World Way Capital Review: Scam Review: World Way Capital Scam Alert! It's not legit, not genuine.


Yes, which is also known as World Way Capital is a scam. Now, you may want to know why is a WorldWayCapital scam, what makes a Way-Capital scam and what is in real, right? Well, you are definitely going to find these answers here in our Way-Capital review. So, let's begin with our WorldWayCapital review.


What is World Way Capital and why is a untrustworthy? is a combination of two illegal schemes and those are Ponzi scheme and Pyramid scheme. So, it is not a genuine investment opportunity. Now maybe you want to find out why is a a Ponzi Pyramid hybrid, right? Well, then let's continue reading this review below.

World Way Capital complaints. Is World Way Capital fake or real? Way-Capital legit or fraud? is a fraudulent website due to the following reasons:-

  • Aforementioned, is a Ponzi Pyramid hybrid which means it is a combination of two illegal schemes (Ponzi and Pyramid schemes). Since Ponzi and Pyramid schemes are always fraud schemes, so is a scam. Ponzi and Pyramid schemes are not sustainable businesses, so they stop paying anytime due to which the majority of members will lose their money in these kinds of schemes. That's why it is not safe to invest in World Way Capital.
  • World Way Capital is a Ponzi scheme because there is not any verifiable source of income coming into the company other than the money invested by its affiliates/members. It only claims it is making a profit by investing in Stock Exchange, Bitcoin trading and so on, but fails to provide the proof to support its claim. When some companies promise to pay heavy amount of return such as 3% accrual daily for 70 working days like World Way Capital is claiming to pay, then there is a high chance those companies are scams because the only reason company needs to collect the investment from several people is to invest in their project. But, to do so, they have various option to raise a fund such as taking a loan from a bank in less than 1% monthly interest rate. So, there is no logic behind to collect the investment from several people by paying them 3% daily accrual for 70 working days when they can raise a fund by paying less than 1% monthly interest rate. Ponzi schemes always fail to pass this logic test and prove themselves to be a Ponzi scheme which is happening with World Way Capital.
  • Other than the money invested by its affiliates, Way-Capital doesn't have any real source of income which proves it can pay few members only by routing the money between the members which is definitely not a sustainable business practice since each time it pays profit to a member, it will create a debt equal to the amount of profit that it pays to that member. In this way, the debt will be kept on increasing and ultimately the whole company will be collapsed. But, Ponzi schemes like never wait so long time and they stop paying anytime when they collect the huge amount of money and run away with the money of the majority of the members. That's why Ponzi schemes are illegal and unsustainable schemes. If you want to find out what is Ponzi scheme in detail, then you can click >HERE<.
  • is also a Pyramid scheme because it claims to pay a referral commission up to 9 levels of referrals on the sales of its ROI plans. However, it is illegal to do so because those companies which pay a referral commission up to multi-level downlines without selling real product or services, they fall into an illegal scheme category known as a Pyramid scheme. That's why is a Pyramid scheme as well. If you want to find out what is Pyramid scheme in detail, then you can click >HERE<
  • Although World Way Capital has provided the registration document registered from Canada, it fails to provide the proof of its link between the World Way Capital registration and the website On top of that, it is against Canadian law to operate Ponzi or Pyramid schemes. If you still don't believe us, then you can contact any legal authorities in Canada or even in your country and ask them to check the website, then you will find out the reality by yourself. Some promoters even have mentioned that has been verified by the Bank of Canada which is another lie that you can confirm by contacting with Bank of Canada.

So from every angle, is a fraud website, that's why we have listed it in our Bad and Scams category.


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Good Luck!

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Comments: 21
  • #1

    Gasmy Zamor (Sunday, 12 May 2019 15:20)

    I do not have any complaints about worldwaycapital, i get paid each time i request payment. This company is legit and paying. It will not last forever if you want to give it a try please use my link:
    i will return you (in BTC) the commission i get from your deposit GUARANTEED.

  • #2

    Leo (Saturday, 18 May 2019 22:29)

    Whoever tell you they are legit are lying out right. I'll list all my points.
    1. Fake address. They claimed that their address is the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs 200-275 Portage Ave, Winnipeg. I'm surprised they even included the name, "Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs." Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs is a first nation advocate group. I had been in contact with them. I find it offensive and racist that they are using an important part of my country's heritage to promote their scam. Here is their website.

    2. They claimed to be regulated by IIROC. Even on their telegram on May 18th, they still say that. Unfortunately, a few months ago, I was in e-mail contact with IIROC. They are not. In fact, they were never known to IIROC. Here is IIROC's website and list of firms regulate.

