courses only give you the basic knowledge from which it will take time for you to earn. But, in order to become an expert, to learn everything provided by Wealthy Affiliate, and to earn a good income, you need to take the advanced training courses and for that you have to pay the membership amount of $19 in the first month (discount offer for our referrals only) and then after, $47 (now $49) per month or $359 per year if you want to continue. When you become confident with Wealthy Affiliate program, it is better to go after yearly membership because if you pay monthly, it will be $47 (now $49) per month, but if you go for yearly, then it will be $29.9 per month because yearly membership cost is only $359 per year. But the basic training courses are entirely free and from those free courses also you will get lots of help and ideas to succeed in your online career, not only in WA but any other online work companies as well. 



Drawbacks of Wealthy Affiliate

It's hard to identify the drawbacks of Wealthy Affiliate because almost everything is best within Wealthy Affiliate. Meanwhile, from our own experience as well as going through other Wealthy Affiliate Reviews, we find some drawbacks within Wealthy Affiliate- community help. However, support from the community has lots of positive things than negative because almost all time you get a reply from community members when you seek help and most of the time you get authentic help. But, sometimes, you may also be misled because not all community members are experts. Meanwhile, they like to reply because some courses of Wealthy Affiliate allow them to do so. So, sometimes you will get wrong information. You should always be careful to follow the guidance given by community members within Wealthy Affiliate. 


Another drawback of Wealthy Affiliate is the delay in response by Kyle. Moreover, his response is far better than any other Work Home Business Companies' owner. We know that Kyle is busy because Wealthy Affiliate already has more than 100,000s active members who all want the help from Kyle, but also, he must figure out where it is urgent to help someone. Sometimes even we found that someone asked for help and community members gave him wrong information and Kyle was not there to correct it. So if you are not sure that the support from community members is authentic, then, it is better to ask Kyle in his profile or through private message section and wait till he replies before you move further on it.


Due to this drawback we give 97 on 100 for Wealthy Affiliate. Although it is not a significant drawback, we want Kyle to try and figure out the best way to correct the incorrect comments on time.


However, everything is best within a Wealthy Affiliate, and it is the top program where you can start and build your online career and become successful. So, we highly recommend everyone to join Wealthy Affiliate.



Click the banner below to join and start working in Wealthy Affiliate

Join Wealthy Affiliate University

Update Wealthy Affiliate Information

Update 1:- Wealthy Affiliate recently announced that they have banned a total of four countries from joining Wealthy Affiliate as free member. However, people from those countries still can join as premium members. Those four countries are:- 

India, Nigeria, Philippines and Pakistan.

If you are from the above-listed countries, then you can join Wealthy Affiliate only as a premium member. But, you can't join as a free member. Sorry for the inconveniences. They did it because they encountered with lots of cheating and hacking problems from the members of those countries.


Update 2 :-  Wealthy Affiliate banned more countries from joining as a free member due to continuous hacking and cheating problem from those countries. Now members from seven countries (India, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Egypt) can't join as a free member in WA. However, they can still join as a premium member in WA.


Update 3: Wealthy Affiliate has completely banned people from Nigeria to join WA even as a premium member because of continuous hacking and cheating incident from Nigeria. Wealthy Affiliate knows it is not a good decision to ban everyone from one country just due to the act of some people, but they take this decision after trying every measures they can to save their site from such incident. So, we are very sorry for this. However, if you are from Nigeria and you want to join Wealthy Affiliate, then you can go for second choice after Wealthy Affiliate which is ChrisFarrellMembership and about which you can find detail by clicking this link:-


Good Luck!

If you want to share this post with your friends, please feel free to do so:-

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We will be more than happy to help you.

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  • vidyasagar(Thursday, 23 April 2015 05:11)#1


    I am not having ability to invest,please suggest me about "online earnings" ,I traied PTC sites but it is too low income (0.001$), it takes so much of time, please help, in am unabul to access WF basic lession, help me plz, i need your suggestion

  • #2

    Deroka - News Online Income(Monday, 27 April 2015 12:59)

    Dear Vidyasagar,
    You say you are unable to access basic lessons of WA. Is that mean you can't join WA as free member due to your country? If so, then please let us know from which country you belong so that we can give you some suggestion to work in some other sites in which you no need to do investment. But, one thing you must know. It takes lots of time and hard work to earn money online without investment. If you can invest, you can earn much more fast.

  • #3

    Murphy(Monday, 27 April 2015 17:51)

    Hi, I was really encouraged to start this affiliate program, you know, since I joined SFI affiliate program. But I find SFI to be a bit confusing and not really straight forward. Unfortunately for me I am not elligible to join because I am from Nigeria and we've got serious issues with most foreign programs, lol, its funny though. Anyways, I was hoping
    anyone could share with any other means to make money online. I will really appreciate this. Thanks

  • #4

    Deroka - News Online Income(Tuesday, 28 April 2015 06:44)

    Dear Murphy,
    Ya, you are absolutely right. SFI is really confusing and it is hard to make money in it. We have already mention in our review of SFI that it is only for expert online workers.
    However, Wealthy Affiliate is totally different from SFI. Even we can't compare Wealthy Affiliate with SFI. Wealthy Affiliate is complete package for everyone who want to earn real online income for lifetime where as SFI is just simple MLM company.
    Anyway, if you can't join Wealthy Affiliate by paying $47, then you can find other legit online work companies list by following this link:-

  • #5

    SAJI(Friday, 22 May 2015 09:47)

    I want to invest some money and join with WA Program
    Please tell me the basic things that i should do after join with you.
    Send me the email adders too. ( to contact with you )

  • #6

    Deroka - News Online Income(Friday, 22 May 2015 14:49)

    Dear Saji,
    It is very simple to join WA as our referral. Just click the link above within our review and then register within WA (If you are from 7 banned countries to join as free member in WA, then pay the premium membership fee to complete the sign up).
    After you sign up within WA, log in to it and then you will see there is "Get Started Here" green button on the left hand side menu of WA. Click that one, then you will be directed the the lessons from where you can learn everything about WA step by step. Those lessons are in video format so that anyone can easily understand it. You will learn everything as describe in our review of WA as above by following those lessons.
    You can contact our founder Mr. Deroka/Deraj within WA if you join under our link. You can send him message within WA. Or you can simply place your queries here as well.
    His personal email address is "". However, he check email only one time in one week, where as he check is WA account everyday and reply to his all referrals there on time. We also try to reply comments here within our website around 1-2 days. So, it is better either you contact us here using this comment section or contact him within WA using WA private message section.

  • #7

    Grace(Thursday, 04 June 2015 05:01)

    Im from the philippines and since i can't join WA as a free member , can you please suggest any site/online works that is free to join, legit and has services like what WA can offer ? Hoping for your response . :)

  • #8

    News Online Income(Thursday, 04 June 2015 14:03)

    Dear Grace,
    There are not any site which is similar to WA or even close to it. It is the only one master piece company till date. That is why it is our No.1 Recommendation as there is not any other site which offers such a great features like WA. Anyway, people from Philippines also can join WA as premium member by paying $47. However, if you don't want to invest and want we suggest you sites where you can work without investment, then you can simply read our post about "how to earn money online without investment" just by following this link:-

  • #9

    Xiao Ming(Sunday, 28 June 2015 18:11)

    Hello administrator,WordPress How to use main menu,Add dropdown menu.

    Thanks! Xiao Ming

  • #10

    News Online Income(Tuesday, 30 June 2015 13:52)

    Dear Xiao Ming,
    May be this video will help you to understand about how to add dropdown menu within Wordpress. Just log in to your WA account and follow this link:-
    After see this video, if you still confuse, please feel free to ask us again. We are happy to help you.

  • #11

    Dear Xiao Ming(Friday, 03 July 2015 21:23)

    Hello administrator,We don't understand your 2nd comment at ,is Wealthy Affiliate the Courses Task!

    h3 or h4 tabs Do not insert link,tabs Do Necessary do?

