TessLine.com Review: Is TessLine Scam or Genuine?

Are you searching for the TessLine reviews to find out either is a TessLine.com scam or legit, either is the business model of TessLine fake or real, either the details provided by TessLine.com genuine or made up and so on? If so, then here, within our Tess Line review, you are going find out what is TessLine.com in detail which makes you clear either is a Tess Line scam or legit.


So what do you think? What is Tess Line? Scam or Legit?


Well, without a doubt, TessLine.com is a scam since its business model is completely illegal and unsustainable. OK, let's find out more about TessLine below.

TessLine complaints. Is TessLine fake or real? Is TessLine genuine or fraud?

What is TessLine.com in real? Why is Tess Line a Scam?

TessLine.com claims to be an investment and trading company investing in London Stock Exchange, Börse München, Australian Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange. It also claims that companies like AXA Group, Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum, Sinopec and other well-known companies are interested in the further increase of company positions and they are on the company's partner list. However, if you contact any of these well-known companies, then you will find out that they have never heard of TessLine and never going to do any business with Tessline. So, this proves TessLine.com is lying about its business which is a solid proof that it is a scam. If you don't believe us, then you can contact any of those reputed companies that TessLine has claimed to be working with.


Actually, TessLine is a Ponzi scheme which doesn't have any real source of income and completely relies on the investment of members. Since Tess Line is a Ponzi scheme, so that makes it an unsustainable and illegal scheme.


Tess Line has tried to make people confuse by claiming it is following the footsteps of John Templeton which is another lie since John Templeton has never collected the investment from several people to invest in his projects by paying up to 200% profit in 40 days.


Actually, none of the experts who are investing in stock exchange will collect the investment from several people by claiming to pay them up to 200% profit in 40 days because none of the experts can guarantee the exact 200% profit in 40 days by investing in the stock exchange market. On opt of that, anyone can take a loan from a local bank by paying there 1% monthly interest rate to invest in the stock exchange market. So, why anyone will raise a fund to invest in the stock exchange by paying 200% profit in 40 days instead of paying 1% monthly. So, like other Ponzi schemes, TessLine fails to pass this logic test and prove itself to be a Ponzi scheme.


The only verifiable source of income coming into the TessLine is nothing other than the money invested by its members. So, it is clear that it doesn't have any real source of income to pay profit to its members and it can only pay by routing the money between the members. But when it pays the members in that way, it will create a debt equal to the amount of profit it pays to those members and that debt will be kept on increasing as long as it keeps on paying members and ultimately the whole company will be run out of the fund and it will be unable to pay the majority of members. However, it doesn't care about that since it will pay few members only to show the payment proofs so that it can lure more people into its scheme. When it collects enough amount of money, it will just stop paying and run away with the money of the majority of members. This is how the Ponzi scheme is operated. That's why Ponzi scheme is an illegal scheme since the majority of members will lose their money there.


Don't fall into their company's registration document which they have shown on their website. That has nothing to do with TessLine.com website. On top of that, if you go and check the physical location of the TessLine company on the address that TessLine has provided on its website, you will find out that there is no such company there. You won't find any company with TessLine name there.


Not convinced yet that TessLine is a scam? Well, if you still don't believe us, then you can ask with the legal authorities in your country to check the business of Tess Line, then you will find out the reality by yourself since TessLine is operating an illegal and unsustainable business scheme.


Actually, it is a crime to operate a Ponzi scheme like TessLine. Legal authorities have already issued the warnings to stay away from Ponzi schemes.


So, now it is clear that Tess Line is a scam, so we have listed it in our Bad and Scams category.


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