    3. Bank of Canada guarantee... fake. Their document was signed by TD Canada Trust? Crypto-currencies are currently under banking ban. The bank of Canada already stated that they are working with WWC. In fact, you can also read my country's policies in regards to crypto-currencies here.

    4. Incorrect trade symbol. On their telegram and their promotional PDF, they had been writing, "USD/EUR". This tells me they are not trading nor do they know how to trade.

    5. Business registration issue. I can't verify their business registration with the Ontario government. Even if they are real, there is a huge legal issue with our constitution. First of all, they claimed that they are registered with the Ontario government at Thornhill. They stated that their principle business address is there, which is a small house. Let's pretend that they do have a home office which is common in my country. However, why are they operating in Manitoba? It's illegal in our constitution under section 92:11. On top of that, Ontario and Manitoba do not have trans-provincial agreement. Read our constitution here.

    6. Their supposed CEO, John Walters, appeared on youtube now. However, his voice is dubbed with someone who speaks in a thick Eastern European accent. He doesn't sound Canadian for someone who's from Toronto. He also appeared in Fix Club video.

  • #3

    Leo (Saturday, 18 May 2019 22:38)

    Sorry, type-o above. Bank of Canada isn't working with WWC.

  • #4

    Fenso (Monday, 10 June 2019 06:35)

    Why are these guys not arrested

  • #5

    shiella (Tuesday, 11 June 2019 01:10)

    world way capital is legit and still paying,,
    I just want to tell something to someonr who posted this, if you want to promote your business,, do it in a good way not like this,,, using world way capital, posting bad about world way but the reality your promoting other company,,God bless WORLD WAY CAPITAL!

  • #6

    mohammadreza parishan (Tuesday, 11 June 2019 13:15)

    I do not have any complaints about worldwaycapital, i get paid each time i request payment. This company is legit and paying. It will not last forever if you want to give it a try please use my link:
    i will return you (in BTC) the commission i get from your deposit GUARANTEED

  • #7

    Genderi (Thursday, 13 June 2019 13:27)

    Hi what happen to the site???why it is closed??

  • #8

    far (Thursday, 13 June 2019 13:27)

    Today, way capital website is not available.

  • #9

    dave (Friday, 14 June 2019 01:22)

    still not available....another scam!!!!

  • #10

    Genderi (Friday, 14 June 2019 01:27)

    It mean we loss our money???no hope??

  • #11

    Shaik umar (Friday, 14 June 2019 07:56)

    Sir this site is not working why?

  • #12

    karim (Saturday, 15 June 2019 03:53)

    this site is no good . this compani everyone lair.

  • #13

    Ozguur (Saturday, 15 June 2019 05:56)

    Way capital scam?

  • #14

    Petros (Saturday, 15 June 2019 10:28)

    Total scam, big fake business. website is closed. Avoid similar sites - this model always fail

  • #15

    Reza (Sunday, 16 June 2019 08:39)

    I alerted so many people in so many ways. Yet there are victims

  • #16

    Jak (Sunday, 16 June 2019 23:26)

    Buon giorno
    In qualche si possono recuperare i soldi investiti??

  • #17

    Nancy (Tuesday, 18 June 2019 03:46)

    Lap weeral mijn geld kwijt :-( pfff

  • #18

    tony (Saturday, 29 June 2019 00:26)

    I have been able to recover my lost funds of about $190k i invested in capital market banc. I never believed i could get my funds back after trading capital for over 3 months , they denied me access to my trading account and i couldn't withdraw the money. I was unable to reach them until i met my friend who referred me to Mr lawrence , a Certified Binary Option Recovery Expert, who took his time to guide me on steps to take to recover my funds in weeks. Right now i have been able to recover $170k and still working on the balance. I'm writing this to those that have lost their money in any way, you should reach out to him reach out to him on whatsapp via:+12816438249..he will help you out today

  • #19

    Kgh (Tuesday, 02 July 2019 00:42)

    Mr tony, can you guide us based on the steps that you was led to recover your money?

  • #20

    Kim Henderson (Thursday, 18 July 2019 22:15)

    Times have changed. Technology is evolving everyday. There are new innovations that do not only trace bitcoin addresses but find out what platform or exchange they belong to. Anyone would agree that this is a big step in recovering coins. I lost over $60000 to Binary Options Trading but thanks to a private hacker and his team for their professional and Ethical service rendered in recovering all of my money from this scam binary options company. You can mail them if you need to recover your money back also. Information is Key.
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  • #21

    Mariam kaduma (Wednesday, 16 October 2019 10:47)