    Directly in the specific words you want to insert a color do?

  • #12

    News Online Income(Sunday, 05 July 2015 05:23)

    Dear Xiao Ming,
    Wealthy Affiliate is both courses and tasks. You can earn by two ways from Wealthy Affiliate. One is by learning courses and doing tasks as guided by those courses which will help you to become expert in any kind of online worke. Secondly by making affiliates within Wealthy Affiliate from which you can earn 50% comissions.
    You no need to insert link in h3, h4 heading. For example, view our review on Wealthy Affiliate as above in this page. There you can find "The Wealthy Affiliate Review" which is h1 heading and then you can find other subheadings like "Background of Wealthy Affiliate", "What is Wealthy Affiliate" etc. which is our sub heading (h3 and h4). It is not too much necessary to make sub headings. But if you can make it, it will more better than avoiding it.
    Inserting color is your own decision. Just for look. So, it is totally your choice either you want to put color or not.

  • #13

    Zaydal hoque(Wednesday, 15 July 2015 12:08)

    Need work

  • #14

    News Online Income(Thursday, 16 July 2015 01:28)

    Dear Zaydal,
    Can you please explain us about your query. You say you need work. If need work, then you can simply join WA by clicking link as above in this page within a review of WA and work in it as per our guidance.
    You can choose list of legit ways to make money online within our "Good and Trusted Online Works" section which you can find by clicking "Good and Trusted Online Works" on the right hand menu of our website or by simply following this link:-
    You can also find the list of paying websites within our "Promising Online Works" section as well.

  • #15

    oyewole Abiodun(Wednesday, 29 July 2015 03:38)

    Hi please can I join from Nigeria

  • #16

    News Online Income(Saturday, 01 August 2015 15:28)

    Dear Oyewole,
    You can join from Nigeria in Wealthy Affiliate only as paid member by paying $47 and for that you can use either Visa or Master credit card. WA also have Paypal option, but so far we know, it is not available for Nigeria. If you can use Paypal, then you can pay by Paypal as well.

  • #17

    emmanuel(Wednesday, 12 August 2015 02:02)

    hello good day please what online site or buss can i do to earn cash from in nigeria. thanks

  • #18

    News Online Income(Thursday, 13 August 2015 07:44)

    Dear Emmanuel,
    There are many legit sites in which you can work from Africa. You can find the list of those legit sites within our "Good and Trusted Online Works" section by following this link:-
    All sites listed in this page are legit sites and can work from Africa. Only Wealthy Affiliate is not allowed to work from Africa and that is also only as free member. If you pay $47, sure you can work in Wealthy Affiliate as well. You can find our additional explanation on Wealthy Affiliate by following link as below:-
    You can also find the list of paying sites at our "Promising Online Works" section by following this link:-
    In order to find out the detail strategy to work in those sites as listed in our "Good and Trusted Online Works" section as well as in our "Promising Online Works" section, please click the picture of each company within that page which will direct you to the detail review of that company.

  • #19

    OJO BOLAJI TEMIDAYO(Tuesday, 25 August 2015 11:49)

    I'm a Nigerian and I wish to register by paying the fee of $47. The following are my concern:
    1. Will this money still be mine.
    2. Is the money still form part of my investments
    3. How often will get access to my money both investment and gains.

    Thank you

  • #20

    News Online Income(Thursday, 27 August 2015 15:39)

    Dear Ojo,
    Here are answers of your queries.
    1. If you pay for tuition fee in any University to learn or get degree, then will that investment will be yours after you pay that fee? So, it is similar case in "Wealthy Affiliate" (WA). In WA you are paying fees for two things, one is to learn the lessons like how to make money from your website, how to earn from big companies like Google Adsense, Ebay, Amazon, how to make your own product online and sell it, how to get free referrals in any company as well as in Wealthy Affiliate in order to increase your income etc. and another is for website hosting which you will make within Wealthy Affiliate by following courses from where you can earn the money.
    2. Yep, that money will be part of your investment because through that investment you will get the knowledge which will make you expert in any kind online work as well as you will get your own website form which you can earn money.
    3. As per previous records, more than 90% members had start to earn within WA after 3 months of their signup in WA.
    By observing your queries, it seems that you are still not clear about WA. So, we request you to read our review on WA word by word as above in order to understand it in detail. We also suggest you to read our another post on WA in order to understand more about it by following the link as below:-

  • #21

    Sunday Ikpeni(Friday, 28 August 2015 03:31)

    Hello, I tried registering with wealthy affiliate but they said my country is not supported and I want to know why? I really want to join please...

  • #22

    News Online Income(Sunday, 30 August 2015 11:48)

    Dear Sunday IKpeni,
    Some countries are blocked by Wealthy Affiliate only to join as free member in order to increase security measures. You can find the list of those countries and the reason to block them within our review as above at last paragraph. If you belong to one of those countries, then also you can still join Wealthy Affiliate directly as premium member by paying $47 and will get all facilities and features which all premium members in WA will get. However, if you don't belong to one of those countries, then contact us again by mentioning the name of your country and the problem that you are facing while trying to register in WA.

  • #23

    macphil(Tuesday, 01 September 2015 12:30)

    I live in Nigeria, i have been having problem signing up on the scheme. each time i try to sign up it either says
    my country is not supported or i am already on the database.
    please can you help me rectify this error.

  • #24

    News Online Income(Friday, 04 September 2015 13:21)

    Dear Macphil,
    Wealthy Affiliate has blocked people from Nigeria to join as free member. However you can still join as premium member by paying $47 in advance. During your registration, if you are unable to pay, then you can choose other country instead Nigeria. Choose any other neighboring country.
    And if you get message such as "you are already on the database", then try to register using another email address. If none of this work, then contact us again with details. We are happy to help you.

  • #25

    odaga moris(Tuesday, 10 November 2015 20:50)

    hi iam in Uganda,can I Join For Free?.Then Kindly Tell Me About These Sites,jobrize,aglocoptr Are They Genuine?

  • #26

    News Online Income(Monday, 16 November 2015 14:01)

    Dear Odaga,
    Sure, you can join Wealthy Affiliate (WA) as a free member from Uganda. Just click any pictures/banners above within this page which will direct you to the registration page from where you can join WA as free member.
    Jobrize and Aglocoptr are big scam sites. They had never paid to anyone. So, better you don't waste your time in these two sites.

  • #27

    Muhammad Nasruddin AlHafiz(Wednesday, 18 November 2015 06:34)

    Dear Admin,
    I tried to register WA but they keep on saying I already had an account with them but as I remembered this is the 1st time i want to join. Is there something wrong? By the way, all your articles i had read is giving good info about everything i want to know about online marketing and earn money by online. Thank you. Hope you can help me.

  • #28

    News Online Income(Wednesday, 25 November 2015 03:26)

    Dear Muhammad,
    If that kind of message appear, then try to register in WA using different email address. If you don't have another email address, simply make new one and join WA. If that also doesn't work then use different device, internet and email address to join it. If none of these work, then let us know again. We will try to help you as far as we can.

  • #29

    Henry(Thursday, 26 November 2015 03:57)

    Dear Admin,

    I tried to sign up but failed, it keep telling me that I already have an account with WA. So I tried using other email and username but still unsuccessful. I have tried to use my tablet as well, and the result still the same. Any solution for this?

