What is SiteCoin? Is Site Coin a Scam or a Legit?

If you were searching for the Site Coin reviews in order to find out what is Site Coin in real, either is SiteCoin scam or legit, then you are absolutely in the right place because our SiteCoin review is going to reveal the compete truth about SiteCoin, both its pros and cons. Actually, we have listed SiteCoin within our Not Recommended sites list and if you want to know why, then you can find in detail within our SiteCoin.com review as below. So, let's begin with our Site Coin review in order to find out what is SiteCoin.com in real.

www.SiteCoin.com review. What is www.SiteCoin.com? Is SiteCoin.com scam or legit?

SiteCoin login and join link link:- https:// www. sitecoin. com/ (Not Recommended to join)

What is www.SiteCoin.com and why don't we recommend it?

Previously, Page Howe from USA was the owner of the SiteCoin as per the WHOIS details. But, now they hide the owner details within a WHOIS which is not a good sign. In online work industry hiding owner details can not be taken in positive way. More than that, all PTC sites like Site Coin always turned into scam when they have hidden owner details.


Sitecoin.com is a newly established PTC site launched on 5 May 2017 where members can earn money simply by clicking and viewing ads in their website. You will receive around ten ads each day. You can earn from $ 0.005 to $0.01 for each view on their ads. The cashout limit is $4 and their payment is through PayPal, Bitcoin, Payza or Perfect Money. The new PTC site having PayPal is already a huge drawback because as per PayPal terms and conditions, they can't allow PTC sites to use their business. PayPal has already discontinued their business with big and established PTC and survey sites like Neobux, Clixsense and so on. So, SiteCoin can have big problem in the future when PayPal freezes their money. We have already found many PTC sites in the past turned into scam just after PayPal freezes their money. So, now if you find any new PTC sites with PayPal, better you stay away from that. 


You can also complete their offer tasks to earn money from them. You can refer people to join the website for more earnings. You will get commission from your referrals’ click or membership upgrade. You can have both rental and direct referrals, but direct referrals are more preferable because they can generate more money for you in long term basis and rental referrals are only the bots, means computer generated referrals whose switch is always in the hand of admin. More than that, in PTC industry, there is 95% chance you lose money from rented referrals than earning from it and if you find some sites from where you can earn good amount of money by renting referrals, then most of time those kinds of sites always turned into scam. Free members of Site Coin can make limited direct referrals which is 100 referrals and Titanium members can have unlimited direct referrals which is also drawback of this PTC because big promoters in PTC industry never like the site where they need to upgrade to refer unlimited number of direct referrals. We have seen lots of sites failed due to low number of members only because they put cap to refer unlimited number of direct referrals.


However, we can't be completely negative with SiteCoin until the day it pays. But, since we are in online work industry from more than 9 years and we have seen more than 99% new PTCs turned into scam, specially those whose owner details were not clear same like SiteCoin and whose business model was exactly same as SiteCoin. However, if you are working only as a free member in SiteCoin, then you can proceed because it doesn't take too long time to complete the PTC work and you can earn some pennies free of cost. But, we never suggest anyone to invest in new PTC sites without testing them for some months. Even there were some PTC sites which paid for almost 1 year and turned into scam after 1 year. So, from our side, we don't recommend any PTC sites unless than turned out to be more than 2 years old without any major issues.



Our Recommendation

Aforementioned, we cannot recommend you SiteCoin because there is maximum chance this site collapses in the future and even if it manages to survive, then also why should we recommend this site when there are better options in the online money making platform, for example you can check our Good and Trusted Online Works section. Despite that, you can try your luck by working as a free member, but we don't recommend to invest money in this site. You can work in this site to earn some extra income till the date it pays, but you cannot plan full time earning relying on such company. Instead you must look for such company which can guarantee you for your investments, which can provide you with lots of business opportunities and can pay you enough so that you can ascertain your online career.


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