Twickerz Review – Is Twickerz a Scam or a Legit?

Are you here because you want to know what is Twickerz in real? Well, then in short we want to make you clear that we are not recommending Twickerz anymore to anyone because it is merged with GoldenGroup, the group which used to have lots of scam PTC sites and after the merger it started to do the same move as those scam sites of GoldenGroup were doing, such as suspending account of members without any valid reasons, specially the account of big investors and earners so that they no need to pay them anymore, adding lots of rules to make cashout very difficult, censoring what members post in their forum and so on about which we have described in detail within our FamilyClix review, the site from GoldenGroup which you can find simply by clicking this link:-


You can find our previous review on Twickerz as below. But, since now it is clear that Twickerz is not good company, so if you are interested to find out the real online money making opportunities, then you can find that by clicking this link:-


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Following is our previous review on Twickerz which is not applicable anymore.

Background of Twickerz:-

The owner and admin of Twickerz is Ms. Marijoy from Philippines. It is operated under Zigma Network. Twickerz was launched on June 2011.


Rating: 45/100

Suitable for: All

Price to join: Free

Twickerz login and join in link: 

www. twickerz. com (Not Recommended to join)

Twickerz Review, Own by Marijoy, Zigma Network

What is Twickerz?

Twickerz is PTC website (Pay to Click service). PTC websites are those in which members can earn money by viewing advertisements and advertiser can get benefit by displaying their advertisements in low rate to increase their website traffic as well as sales. 

Who can work in Twickerz?

Twickerz is suitable for both beginner and professional online workers because it is easy to work in PTC sites, but you must see the drawbacks before you decide to join and work in this site.


Twickerz  Program Details (How can we earn money in Twickerz?)

As we have mentioned before, members can earn money in Twickerz by viewing the advertisements. You will earn from 0.0005 to $0.005 on per click. You will also earn 1 point for one click. 5000 points is equal to $1. Each advertisement click takes 5 seconds to 15 seconds to complete depending upon the rate of advertisement.


How can we earn more money in Twickerz?

You can earn more money in Twickerz by referring more people as your referrals. When your referrals view the advertisements same like you, you will get commissions from that. You will also get commissions from each purchase your referrals made. 


There is no limit in the number of people you can refer in Twickerz. So enjoy this feature and try to make as many direct referrals as you can. More direct referrals you have, more money you can earn.


(NOTE:- You need to view at least 4 ads (most down of the ads display page –“Sponsored Advertisements” section) each day to earn commissions from your referrals in that respective day) 


It’s not so good idea to rent referrals. We never recommend to rent referrals, it is always better to focus on direct referrals. More than that, even there are already lots of complaints from the members of Twickerz for not earning money, instead losing by renting referrals and even it is already proved that the rented referrals in Twickerz is BOT, not the real human beings. So, all control of rented referrals are in the hand of admin which is not good.


How to get Direct Referrals in Twickerz?

Click ->HERE<- for the detail ideas to get direct referrals in Twickerz as well as in other online work companies.


Twickerz is free to join and work or need to pay?

Twickerz is completely free to join and work.

Drawbacks of Twickerz:-

  • After Twickerz merge with Goldengroup, there are lots of complaints from big investors and earners that their account get suspended without valid reason. We have also observed that they are editing forum complaints as well. So, it is better to just stay out of this site or just work only as a free member if you are already working there.
  • Twickerz have other features to earn money like TwickGrid, Paid to Like, PTC Wall, Matomy OfferWall etc. But we think all these features are waste of time because you can’t make enough money comparing to your hard work you put in these features.

However, we don’t mean that these additional features are completely useless. But comparing your effort to do these works, you will have very less penny in your hand. So, if in the same time you can focus on marketing to get Referrals, you will earn good income. So, it depends on you to think what is best for you.


We can only suggest the best way to earn in Twickerz and that is by viewing required number of ads. and by referring as many as people as you can.

  • Twickerz can’t guarantee you that each advertisement you view in their website is legit. Because they display the advertisements as per the requirement of the advertisers. Not only here, but all kind of media can’t guarantee and check each and every advertisement which they put in their media. So, if you see something interesting while viewing some advertisements, first of all you need to do your own research regarding that before joining or giving information to any company.
  • Rented Referrals activities are not good in Twickerz and no one can make profit from rented referrals in Twickerz.
  • If you don’t have enough number of direct referrals in Twickerz, your earning will be very slow.

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