    Thank you.
    Henry from Malaysia

  • #30

    News Online Income (Wednesday, 02 December 2015 00:22)

    Dear Henry,
    Then try using another internet connection and also use totally different email address which you haven't try with your present internet connection. If this also doesn't work, then let us know once again.
    Also try to register following link as below:-

  • #31

    Donal Joyce(Tuesday, 22 December 2015 07:48)

    Hi i just joined Welth Affiliate, I am in Trafficmonsoon, would I get paid from Wealth Affiliate if I advertised them in Traffic monsoon

  • #32

    News Online Income (Monday, 28 December 2015 14:16)

    Dear Donal,
    If you had already joined Wealthy Affiliate (WA), then first of all click "Get Started Here" green bar on the left hand side menu of WA and start to learn the lessons. You will soon understand the system of WA after learning lessons there. We are telling you this because from your queries it is clear that you didn't understand anything at all about WA. There is not any comparison between WA and TrafficMonsoon (TM) because TM is just an advertising company where there is always risk of site getting down as those kind of business rarely sustain for longer time and more than that TM doesn't offer the real online work where as WA is king of real online work field. WA is the platform to learn everything about online work industry. Through the lessons of WA, you will learn to earn by doing real online works such as by making your own money making website, by selling stuffs of big companies like Ebay, Amazon etc., by advertisements of Google Adsense and many more. You will also learn to make referrals in expert way in any online work companies you work (such as in TM). You will also earn from affiliates you make within WA. You can try to advertise your WA's referral link within TM as well, but don't expect to get decent amount quality referrals from there. Once you learn all courses within WA, then you will even get the idea to get huge number of active referrals in any program you work. So, first of all follow the lessons of WA one by one, step by step.

Comments: 21 (Discussion closed)
  • #1

    dare (Thursday, 14 January 2016 04:05)

    how can I pay so as to join as premium user

  • #2

    News Online Income (Friday, 29 January 2016 09:33)

    Dear Dare,
    You didn't mention from which country you are. However, as per your IP location, it seems you are from Nigeria. If so, then extremely sorry to say that recently from this year WA has banned people to join from Nigeria due to payment rules and lots of hacking from there.
    However, you can use VPN services like Cyberghost (search in Google about it) and can sign up WA using our link as in our WA review as above.
    In that way after you sign up, send us email or comment here to notify that you have joined as our referral. After that we will guide you for further process.
    And there is also another company which is similar to WA and that is Chrisfarrellmembership about which you can find detail by following this link:-
    Best of Luck!

  • #3

    Paul (Friday, 12 February 2016 08:11)

    I am very much ashamed for my countrymen involved in those acts. I am from the Philippines and would ultimately want to try the free starter pack which I could gain knowledge and eventually, sign up as a premium. I really would want to try it since I am finding ways to promote my affiliate links to earn. I work from home and would pretty much love to earn better than applying for a job. I hope Wealthy Affiliate would reconsider people from the Philippines. Or maybe, they would ask a bit more of information for confirmation of identity from the people signing up from those seven countries mentioned (mine included). In fairness for those people who want a legitimate way to be part of a strong community. Just a serious opinion for a serious person who wants to join. Thanks.

  • #4

    News Online Income (Saturday, 13 February 2016 06:05)

    Dear Paul,
    We also feel sorry for those countries who got banned by Wealthy Affiliate. However, in the past they did try many ways to get secure from those hack incidents. But nothing work. So, at last they come up with idea to let join people as premium members from those countries because once people make a purchase, it is very easy to identify them through their Paypal account or VISA or Master Credit cards.
    Anyway, if you really want to join WA, then we can make you sure that even you join as premium member after paying the membership fee, then also you will not regret for your investment. We can guarantee you that you will enjoy a lot within Wealthy Affiliate because it is best, actually top place to earn money online.

  • #5

    navin poojary (Thursday, 25 February 2016 02:22)

    I'am from India & I would like to join wealthy affiliate as a premium member,but there is a problem I 've a debit card but it is not possible to obtain a premium membership, and since I was unemployed for over a period of 1 yr there was no big transaction in my a/c, I'am taking private tutions and the fees i charge is paid in cash directly to me,I asked my bank giving this as an excuse but they refused to oblige. I would like to know weather there is any other option of getting this membership,

  • #6

    News Online Income (Tuesday, 01 March 2016 08:49)

    Dear Navin,
    You can pay for premium membership in WA either using Paypal or using VISA or Master Credit Card. So, you can go bank and apply for VISA or Master Credit Card or you can simply pay using Paypal. We have already many referrals in WA who have joined from India and most of them have use VISA and Master Credit Cards for the payment.

  • #7

    Curious (Friday, 11 March 2016 00:24)


    Aap kahan se hai ?

  • #8

    News Online Income (Friday, 11 March 2016 01:18)

    Dear Curious,
    Can you please use the language which can be easily translate through Google or directly use English Language? Sorry, but we really don't understand what are you asking about.

  • #9

    Curious (Monday, 14 March 2016 02:14)

    HI Mr. Deraj ,

    I was asking from which country or city you belong to ?

  • #10

    Curious (Monday, 14 March 2016 02:35)

    $ 47 is too costly for people from Asian countries.

  • #11

    News Online Income (Saturday, 19 March 2016 11:01)

    Dear Curious,
    Our website is operated from China as well as from Nepal. We are 5 team members, among which 3 are Chinese and 2 are Nepalese. However, our Nepalese team members also stay in China most of time.
    You are saying $47 is expensive for Asian Countries. Now you know that we are also from Asian country and according to us, more than 65% Asian people can arrange $47 per month if they compromise any of their luxury habit such as going to expensive restaurant, drinking in bar, buying expensive wines, buying cigarettes, buying expensive cloths than average ones, spoiling child by buying expensive toys more than needed, buying accessary like expensive mobiles only to show instead of real using it etc. We are not saying poor people can afford it. But, the middle class Asian People who can afford laptops, mobiles and internet, those can sure manage $47 investment per month for their future income. That is also only for around 5-6 months because after that they will start to earn more than $47 per month.

  • #12

    Ashik Ahmed (Friday, 01 April 2016 11:42)

    I say this for your offer about WA-" Discount Offer for joining Wealthy Affiliate as our referral:-"

  • #13

    News Online Income (Monday, 04 April 2016 02:38)

    Dear Ashik Ahmed,
    We have already replied you about your queries within this page:-
    You can view our reply there.

  • #14

    ZEECO (Saturday, 09 April 2016 23:48)

    I have successfully registered as a Nigerian on wealthy affiliate using "hide my IP" but I have some questions
    - I will like to pay for the premium membership program and if I use PayPal it will be clear to wealthy affiliate that I am paying from Nigeria, how do I go around this
    - If I start earning on wealthy affiliate how do I do my withdrawals since I will still need to use PayPal and PayPal don't allow Nigerians to withdraw from there PayPal account and more so even if PayPal allow withdrawal for Nigerians wealthy affiliate might have a way of tracking who doing the withdrawals and the country he is withdrawing from. Seem to be in a fix right now. Pls apart from chris farrell are there trustworthy and cost-effective site for affiliate mentorship.
    Not to worry my IP might not be clear because I am presently using the app "hide my IP"

  • #15

    News Online Income (Saturday, 09 April 2016 23:54)

    Dear Zeeco,
    Did you register in Wealthy Affiliate by clicking our link as above within our review? If so, can you provide us your username and your name that you have use to register in Wealthy Affiliate? Is your sponsor name is Deraj? If you don't know who is your sponsor, you can check the comment section of your Wealthy Affiliate profile. Till now your sponsor should have already contact you there. If you provide us your username, we can look further into your account and can provide you the best possible solution for payment.
    About ChrisFarrellMembership, it is not so bad, but compare with Wealthy Affiliate it is also not so good. You can find our detail review on ChrisFarrellMembership by following the link as below:-
    Besides these two, till date there are not any other good and cost-effective Affiliate Mentorship programs which we can recommend to anyone.

  • #16

    Trisha (Sunday, 01 May 2016 10:37)

    I would like to promote products for you on my website.

  • #17

    News Online Income (Sunday, 01 May 2016 13:16)

    Dear Trisha,
    It sounds nice. You can send us email at our email address "" with details. Also let us know how can we help you to do that and also provide us your website link in which you want to promote our products.
    Thank you

  • #18

    asghar (Sunday, 01 May 2016 13:29)

    thanks as you made good post

  • #19

    News Online Income (Sunday, 01 May 2016 13:38)

    Dear Asghar,
    We are so happy to see such a nice feedback. Yep, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a very good platform for anyone who want to earn money online and established their full time online career for their lifetime. Thanks

  • #20

    Debbie (Tuesday, 03 May 2016 12:55)

    This is a great site to know about. A good place to check for scams versus legitimate businesses! Most all of us have been victim to scams at some point or another. I am glad for this site to let others know that there are legitimate businesses out there!

