Review: Is Prcedo Scam or Genuine?

If you are searching for the Prcedo reviews to find out either is a scam or legit and what is in real, then you have landed in the right place. From this Prcedo review, you are going to find out the complete truth about Prcedo online store so that you will have a clear idea either is Prcedo a safe online store or not.


Actually, we don't recommend you to purchase any item from Prcedo online store due to the reasons as we have stated below.

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Prcedo complaints. Is a Prcedo legit or fraud? Is a Prcedo fake or real?

We don't recommend Prcedo online store due to the following reasons:-

  • On the "About Us" page of website, it has mentioned its website is highly secured and protected by McAfee. But, we didn't find any McAfee logo anywhere on website. If a website is secured by McAfee, then there should be a logo of McAfee so that we can click on that logo which will send us to the official website of McAfee to verify that logo. But, there is not any such logo on website which proves Prcedo is lying about having its website secured by McAfee.
  • Since Prcedo is lying about securing its website, so it makes clear that website is not secured properly. So, if you shop at this website, your personal and financial information might be stolen.
  • The faces of models have been cropped out from all the product pictures of Prcedo online store. This mostly happens when someone copy-pastes the images from other websites without taking consent of those website's owners. Mostly scam online stores copy-paste and crop images like that to avoid the copyright legal problems.
  • Prcedo has provided its company's address as "11402 Rio Secco Rd. Frisco, TX 75035 United States" on its "Contact Us" page. However, when we checked that address using Google Map, we could not find any company with the name Prcedo located on that address. So, we checked that address in "" and found that address is a residential address, not an address of any company. As per "", there is a 2,878 sq ft 4 bedrooms residential building on that address which was built in 2001. So, it is clear that Prcedo is lying about its company's address which is definitely not a good sign. Other than this fake company's address and email address, Prcedo hasn't provided any other contact details, not even a phone number.
  • When we checked the WHOIS details, we found the owner's name and address have been concealed there. If Prcedo has provided the real company's address on its website, then there is no reason to hide the same information in WHOIS. 

Due to the reasons as mentioned above, we don't recommend you to purchase any items from Prcedo online store. So, we have listed it in our Not Recommended sites list.

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Comments: 42
  • #1

    Ralph (Thursday, 30 May 2019 09:39)

    Prcedo came up when I was searching for a 3.5 cuft freezer. They had a Midea Freezer for %69.99 Plus $5 or so shipping. Seemed preposterous. When I went online with a real computer and not a Smartphone, the Freezer was not offered. Something is very, very, wrong here.......

  • #2

    Paul (Thursday, 30 May 2019 22:08)

    I'm waiting for an item I ordered and have tracked all the way from China. USPS says "Delivery Tomorrow".
    You can't find the item unless you saved that page's address. While their regular catalog does not show several more items I am considering either, they are still online - if you have the address. Get the complete address and try, Ralph.
    Many people operate a business out of their home - I have as well, even out of a Postal Annex, so what? For someone to call the owner a liar for such is preposterous.
    We'll see. If they are bad juju, I'll let you know.

  • #3

    Paul (Thursday, 30 May 2019 22:13)

    Hey Ralph, I googled "Midea Freezer $69.99" and guess what came up?


  • #4

    Edgar (Friday, 31 May 2019 00:31)

    Yeah same here.. I just bought an item from this website and this item does not exist in homepage... I am not sure what is going on. I did similar search few days ago and did not see this website.
    I am not sure whether I should wait and see.. or find a way to cancel this order.


  • #5

    Jeff (Friday, 31 May 2019 19:18)

    I ordered a product from them May 29 and did not get the normal receipt
    and tracking email from them. After researching them I believe they are
    a fraudulent company. They did not respond to my emails and yesterday I
    gave up and notified Mastercard to challenge the charge. It was just a
    $20 purchase for nicotinamide riboside with resveratrol that normally
    sells for $48 everywhere else. What annoys me is that Google is
    allowing them to purchase ads to market this product. Here is their ad:

    Google should face some sort of accountability for allowing them to
    advertise. When I searched Google to find out how to report them
    Google states “At the bottom right of any New Sites page, or bottom left
    of any Classic Sites page, click Report abuse.” There was no such link
    on the PRCEDO.COM site. Still searching for way to notify Google this is a
    bogus site. Anyone have any ideas?

