ShirtsInStyle Review: ShirtsInStyle Scam or Legit?

You must be here because you were searching for the Shirts In Style reviews to find out either is a scam or genuine and what is in real, right? If so, then you have landed in the right place since through this review, you are going to find out either is a Shirts In Style scam or trustworthy. So, let's begin with our Shirts In Style review.


As per our research, we don't recommend you to purchase any stuff from ShirtsInStyle online store due to the reasons we have explained below.


ShirtsInStyle complaints. Is a ShirtsInStyle fake or real? Is a ShirtsInStyle legit or fraud?

We don't recommend Shirts In Style due to the following reasons:-

  • ShirtsInStyle has lots of similarities with a bunch of problematic sites such as MyComfyShirts, HonestyStar, SheClever, Cutevana, Ouslily, Chiclv, MolyDress, PearlzillaShop, ArcladyShop, BasaChic, CoronaBlue, etc. For example:- Its website theme is not so tidy; It has copy-pasted lots of details from other websites; Its domain is redirecting from domain which was exactly the same kind of problematic site; It has provided two Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy pages with completely different addresses; It hasn't secured its website properly.
  • Since ShirtsInStyle hasn't secured its website properly, so your personal and financial information will be at risk if you shop at ShirtsInStyle.
  • ShirtsInStyle has provided two Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy pages. In one "Terms of Service", it has mentioned its terms shall be governed by the laws of 3200 N America Dr Buffalo, NY 14224, USA. Well, the laws won't be different for a particular address. So, it should have written its terms shall be governed by the laws of the USA, not by the laws of particular address in the USA. This is already blundered it has made on its one Terms of Service page. On its another Terms of Service page which you can find from the bottom of the Checkout page, there you can find it has mentioned its terms shall be governed by the laws of Canada. None of the legit online stores will provide two Terms of Services and Privacy Policy pages with completely different statements and addresses. How can the same company have two Terms of Service pages which governed by the laws of two different countries? So, this proves it has copy-pasted lots of details on its website from other websites. Since there are lots of scam online stores these days, so it is better to avoid such online stores that provide doubtful statements and contact details.
  • We have found lots of online stores these days similar to ShirtsInStyle which have lots of complaints. Users of similar kinds of sites have complained that the customer support of these kinds of online stores is very bad and the items they have delivered are very low in quality which looks completely different than what they have advertised on their website. Users have complained that they have paid more money than the real value of the products. Users of similar kinds of sites have also complained about the delivery time and useless refund policy of these kinds of sites. ShirtsInStyle has lots of similarities to those kinds of online stores.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, we don’t recommend ShirtsInStyle. So, we have listed ShirtsInStyle in our Not Recommended sites list. However, if you have a different opinion or want to provide your own ShirtsInStyle reviews, then please feel free to leave your comment below.


You can also comment below if you want to report about any online scams. After all your comment can help others here to identify more scams.


It is also better you share this post with your friends and families through your social media accounts so that lots of people know the reality of online stores like ShirtsInStyle. It will help them to identify similar kinds of online stores.


Actually, many people fall into the scam online stores due to the very low product price that most of the scam online stores offer on relative products. However, instead of falling for that, avoid them. If you find something too good to be true, then you should know that may not be true. So, don't fall into the trap of scammers just because they attract you with flashy design, attractive products, and a very low price. Instead, you must know those are the signs of bad online stores.


Please feel free to share this Shirts In Style review with your friends and families through your social media accounts so that they can find out either is a ShirtsInStyle genuine or hoax:-

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Good Luck!

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Comments: 15
  • #1

    Kristin (Thursday, 16 April 2020 11:07)

    Shirts In Style has no customer service. The phone number they list is not valid and they do not respond to emails sent to any of the email addresses listed. Additionally, the credit card charge is flagged as a foreign charge. Do not use this website! I only hope that my information does not get stolen.

  • #2

    Casey (Thursday, 04 June 2020 10:50)

    Scam company ordered three shirts two months later still no shirts cant contact them, scam don't buy anything from them

  • #3

    Gabriel (Friday, 05 June 2020 15:47)

    Glad I only bought one shirt and through pay pal. They don't return my emails and phone number on their site is out of service. I will be more careful next time. Don'y buy anything from these guys.

  • #4

    Jim (Friday, 19 June 2020 21:42)

    Bought two shirts from shirts in style. No way to contact company. 800 number disconnected. No response from 3 emails to alleged customer service center. No shipping date after multiple requests. Do not buy anything from this company.