  • #21

    News Online Income (Tuesday, 03 May 2016 14:45)

    Dear Debbie,
    Thanks a lot for such a nice feedback. Yep, we are trying to research as many online work companies as we can so that we can save people from scams. Among the legitimate business, Wealthy Affiliate is our one of the top recommendation and you can find its detail review as above within this page.
    Good Luck!

Write a comment

Comments: 73
  • #1

    Vasiliy (Thursday, 12 May 2016 22:46)

    After researching online and trying many different products which include: Chris Farrell Membership, Affilorama and Bring the Fresh I am finding Wealthy Affiliate to be the most complete program so far. The part which I love the most is there are no up-sells and everything is transparent. Basically it's a workshop for anyone who wants to craft their perfect solid online business.

  • #2

    News Online Income (Thursday, 12 May 2016 23:15)

    Dear Vasiliy,
    Thanks a lot for providing testimonial for Wealthy Affiliate within our website. We appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

  • #3

    Rogers (Friday, 13 May 2016 05:50)

    Am from uganda, i joined a month ago but have not been active, is my account still active?

  • #4

    News Online Income (Wednesday, 18 May 2016 03:07)

    Dear Rogers,
    If you are not active, then you better join Wealthy Affiliate again using another email address through our referral link as above within our review. If you join Wealthy Affiliate as our referral by clicking our affiliate link as above within our review, then you will get 60% discount in your first month premium membership price as well as you will also get complete help, guide and support from us so that you can be successful from Wealthy Affiliate.
    Good Luck!

  • #5

    MOHAN (Monday, 30 May 2016 07:37)


  • #6

    News Online Income (Wednesday, 01 June 2016 06:34)

    Dear Mohan,
    Sure you can earn money from Internet by working from home, anyone can do it. For it no need expert computer skills. If you have write this comment by yourself here, if you can operate Facebook, send emails, then you are all set to earn money online. On top of that, if you join Wealthy Affiliate by clicking our affiliate link as above within the review, then we will provide you full support and guide as long as you need to be successful from Wealthy Affiliate and Wealthy Affiliate itself provides the step by step video tutorial which anyone can understand very easily. So, if you want to earn real money online, then we suggest you to click the Wealthy Affiliate link above within our review and join it as our referral. You will never regret for this.
    Good Luck!

  • #7

    parvez sama (Sunday, 12 June 2016 00:08)

    i read your article about how to earn money online. i am ready to invest $147 in WA. nut how it works? i have no idea about it. can i ? how can i? how much i?

  • #8

    jhansi (Tuesday, 14 June 2016 01:03)

    Hi , I am Jhansi from India. I am very Interested and want to join WA. but the problem is I can only pay for 2 months, would i be able to learn some thing, will there be any problems if i discontinue after 2 months.

  • #9

    News Online Income (Saturday, 18 June 2016 14:08)

    Dear Parvez,
    If you can prepare $147, then that will be around 4 months subscription fee of Wealthy Affiliate including first month $19 discount offer only for our referral. Once you join, you can start to take video lessons which are very easy to understand. Actually everything have explained in those lessons. Those lessons of Wealthy Affiliate will teach you to create your own website and earn money from it. You can create that website within Wealthy Affiliate free of cost. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you to make website within your own subject of interest and make money out of it. It also teaches you to earn from any online work companies by making good amount of referrals. It also provides you the best strategy to earn from the big companies like eBay, Amazon, Google Adsense etc. On top of that, you can do this all very easily by following Wealthy Affiliate courses. Four months will be enough to learn all those skills and start to make money from it. So, your $147 investment is enough to start your journey with Wealthy Affiliate. For more details, please read our review on Wealthy Affiliate as above where we have explained in much more details.
    Best of Luck!

  • #10

    News Online Income (Saturday, 18 June 2016 14:18)

    Dear Jhansi,
    If you can provide 3 to 5 hour per day, then within 2 months you can learn every lessons of Wealthy Affiliate. After that you can discontinue your membership. While doing so, you can change the hosting of your website to any other hosting provider from Wealthy Affiliate. So, if you change the hosting of your website which you will create in Wealthy Affiliate by following lessons, you will not have any problem. As we have described to "Parvez" just above of this comment, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you every professional skills of online work industry such as making money from your own website by creating it in your own subject of interest, making tons of referrals in any online work companies, learning skills to earn from Amazon, eBay, Google Adsense etc. After you learn these all, it is only necessary to continue Wealthy Affiliate membership for hosting of your website which member of Wealthy Affiliate will get for free of cost. But, if you want to discontinue your membership, then you can change the hosting of your website from WA to any other hosting provider and simply discontinue your membership WA.
    Good Luck!

  • #11

    Mona (Wednesday, 22 June 2016 20:58)

    is it only ebay Amazon and Google Adsense that you can use in that site? How about Commission Junction and many of the other affiliate companies out there?

  • #12

    News Online Income (Monday, 27 June 2016 14:05)

    Dear Mona,
    You can do the marketing of anything through your that site. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to make the site in your own subject of interest, in your own niche and drive traffic into that site and making money out of it. So, that is not limited to anything. You use that site for any purpose, to market anything. That is why we have said through Wealthy Affiliate we can learn to earn from our own website, from the companies like eBay, Amazon Google Adsense etc., and many more. So, we have used "etc." and "many more" which means there are still much more things you can do. Hope now you understand.

  • #13

    vishal (Friday, 15 July 2016 14:23)

    I would like to know the process of joining and the investment and other things my mail I'd is

  • #14

    News Online Income (Wednesday, 20 July 2016 06:16)

    Dear Vishal,
    We have explained everything, about process of joining Wealthy Affiliate within our review as above with this page. So, read everything word by word there and click the link as provided in the review and do the registration as per the guidance. You can also find in more details about registering with Wealthy Affiliate by following this link:-
    Good Luck

  • #15

    valerie (Tuesday, 26 July 2016 22:57)

    hi there,

    I am on my free trial for WA now and so far I am enjoyinh everything about it.
    i just have yu can help me with few questions.

    I want to know where will the products that i will promote or do affiliate marketing for will be coming from once i have already established my website visitors? will WA help me finding affiliate programs or products to do affiliate marketing for?

    also the free website in siterubix that I set up through WA does not have any means to track the number of visitors or stats.

    pls help.


  • #16

    John (Friday, 29 July 2016 04:43)

    Hi! I would like to ask, since there are some outsourcing sites or free agents out there whom we could hire to do the research and create an article/blog for the niche selected for an affordable fee only, would this be acceptable for a WA member who doesn't have the knack for writing/blogging to hire a free agent and do the job (blogging) for him/her? And is there a way to find out and make sure that what the freelancer writes is not a duplicate of another article/blog?

  • #17

    Nelson Ekeinde (Thursday, 04 August 2016 03:55)

    Thanks for the review. I am from Nigeria. If I sign up WA with you my referrer. You mean I can pay $47 to you and you get me registered and give me the sign up bonus, guide me through to start making money by month 3 + help me get a suitable means to receive my earnings from time to time as Nigerian. is my contact.

    Best Regard


  • #18

    News Online Income (Thursday, 04 August 2016 04:07)

    Dear Valerie,

    Yep, Wealthy Affiliate upcoming lessons have described in detail the way to find affiliate programs or products to do affiliate marketing and make money out of that. If you have joined Wealthy Affiliate through our link and if we are your sponsor, then sure we have already contacted you inside Wealthy Affiliate. You can ask our help inside there whenever you feel confusion. Sure, we are also ready to guide you properly.

