PvTraffic and LoTraffic Review, Is "PV Traffic" and "Lo Traffic" Scam?

NOTE:- We are here just providing our review on PVTraffic and LoTraffic as per our research. We are not recommending or promoting this site to anyone. Our No.1 recommended site is "Wealthy Affiliate and you can find our the detail review on "Wealthy Affiliate" by clicking the link or red banner as below:- http://www.newsonlineincome.com/wealthy-affiliate-review/

At starting we thought that PV Traffic will compete the revenue sharing site like Traffic Monsoon. But, after working in it for more than 2 months, we have found out there are many issues within PVTraffic which are as below:-


1. They have big payment issues. We don't mean they are not paying. They are paying. But when they just launched, from starting they unable to pay members from their Paypal account and instead of sending payment to Paypal, they request members to send it to other payment processors. At least at the beginning they were paying on time from their other payment processors. Later on they declare that they have solved their Paypal issue, but within 1 week again they caught up on that issue and again payment of members get pending for more than 15 days. Then recently they announce they again solve the issue with their Paypal, but not sure how long it will sustain again. More than that, even sometime they are delaying to send the payment in other payment processors as well which seems that they are not making enough profit to pay each of their members or simply they don't want to pay their members on time.


2. Time to time we have found that there is deduction in earning balance from account of members without any notice. Even our $6 just get vanished and we report them about it, but we are waiting for their reply from more than one month and still haven't got any response.


3. Now the big issue which make us more doubt on PVTraffic is their new launched site (Lotraffic) because first of all they are only 3 months old (starting from 07/29/2015) and PVTraffic still have lots of issues and not established yet. So, opening new site which is exact copy of PVTraffic seems just like a move from scammer in the past who use to open several bux PTC sites within 1-2 months and later on shutdown their all sites and run with money of members. There is only one reason for opening new site of same format and that is to make their existing members to invest again in their new site and pay those members from the money generated from new sites. However, if they can't make their first site sustainable, then how we can be sure they can make their second site sustainable with same format. It seems that they are only after to earn lots of money in short time and run with money of members.


4. Another big issue is that they have register PVTraffic in the name of Andy Zeng as owner whose address is registered as "1515 Route Ten, Parsippany" where as their own sister site LoTraffic's owner name is registered as Walter Jacob with address registered as "3742, Grayston Ln, Phoenix,  Augusta". So, how can sister sites have different owner name and address and why is it necessary to register two sister sites with different address and owner name. There must be something which is not good.


5. Support of both PVTraffic and LoTraffic is totally irresponsible. Sometime you get reply within a week, sometime you never get reply from them. Even sending email using their support section of their site is useless. They only reply emails if you send them in their email address "investpaid77@gmail.com". However, sometime they don't reply even in this email address as well.


Conclusion about PVTraffic and LoTraffic:-

Considering above points, you must be clear that both PVTraffic and LoTraffic have lots of issue and we can't trust them totally. So, we don't recommend anyone to invest in this site. Those who had already invested in this site, we suggest them to cashout as soon as they can because at least they are paying at the moment even though there are lots of delay in payment time. Those who are working as free user, if they have time, they can still continue to work as free user till the date they pay to their members.


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