  • #5

    David Williams Jr (Saturday, 04 July 2020 02:41)

    I ordered five shirts from “Shirts In Style” ( on May 21, 2020 and I’ve yet to have received my shirts. I’ve tried to contact them and to no avail have I been able to speak to anyone at this company. They state that the average shipping time is between 1-3 weeks, it has been over the stated time and no shirts. I guess I will contact my credit card issuer to see if they can help me with this issue ASAP.

  • #6

    Kevin R. (Wednesday, 15 July 2020 00:55)

    After receiving a text when the order was placed, have been unable to contact this merchant again - emails are not answered and phone number is no longer valid. Nice looking stuff, but it does appear to be a scam. Buffalo Better Business Bureau gives them a solid F rating. File the dispute with your paying party now.

  • #7

    scott (Wednesday, 05 August 2020 18:07)

    Shirts In Style aka ComfyTshirts aka any other pseudonym appears on the current webpage for their store(still bogus) that the headquarters now as of August 1, 2020 is: Shirts In Style, 47 Ariel Road, Brampton, L7AOS5 Canada (which is Ontario province) near Toronto. But no phone number, no legitimate email address, and not responding to the previous American email addresses or phone numbers. Hopefully they will not rip off Canadians now but it is convenient to move(maybe) in a coronavirus over the border maneuver (Bienvenue!) Please someone find a way to get them found out and removed from the Internet.

  • #8

    Daniel Dixon (Monday, 10 August 2020 15:59)

    Buyer Beware of ShirtsInStyle/Comfy tshirts or whatever they call themselves this week. They are impossible to reach, take forever to ship, do not communicate, and if you do get something from them, it will probably be the wrong size, wrong color, and wrong item, with absolutely no return information (address, policy, procedures, etc.) The only way that I could get a response from them was to file a dispute with Paypal.

  • #9

    Lance (Wednesday, 19 August 2020 23:05)

    Avoid ordering from these guys. Ordered on July 1st and have get to receive order. Followed Paypal guidelines in disputing as item not received. After going back and forth with them, they provided a tracking number. Surprisingly it didn't work. The phone number is disconnected, Instagram account deleted all are listed on website. Well almost 8 weeks later, no item received but did get another email with a tracking number. Yep it's shipped ....from China!! Nowhere in website states this. If I wanted something from China I would have ordered thru WISH. Avoid at all costs.

  • #10

    Keith Roberts (Friday, 04 September 2020 08:16)

    WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM SHIRTS IN STYLE. IT'S A TOTAL SCAM. Also don't use any of the other similar websites. I think that they are affiliated with each other. I went through PAYPAL and got my money back. It took 2 months because SHIRTS IN STYLE kept trying to fight to get the money. Either get up go to the store or use Amazon or Walmart. There the only websites I trust and they always give you your money back. Good luck

  • #11

    John Bunn (Thursday, 10 September 2020 11:15)

    This is a SCAM company. I ordered 4 shirts totaling $118.00US in June of 2020. In August, after contacting and complaining to (Paypal) my original payment, my order was sent however, it was totally different from what I had ordered. They DO NOT respond to emails and can not be reached by telephone. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! THIS IS A SCAM!!!

  • #12

    Mike K. (Thursday, 10 September 2020 15:21)

    Scam is right! Real slime here. I've been waiting two months for my shirt to arrive. As stated above, they don't answer emails. No phone available for calls. Here's the Better Business Bureau link:
    Or is there an attorney available who may be interested in starting a class action suit?

  • #13

    John Beekman (Sunday, 13 September 2020 14:50)

    Purchased 2 shirts from them which they charged my credit card on June 13, 2020. It’s now three months with no shirts received. Their phone line is not operative and they never responded to my 5-6 emails. Believe they should be reported to FTC for online fraud.

  • #14

    John Beekman, Esq (Sunday, 13 September 2020 14:55)

    Adding to my prior comment I am an attorney and would welcome Mike and others to post and I will check out class action capability. It mY be hard to find these people but if I get good address I will proceed if they have assets. If not they could be prosecuted under fraud statutes.

  • #15

    Penny Sarcione (Wednesday, 07 October 2020 19:37)

    I got the most poorly made shirt from them, buttons falling as we took it out of the package. I have emailed them twice with no response. This is absolutely ridiculous . I am following John Beekmans comments I agree they should be charged with something.