    Sure, the website which you create free of cost in WA using siterubix platform does have every function that professional website need. So, sure you can use to track the number of visitors or stats through Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools about which you will learn in upcoming lessons.

    And, If you want fast response from our side, from next time please use our sign up comment section as above of this page. We get direct email through that comment section and will reply very fast than here.

  • #19

    News Online Income (Thursday, 04 August 2016 04:15)

    Dear John,
    This is what people always think and start to join in easy money making companies and get scammed. To write articles, you don't have to be expert. For example, first of all just write the way you write in Facebook or like you comment here. Then again read that, and you will find some place where you need to edit, then your article will be ready. If you are still afraid, then you can even read the blog of other people and can write same thing, but in your own language. If you copy word by word, then that is consider as duplicate content. But if you write same thing in your own language, then that is completely fine. So, you don't have to worry about writing and when you join Wealthy Affiliate, you will find it more easy as some of those lessons will also teach you the way to write contents. Everyone can do it. Our some of referrals who are now successful were those people who only had basic internet knowledge like operating Facebook, emails etc. If they can do it, everybody can.
    And sure you can hire other to write articles for you. But like you said, how can we be sure those contents are not duplicate because only Google knows how to find out duplicate contents, means we can't find it.

  • #20

    News Online Income (Thursday, 04 August 2016 04:20)

    Dear Nelson Ekeinde,
    We are extremely sorry to say that even as premium member you can't join Wealthy Affiliate from Nigeria. Due to lots of hacking from Nigeria, now Wealthy Affiliate has completely banned their website in Nigeria. We are extremely sorry for that.
    However, if you manage to join from other country, like asking your friends or families, then you can go for it because once you join in Wealthy Affiliate, you can log in from any country and work in it. That time if you join using our affiliate link, then you can get bonus for joining Wealthy Affiliate as we have mentioned in our review.
    Good Luck!

  • #21

    anil (Tuesday, 09 August 2016 12:27)

    i want join WA. I am working as a chemistry lecturer so can i choose chemistry as my interest subject in website if not what would u suggest for me??

  • #22

    Tumaini Mwegoha (Monday, 15 August 2016 03:14)

    Thanks for your detailed review. I am interested to join wealth affiliate programme under you. Just a quick one, is it necessary to use the website that will be provided or I can just continue to use my own website?

  • #23

    News Online Income (Monday, 15 August 2016 03:21)

    Dear Anil,
    Sure and 100% your can choose Chemistry as your website subject and make a website inside Wealthy Affiliate following that subject. You can earn very good amount from Chemistry subject as well. So, you don't have to search for any other niche. It is perfect. If you ever decided to join Wealthy Affiliate, then it will be better you join as our referral because if you do so, you will get full guide and support from us to be successful from Wealthy Affiliate. In order to join as our referral, you can click the Wealthy Affiliate link as as we have provided within our review as above. That will direct you to Wealthy Affiliate registration page. If you register there, you will be our referral.
    Good Luck!

  • #24

    News Online Income (Monday, 15 August 2016 03:23)

    Dear Tumaini Mwegoha,
    You can 100% continue using your own website and improve it with help of Wealthy Affiliate lessons. So, sure you can continue with your existing website.

  • #25

    elina (Monday, 12 September 2016 13:00)

    Dear admin,i belongs to india, one of the banned countries.I came to know about WA n intrested to join .I need ur help as i am new to this n seriously want to earn some money .Can i really make 3000$ after the training from WA?

  • #26

    News Online Income (Friday, 23 September 2016 14:24)

    Dear Elina,
    Sure you can make $3000 monthly, even more than that after you complete all training of Wealthy Affiliate and follow and apply everything what you have learned from there. Actually Wealthy Affiliate teaches you the professional skills to succeed from any online business as well as from your own website, not only from Wealthy Affiliate. So, once you learn all those stuffs, you will learn the skills of top internet marketer who are earning millions using same technique. So, sure you will also earn and if you join through our affiliate link, then we will be inside there to help and guide you step by step to be successful from it more soon. However, don't expect to earn for at least 4-5 months because it will at least take 4-5 months to complete the training and apply what you have learn from the training.
    Good Luck!

  • #27

    fyireaders (Friday, 07 October 2016 19:57)

    sir im very interesting i have a question the Wealthy Affiliate is a legit no scam issue and already accept Affiliate here Philippines i like to join coz i want to earn money i have own website

  • #28

    elina (Thursday, 13 October 2016 05:56)


  • #29

    Yiannis (Saturday, 15 October 2016 16:43)

    Hi admin, would like to join under you, I would like to put all my effort in it to have an extra income , I would like to give me a piece of advice which website FutureAdpro/FutureNet or WA would you recommend as its best to dedicate oneself in one to have the best possible rresult

  • #30

    young (Sunday, 16 October 2016 23:02)

    I would like to know the scams or not.

  • #31

    News Online Income (Monday, 17 October 2016 03:09)

    Dear Fyireaders,
    As you can see in our review as above, we have declare Wealthy Affiliate completely as a legit program. So, there is no scam issue. If you are from Philippines, you can join it only as premium member by paying premium membership fee. In order to join it, you can click any link or banners or picture as above within our review and register in it.
    Good Luck!

  • #32

    News Online Income (Monday, 17 October 2016 03:13)

    Dear Elina,
    Sure it is OK if you don't have website. It is not necessary to have website to join Wealthy Affiliate and even you can create website within Wealthy Affiliate and the premium membership covers the full hosting for that website. If you want to join Wealthy Affiliate through our link, you can just click any pictures, or links or banners as above within our review which will direct you to Wealthy Affiliate registration page. If you register there, you will be our referral. Once you join as our referral, you can contact us once again with your username there so that we can guide you step by step there inside.
    Good Luck!

  • #33

    News Online Income (Monday, 17 October 2016 03:15)

    Dear Yiannis,
    Sure we will recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the best one with any other program. If you want our guidance inside Wealthy Affiliate and the discount in premium membership fee, it is better you join it through our affiliate link by clicking any pictures or banners or links as above within our review.
    Good Luck!

  • #34

    News Online Income (Monday, 17 October 2016 03:18)

    Dear Young,
    We will not recommend anyone to invest or work with at the moment because first of all it is a new company and secondly there were lots of similar kinds of programs which have already failed and shutdown because it is hard for revenue share sites to sustain for long run unless they can make good sales. So, we never suggest anyone to work in revenue sharing sites because these kind of sites are very risky.

  • #35

    P D Bhol (Saturday, 05 November 2016 05:50)

    I am from India & I got to know about WA through your website.So I want to join WA under you. I just want to know-
    1) Is there any refund option if I join as sponsered by you?
    2) Is OJOOO & GrandBux are legit site?
    3) what about Adstimer (the new site similar to Paidverts) ?

    Thanks & hope to hear from you soon....

  • #36

    News Online Income (Tuesday, 15 November 2016 02:50)

    Dear PD Bhol,
    Here are the answer of your queries:-
    1. Nope, there is not any refund policy. That is why Wealthy Affiliate lets people to join free of cost and test the system in order to upgrade. But since you are from India, so you can't join free of cost and now you have only one way to join Wealthy Affiliate, that is by paying $49 and for that there is not any refund, either you join as our referral or not. But, if you join as our referral, then we will be inside there as your sponsor to guide you step by step to be successful from this system

    2. Ojooo and Grandbux, both are not good companies and you can find our detail review on these both companies by following the respective links as below:-
    a. Ojooo:-
    b. Grandbux:-

    3. We will not recommend anyone to work in Adstimer because it is following the same old business model of Paidverts which has been already proven completely unsustainable by Paidverts itself. In the past Paidverts did 3 times BAP swap to clear debt created by this business model and many members lose money on that time. At last Paidverts realize offering 150% can't be sustainable, so they decrease ROI rate and now Paidverts is only paying back 120% ROI. However, Adstimer is still paying 158% ROI and even they are not back up with anything like Paidverts is back up with their sister site MyTrafficValue. So, we are sure that sooner or later, Adstimer will either do something like BAP swap or just stop paying or even shutdown their site, and in all case members will lose. So, we will not recommend anyone to work in Adstimer.

