Payza Review, Is Payza Scam or Legit? Updated News on Payza

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OK, let's begin with the Payza Review and find out what is Payza, either Payza is Scam or Legit?


Website URL to join in and work with Payza:- http www payza com 

Payza is a online payment processing company. It operates almost same like Paypal, so it comes as an exclusive alternative for countries and people who cant have access to Paypal. However, we recommend people not to trust Payza fully as same as Paypal for their business because Paypal is more secure, trusted and protected than any or all of its alternatives where as owners of Payza has a long history of being involved in a fraud and a scam companies. However, Payza has been providing satisfying job over couple of years.

Payza is Scam or Legit, Will it shut down? Payza Review

We recommend you not to fully trust Payza and never put your money in Payza's account more than you can afford to lose. This company is owned by the Patel brothers Firoz and Ferhan who were investigated and convicted as frauds on multiple occasions with many past histories. However, it has no connection with today’s current status. They had a lot of issues with shady business and illegal dealing. They even dared cheat on their client by stealing their money and using it for their evil deeds and business. Due to these kind of various reasons, we should always take precaution to work in Payza. If Payza is the only option available for you, we highly recommend you to not to put more money within balance of Payza account which you can't afford to lose. Try to withdraw your money from Payza's account to your bank as soon as you can because in the past there has been a lots of issue and still does have a numerous complaints about frozen account due to which clients cant withdraw money and when asked about it, they form an excuse of technical problems like they are trying to fix the problem that has caused such freezing which takes over months causing serious problem to their client.

However, it seems Payza is improving itself day by day. These days there are very less complaints comparing with amount of members that Payza have. From some couple of years, they are running well. So, now may be they want to run business honestly and want to make Payza a legit online processor. But, we still can't guarantee about it. So, if you have an option to use Paypal, then always go for Paypal first. If your country doesn't support Paypal, then only go for Payza as a second alternative and never put money more than you can afford to lose within your Payza's account balance.

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