Review, Is Scam or Legit? Review, Is Scam or Legit?

Although is paying from years, but also we don't recommend anyone to work in this company because of many drawbacks within this company about which we have mentioned in our "Drawbacks of" caption as below.

Background of : is operating by World Research Inc. from San Jose, USA as per their WHOIS record.


What is and how to work in it? is simply a survey site where you need to complete surveys (for example: need to complete answers of certain questions or need to complete the tasks as per guidance). If you done it correctly, you will be rewarded. Now, the problem in this site is that you get rejected from those surveys which you have done honestly and correctly due to which you will get nothing after your hard work. We have explained it in detail in our "Drawbacks of" caption as below.

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Drawbacks of :

  1. There are lots of complaints from members of for not getting reward after completing the surveys honestly. So, in order to investigate it, one of our team member work in it and find out that it is actually not the fault of itself, but it is scam move from those people or companies who have listed those surveys in and don't reward to the members after work has been complete. Anyway, either it is from or not, we don't recommend anyone to work in such companies where you will not get your hard earned cash after you have worked honestly.
  2. The support system of is horrible. They reply only to some members. It seems they choose emails as per lucky draw basis and reply to only those members who get lucky. Many members already give up to get reply from them after waiting more than 3 months.
  3. Sometime your payment request will get on pending for 2-3 months in and if you email them to ask about it, you will get nothing. So, if you don't get your payment, you can't do anything than waiting for more days or months.
  4. One thing we feel totally scam directly from is that they suspend account of members without giving valid reason. It may be sometime fault of members or sometime members do it mistakenly. But, they will not give you warning and will just suspend your account which is totally scam and rude move.
  5. There are many complaints from many members of for getting their account suspended after they request for payment. We don't know either it is scam move of or the members, but there are many complaints from different people about it. So, we don't think many people will complaint about same thing without a valid reason.
  6. Many surveys in try to force you to buy products in order to complete the survey due to which you will earn nothing either you complete that survey or just leave it.
  7. Some surveys in require to provide credit card information and it is very danger to provide that information as those surveys are not belong to itself and your credit card information will be collected by third party who list those surveys in and can misuse your credit card.

Conclusion about :

As we mention before, we don't recommend anyone to work in although company is paying on time and reason for that you can find in our "Drawbacks of" caption as above. Even if everything goes perfect, then also it is very hard to earn within as they pay very low amount compare with your time and effort. Instead, it is better you use same time and effort to work in trusted companies as mention in our "Good and Trusted Online Works" section in order to earn good income online. However, if you ask us to provide the name of one company among those trusted companies, then we will always recommend Wealthy Affiliate. You can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-


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