  • #37

    Victor (Friday, 25 November 2016 02:14)

    im a nigerian and I need some one to put me through cos im tring to join WA as premium member I need ssomeonee to talk to "a phone number or email." Each time I try to join, I get error message "WE'RE SORRY BUT WE ARE

  • #38

    News Online Income (Friday, 02 December 2016 09:17)

    Dear Victor,
    We are extremely sorry to say that now Wealthy Affiliate have completely banned people to join from Nigeria in order to save their site from continuous hacking and cheating incident from Nigeria. So, now you can go for second choice by joining similar kind of company known as ChrisFarrellMembership about which you can find detail and the link to join by following the link as below:
    Good Luck!

  • #39

    elinadk (Sunday, 04 December 2016 11:44)

    Hello Admin, I have joined WA as ur refferal but don't have idea how to contact you with user user id is elinadk plz help.

  • #40

    News Online Income (Sunday, 04 December 2016 14:00)

    Dear Elinadk,
    We are happy to find your comment here. Our founder Deroka has already left you message inside your Wealthy Affiliate profile. So, now you can reply him there or can click his picture there and then can send him private message from his profile. You can also follow him and message him in Facebook if you need his urgent help. This is his Facebook ID:-
    Good Luck!

  • #41

    Louisa Henshaw (Wednesday, 07 December 2016)

    I am a Nigerian and live in Nigeria and I want to join Wealthy Affiliate like seriously. I understand my country has been banned from WA. What I don't understand is how other sites like MMM is thriving in Nigeria and it has not been banned but yours was. I have read about Chris Farrell but I still prefer WA. Can somebody living outside Nigeria register me, and if they do, will it affect me here in Nigeria or not. Secondly, will I be able to operate my account from here in Nigeria?

  • #42

    NewsOnlineIncome (Thursday, 08 December 2016 11:13)

    Dear Louisa,
    First of all MMM itself it not a good company, Why? You can find our detail review on MMM by following this link:-
    MMM has already scammed many people around the globe. So, we better not compare Wealthy Affiliate with MMM.
    Your idea about asking your friends and families who live outside Nigeria definitely help you because once you register in Wealthy Affiliate, then you can login and work from any country around the world, even from Nigeria. However, before that we want you to try one more link to join WA on your own.
    This is that link:-
    Follow this exactly and then you will be landed in the page where they will ask you to provide the name for your website. Just provide any name there, then you should direct to WA page where you can register by choosing country. While choosing country, just choose any neighboring country, but not Nigeria and then make a payment just from your own VISA or Master credit card or Paypal and then register. If this doesn't work, then ask your friends and families outside Nigeria to help you to join WA. However, while asking your friends and families to help you to join WealthyAffiliate, tell them to join through our link so that you can be our referral and can get full guidance from us inside WA until you become successful from Wealthy Affiliate. This is our link to join WA as our referral:-
    Best of Luck!

  • #43

    Xander (Thursday, 15 December 2016 04:31)

    Hi, when starting the website. How long should the articles be? 50 words or 100, 200? I know what I which niche to use. How much traffic do you need to make money? 200 people or 20000?

  • #44

    News Online Income (Tuesday, 27 December 2016 05:12)

    Dear Xander,
    It is not about the number of words in articles, it is about the quality of your article, means you need to cover what is your visitors are looking in your article. So, if your article answers the queries of your visitors, it doesn't matter the length of article, but it is better not lesser than 200 words.
    Sometime even you can make money from 200 people, however, if you can gain 20,000 traffic, then you can 100% earn money from those traffic because more traffic we have, we can earn more and Wealthy Affiliate teaches you everything to drive traffic by making website in your own subject of interest and also guide you to earn money from that. So, you never need to worry about picking niche after you join Wealthy Affiliate because it will teach you to earn from any niche, only you should have knowledge on that niche to write several articles. So, you can pick any subject in which you can think you can write some articles.
    Good Luck!

  • #45

    Adeyinka (Monday, 09 January 2017 23:50)

    I'm a Nigerian, based in U.S.A. Can I join WA?
    Another question...does it mean one have to continue paying the premium fees year after year (forever)??..

  • #46

    Carl (Tuesday, 10 January 2017 00:29)

    Good day,

    I would like to join WA. I want to find out what is promote the WA program or your own niche product and website?

    Thank you

  • #47

    News Online Income (Wednesday, 11 January 2017 07:15)

    Dear Adeyinka,
    If you are in USA, then 100% you can join Wealthy Affiliate, it doesn't matter even you are from banned countries.
    The premium membership of WA is for two things,
    1. To learn all the courses of Wealthy Affiliate so that you can be expert in any kind of online businesses such as the ways to earn from companies like eBay, Amazon, Google Adsense, ways to make tons of referrals in any online work companies, as well as from your own website by making that website in your own subject of interest.
    2. Wealthy Affiliate premium membership cover full hosting fee of your website. So, if after you want to discontinue your premium membership, after learning all courses, then you can change the hosting of your website to any other hosting and cancel your premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate and can discontinue yearly or monthly membership fee.
    Hope we are able to make you clear.

  • #48

    News Online Income (Wednesday, 11 January 2017 07:20)

    Dear Carl,
    Wow, that is great. If you want to join Wealthy Affiliate, then you can click the WA website link as above within our review in order to join Wealthy Affiliate so that you can get benefits to be our referrals such as discount on premium membership fee and full guide and support from our side.
    It is more good to create your own niche website and promote that thing in which you are expert or simply make a website in your own subject of interest and learn to drive traffic and just earn from the advertisements within your website without selling anything or recruiting anyone. However, still you can take some benefit by promoting WA as well. But we more prefer you to make your own niche website by following WA lessons in order to earn good income.

  • #49

    Raimondas (Wednesday, 11 January 2017 07:21)

    wealthy affiliate is deleting messages, don;t trust them

  • #50

    News Online Income (Wednesday, 11 January 2017 07:29)

    Dear Raimondas,
    It is not Wealthy Affiliate who is deleting messages. It is actually us who are deleting specially your comment, not because it is negative, but you always place your comment putting link to promote website known as My24HourIncome and keep on spamming our several pages by putting negative comments with My24HourIncome links due to which we delete all those because you are here only to support My24HourIncome which we have declared as a bad website. If you scroll our website, you can also find lots of negative comments against us, but we don't delete those, but in your case you only don't post negative comments, but put the link to promote the website which we don't recommend and also keep on spamming our several pages. In this comment also you had put link of My24HourIncome which we delete instead of deleting your entire comment so that you know why we delete your previous comments and also to prove that our intention is not to hide anything by deleting your comments, but it is only to protect us from too much spam.

  • #51

    Isaac (Sunday, 15 January 2017 08:49)

    Hello, I'm a Nigerian and it's quite disheartening and painful that those living in Nigeria have been completely knocked out from both the starter and premium membership of WEALTHY AFFILIATE due to frauding,scamming,spamming and the rest. Only Nigeria!!!- Out of the whole countries in the world!!. I'm here to say that we all are not Scammers etc but the bad eggs are going online tarnishing the image of this GREAT country. I just pray that the WEALTHY AFFILIATE team will find a better way of limiting scam relates issues by Nigerians and allowing us back into the system.
    My question now is: What will happen if a Nigerian who resides in the United State of America registered as a Wealthy Affiliate member and possibly came back to Nigeria after some months? Can the person still access his/her here in Nigeria?

  • #52

    Premkumar (Tuesday, 17 January 2017 16:14)

    I am from USA and would like to make some part-time income working online .Could you please help to know , if I become a premium member in WA, how much average USD / month income i could make and the time need to spend for same. Does it demand regular hours on daily basis or once we setup the site and other things, without any further intervention it will help to get paid as commissions etc. Please advise.

  • #53

    News Online Income (Thursday, 26 January 2017 04:31)

    Dear Isaac,
    Yep, WEALTHY AFFILIATE team is trying to find a better way of limiting scam related issues by Nigerians and other black listed countries and allowing them back into the system. Sure, Wealthy Affiliate team want their website to be worldwide. However, at the moment they haven't find any solution yet than restricting those countries to join in WA. We are very sorry for that. After all Wealthy Affiliate also has to maintain their website security.
    Sure, Nigerian or anyone from restricted countries who resides in the United State of America or any eligible region can fully registered in Wealthy Affiliate and in that case if they go back to their country, in your case Nigeria after some months, then sure they can access everything from that restricted country as well because once someone registered in WA, they can log in and work from any country, even from the restricted ones.
    Good Luck!

  • #54

    News Online Income (Thursday, 26 January 2017 04:39)

    Dear Premkumar,
    At starting for 3-4 months you can't expect to earn money from Wealthy Affiliate because that will be you training phase and during that period you need to follow their all video lessons and keep on working as they have guided in those lessons.
    In an average, the members of Wealthy Affiliate are earning $3000+ per month within a year after they join WA.
    At starting you need to provide 2-3 hours per day at least for 3-4 months in order to learn and work as per the training within WA. Once you set up your website fully, then sure you can earn from your that website on regular basis even without doing anything. However, if you keep on adding contents/articles/pages/posts within your website, then you can keep on increasing your income which is unlimited process. So, it depends on you when to stop or let's say when you will be satisfied with your monthly income.
    Good Luck!

  • #55

    Angelito Tolentino (Friday, 03 February 2017 04:44)

    I dont have a web site will u make me a website

  • #56

    News Online Income (Saturday, 18 February 2017 05:07)

    Dear Angelito,
    Sorry for such a late reply, it is because you use our old comment section to place your queries than our new comment section as above due to which we didn't notice your comment here on time. Sorry once again.
    Yes, sure you can make website inside Wealthy Affiliate. In order to join Wealthy Affiliate, you no need to have a website because inside Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn step by step video tutorials to make website in your own subject of interest and that website you can create within Wealthy Affiliate. Every themes and technical aspects of those website has been already set up and in ready made form inside Wealthy Affiliate, you just have to join Wealthy Affiliate and need to choose those themes that you want and then need to choose the subject of your interest in which you want to make website. Once you did that, you can follow Wealthy Affiliate lessons where they will teach you how easy it is to make a website, you will feel as easy as posting within your Facebook account. And, you will not only learn to make website in your own subject of interest, but will learn to attract visitors from Google, Bing search pages to your that website and earn money from your that website. So, in another word, we can say that Wealthy Affiliate is the platform where you earn money from your own subject of interest.
    Best of Luck!

  • #57

    Raghuveer Singh (Tuesday, 21 February 2017 11:10)

    Hi Team..!!

    Hope u r doing great..!!!

    I am Raghuveer Singh from India.

    I would like to start with my past first.. I started searching for financial freedom back in 2013 where I was first introduced to various money making sites by various online GURUS…. All of them vanished taking my hard earned money….

    But as I have a NEVER BACK DOWN attitude.. I keep on searching for new things over the Internet failing again and again.. in hope of getting successfull some day..

    I came across WEALTHY AFFILIATE TODAY… and went on to find some negative feedbacks first… to my surprise… all of them are positive… almost 10-15 blogs I went through all saying a big YES YES YES YES.. here it is…..

    Out of all the search I found you to be some what more creational that other…. You went on to show the NEGATIVES converted to POSTITIVES.. Great stuff EDMUND…..!! I really liked the way you write…

    Suddenly I am again in a great hope of building my online business and making it successfull through WA.. Will definetly join through you.. M pretty much confident and positive this time..

    As I am from India my country is banned for free subscription.. So, I need to directly opt the PREMIUM membership r88….???????? and waht about the discount you were talking about, will it benefit to me also..? plz share.

    I am into finding this internet thing since some time now, but never ever I gained any knowledge from any of the GURUS.. ONLY FINANCIAL LOSS.. what I came across..

    So, as a newbie, I wanna make sure on the following points.

    1. Exact amount per month to spend more.. ( other than Membership Charges)
    2. Discount offer if available for me..?
    3. Tentative time (like after how much time period we start gaining..?, like 3-6-12-18 months)
    4. Once we subscribe, what sort of time on per day basis to spend learning with WA..? I mean if we can do it after our daily HUMILIATING (10-7) JOBS are done.
    5. As you are much familiar to this internet thing now, what sort of support we can expect
    from your side as a GURU..?

    I am really very sorry but there are many more questions to ask, but not know.. I don’t really want to irritate you with my silly questions.. I am a lil’l questioning type..!!!!!!

    Please do suggest on all the above..

    Thanks in Advance...!!!

  • #58

    News Online Income (Friday, 24 February 2017 14:58)

    Dear Raghuveer Singh,

    Here are the answers of your queries:-

    1. Exact amount per month to spend more.. ( other than Membership Charges)
    The exact amount per month is $49, but if you want the discount, you can switch to yearly membership anytime with $359 per year cost. That you can do when you become full confident with the system. First of all you can go for monthly. Besides membership fees, you only need to pay additional $10 to $15 per year cost for domain. More than that there are not any hidden costs or additional fees. And don't get confuse later with keyword tool known as Jaaxy because some get confused that they must purchase membership of that keyword tool as well, but as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, they have already provided keyword tool within WA platform, so even some starting lessons shows you need to use Jaaxy, but also you can ignore that and can use Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool about which we will guide you more easily after you join Wealthy Affiliate through our link. Even the later lessons in Wealthy Affiliate shows how to use that WA keyword tool. So, besides membership fee, you no need to pay any other extra charges than just $10 to $15 per year to purchase your own domain. As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you will not only learn all the lessons to make money, but also you will get full hosting of 25 sites with SSL security in same membership price

    2. Discount offer if available for me..?
    Sorry, those discounts offers are only available for those who will join Wealthy Affiliate from non restricted countries, it is provided by Wealthy Affiliate for our referrals automatically, so we can’t change that setting. However, if you after decide to pay yearly membership fee instead of monthly, then you can get around 39% discount. However, even the discount available is only for first month membership and even those who join as a free member, they also need to upgrade later because to get all benefits of Wealthy Affiliate, without upgrading is not possible. However, if you join through our link, we can provide you complete guidance, step by step support, private coaching. Even you can follow our founder Mr. Roka in Facebook and message him there. This is his Facebook ID:-

    3. Tentative time (like after how much time period we start gaining..?, like 3-6-12-18 months)
    It depends on you. However, as per the record, most of the members who did work for 2-3 hours daily by following Wealthy Affiliate lessons, they started to earn after 4-5 months and once you start to earn, there is never turning back, means you never have to worry your income will decrease, but instead it will keep on increasing.

    4. Once we subscribe, what sort of time on per day basis to spend learning with WA..? I mean if we can do it after our daily HUMILIATING (10-7) JOBS are done.
    As we have said before, 2-3 hours a day is enough, but if you can provide more time, you gonna earn more soon.

    5. As you are much familiar to this internet thing now, what sort of support we can expect
    from your side as a GURU..?
    Full support, even on daily basis. If due to some reasons any of our team members are not available to guide you inside the Wealthy Affiliate, then even you can contact one of the founder of this website, Mr. Roka through his Facebook which is this one:-

    And, we never get irritate with queries. If you still have further queries, please feel free to reply this comment. We will be more than happy to help you.

    Good Luck!

  • #59

    Raghuveer Singh (Monday, 27 February 2017 02:18)

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you so much for responding.!!!

    I have few more question before I proceed to take up the premium membership..

    1. You mentioned about 25 sites... U mean I will be able to create my own 25 websites through a single membership r88..?????? and what abou the domain names for all those 25 sites..??? need to pay $10- $15 more for every site..????????

    2. What are the niche products we can promote..???
    3. Is it like we should promote only WEALTHY AFFILIATE through all the 25 sites..?? Or we can use then for other niche products too..???
    4. What sort of guidance can we gain in selection genuine products/niche so that we can trust them and earn..??

    Please do guide on the above so that I can move ahead ASAP..

    Thanks in advance

    Raghuveer Singh

  • #60

    Raghuveer Singh (Monday, 27 February 2017 11:22)

    Hi Team..!!

    I am currently living in Delhi, India. Basically I belong from Nepal..!!!

    However, I found my country NEPAL is also banned I think.???

    One last question...

    See... I don't want to be a rich person... I just want freedom from my humiliating 10-7 job... Thats it.. This is the only reason why I want to join u guys... and learn how to get financial independence..... spend my time with my family..!!! M really very sick of my job.. Its almost 10 years now m working here in India... Nothing to be happy for...

    Anyways, I am only targetting $500/- PM after 6-8 months after I join WA. Is it possible..? Or will it take more time to achieve the same..?? I know it depends upon various strategies and correct appliance of the same............

    Looking forward for your valuable suggestion on the above... PLZ Do SUGGEST.

  • #61

    News Online Income (Tuesday, 28 February 2017 16:56)

    Dear Raghuveer,

    Here are the answers of your queries:-

    1. Yep, as a premium member, you create your own 25 websites through a single membership, but that only covers the hosting and SSL and other securities for your websites as well as live training per week to keep you upto date to grow your web business according to the market changes, but need to pay $10- $15 per year fee for each domain additionally.

    2. You can promote any kinds of niche products, means you can make website in any subject of your own interest, full freedom on that and can take the step by step video tutorial to make money from your that website which you will create in your own subject of interest.

    3. Nope, never. Although Wealthy Affiliate provides separate lessons to promote Wealthy Affiliate as well as other online work companies, but also the main focus of Wealthy Affiliate mainstream lessons are to make a website in your own subject of interest and make money from that and also from reputed companies like eBay, Amazon and Google Adsense.

    4. The main motto of Wealthy Affiliate is to guide you to make money from your own niche by choosing any products or companies of your choice or even any subject of your interest, so you can get full guidance for that. More than that, if you join Wealthy Affiliate by clicking the link as above in our review, then the founder of this website, Deraj/SumanRoka will be your sponsor and he will be even ready to provide you full guidance. Even you can follow him in his Facebook and message him there. This is his Facebook ID:-


    We are happy to know that you are from Nepal because the team members of NewsOnlineIncome are from Nepal and China. Even one of the founder of this website known as Deraj/SumanRoka who is going to be your sponsor in Wealthy Affiliate if you join through the link as above in this review, is from Nepal and Nepal is not banned to join as a free member, it is India, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Egypt only. However, only joining as a free member, it is hard to earn from Wealthy Affiliate because as a free member you can only take 10 basic lessons and can create 2 free websites in your own subject of interest. But in order to learn expert online business skills to earn real money from your that website as well as from reputed companies like eBay, Amazon, Google Adsense etc., you must upgrade to premium. So, either you join as free member or as a premium, it is a same thing. Even joining as a free member is just to test the system so that anyone can try the system by themselves before they decide to pay for premium membership. And remember, only legit sites with good products will dare to let their members to test their products for free.

    About earnings, if we take an average of earnings of existing members, then we can say that in an average those who work for 2-3 hours per day continuously for 1 year, they have earned $3000+ per month within a year. So, considering this fact, you have high chance to earn around $500 per month after 6-8 months working with Wealthy Affiliate.

    Hope we able to help you. If not, you can always feel free to place further queries here.

    Best of Luck!

  • #62

    Bamigbade (Wednesday, 22 March 2017 06:46)

    Hello please I to creat my website just like.mmm and and other platform.

  • #63

    News Online Income (Wednesday, 22 March 2017 06:50)

    Dear Bamigbade,
    MMM, Wealthrising are cash gifting illegal sites which involves both Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes as well, other illegal schemes. Those sites are not only illegal, but unsustainable as well. So, if you want to open such kinds of sites, then sorry to say, we can't help you because we can't help anyone to make illegal sites.

  • #64

    emmanuel (Monday, 17 April 2017 18:04)

    am new here and i appreciate all your information which are very helpful. i will like to concentrate on your platform to learn more of many sight i have to drop and new reliable ones to follow. but please is genesis mining. minersgate and for mining contract, if not which one do you think is cool for mining

  • #65

    News Online Income (Tuesday, 18 April 2017 06:09)

    Dear Emmanuel,
    Genesis Mining, Miners Gate and Eobot are good for mining contract. If you want the cloud mining company, then these 3 are already good for that. But, you should know that there is risk to invest in these companies because if due to some issues they unable to make profit, they will stop paying. So, don't invest the amount more than you can't afford to lose on these kinds of sites.

  • #66

    Alex (Tuesday, 18 April 2017 16:43)

    Hello Admin,

    wealthy affiliate provide what payment Way?I paypal no Enough balance buy wealthy affiliate Commodity.

  • #67

    Paulexy (Sunday, 23 April 2017 08:42)

    Thank u so much admin. I have been in a quest to do legit online business since 2007, but have been falling into scammers! Lo and behold Mmm came into my country I also joined my money got trapped, sir I stumbled into this site today and found everything so interesting, I am from Nigeria and my questions are if I ask a friend who resides in another country to register me in WA how do I fund it with my master card in Nigeria since PayPal is not supported over here reply asap

  • #68

    Dilgith M N (Monday, 24 April 2017 13:55)

    I am Dilgith from India. I wish to start wealthy affiliate work. I have paypal account. didn't use paypal yet now. how to use paypal . Is need to pay money to paypal before register in wealthy affiliate ? How get discount from 49$ if I select you my sponsor ?

  • #69

    News Online Income (Monday, 24 April 2017 14:08)

    Dear Alex,
    If you don't have enough balance in PayPal, you just can load money in your PayPal from your bank by linking your bank account with PayPal about which you can ask with PayPal team for details. PayPal provided the support staff for each country so that you can ask them in your own country language by using contact as provided in their website which you can find by clicking "contact" on the bottom of PayPal page.
    However, you can also use VISA or Master credit cards to pay Wealthy Affiliate membership fees.

  • #70

    News Online Income (Monday, 24 April 2017 14:15)

    Dear Paulexy,
    If you are from Nigeria and if you have friends outside of Nigeria, then you can sure ask them to help you to join Wealthy Affiliate by clicking the link as provided in our review as above. Once you registered in Wealthy Affiliate, you can continue work in it and log in from any countries, means from Nigeria as well. It is only banned to join from Nigeria. Once people join it, they can log in from any where.
    Yep, you can use Master and VISA credit cards to pay fees from Nigeria. Our one of the referrals did same and now he is premium member in Wealthy Affiliate and earning well. He said that he make UBA card, GT dollar card (Master and VISA cards) and activate that to pay for goods and easily make payment in WA.
    Hope this helps.

  • #71

    News Online Income (Monday, 24 April 2017 14:27)

    Dear Dilgith M N,
    You can just register in using your email address and then link your bank account with PayPal about which you can ask with PayPal support team. You can find the contact details of PayPal support team by clicking "contact" on the bottom of the PayPal page. You can also use VISA or Master credit cards directly to make payment in Wealthy Affiliate.
    Discounts are available only for those countries which are not banned. Since you are from India, so you must pay $49 to join Wealthy Affiliate (WA), but you can get discount on yearly membership and also full support and help from us to be our referral so that you can be successful form WA.

  • #72

    Alex (Tuesday, 25 April 2017 06:03)

    Hello Admin,

    I Just want to get through Amazon,eBay,ClickBank,JVZoo earn money. Whether need use jaaxy,jaaxy Upgrade Members Should be selected Which one.


  • #73

    Di (Tuesday, 25 April 2017 19:07)

    Can you join for free and still make money? If so, how? Also is there a referral link for us once we register?