  • #6

    George (Sunday, 02 June 2019 11:48)

    I was looking for a Occidental leather bags when I came across this item cost $300 usd or more, prcedo has them for $69.99, I couldn't believe it; I was about to buy them but, IF IS TO BEAUTIFUL TO BE REAL ITS BECAUSE ITS NOT. I start searching for info about prcedo and it looks like a safe website ... The https, the lock, privacy policy, return policy, etc until I googled the address. I kept looking for other sings of fraudulent or suspicious and I found you, you guys clear my mind, am not buying from THANKS

  • #7

    Kayley (Monday, 03 June 2019 03:33)

    Researching paddles for my stand up paddle board and came across what I thought was a spectacular deal. I even emailed their customer service to assure the product was the correct material. I thought I found a $180 paddle for less than $60 from them. Yippee, I thought! Glad I did some research before I hit the pay now button. After reading this, I will not be giving them my money or information. Thanks so much!

  • #8

    Steve (Tuesday, 04 June 2019 11:20)

    I agree I ordered a air conditioner and got no follow up email it is a scam after purchase went to paypal and it said I ordered antiques. Again its a scam....

  • #9

    Toby (Tuesday, 04 June 2019 14:49)

    I ordered an atv for my grandson last week amd was sent an email saying it’s shipped along with a tracking number.. Not sure what’s coming innthe mail, but it says light package, which can’t be the atv I ordered.. We’ll see when it gets here..

  • #10

    Jessie (Tuesday, 04 June 2019 18:20)

    I ordered a car seat and not even 2 min went by and my bank called to ask if I was out of the country......... SCAM website!

  • #11

    Toby (Tuesday, 04 June 2019 22:22)

    I got a tracking number for my shipment, but it went fri. NJ to GA and I’m in WA state.. Anyone else get the same tracking number? 9374869903503830396238

  • #12

    Stephanie (Tuesday, 04 June 2019 23:40)

    Having the same exact problems bought an $80 phone and unsure if my package is even going to arrive at says it's delivered in Georgia I'm not sure what to do because the phone was bought as a gift for me and now have to cancel a package and try to get their money back what a shame this is Google's fault

  • #13

    Toby (Wednesday, 05 June 2019 10:25)

    The tracking number showed delivery today to someone in SC and I’m in WA state.. I filed a dispute through PayPal and the seller has 10 days to provide documentation or I’ll get a full refund..

  • #14

    Kim (Wednesday, 05 June 2019 14:06)

    I placed an order today for Welder. According to their account the order was placed 3 times. According to my credit card company I was charged twice for same item. I have emailed to just cancle my order still haven't got a response yet. My bank is aware of the charges but since they are pending still unable to dispute the charges yet. Never received a confirm email about my purchase either

  • #15

    Adam T (Wednesday, 05 June 2019 18:31)

    I ordered a garmin plotter 69.99 $75.91 total good deal i figured so i ordered two more same price totaling $227 us dollars they got from me on may 29th here it is june 5th no plotters yet they sent me tracking #'s to two of them nothing yet gonna fight to get it back

  • #16

    Steve (Wednesday, 05 June 2019 20:54)

    Total scam!
    If it sounds to good to be true...…….
    I ordered something and received a tracking number from PayPal only to find it was delivered to a different address in a different state.
    USPS says the same tracking number was used several times.
    Ripoff, stay away!

  • #17

    Vail Teal (Thursday, 06 June 2019 08:53)

    Thank God for reviews. And bank app settings. I went to order some Rattletrap sound dampening at a very reasonable price. As mentioned, straight from Google’s marketing listing. My card kept getting declined, then I received an email that stated that I had international purchases disabled in my settings. I didn’t even know about that feature but I’m thankful it was disabled. They were also trying to charge more than the price agreed upon. Would’ve really sucked for me because I only make minimum wage, and even at 40 hrs/week, I only have about $80 to spend on myself at the end of the month. I hate scammers. They should have severe penalties, as they are predators.

  • #18

    Rudra (Friday, 07 June 2019 09:31)

    Fraud website !! No contact number or customer support. all they give is an email id which is of no use. They give a tracking # which belongs to some one else package making us to wait longer. Do not purchase on site.

  • #19

    Rick (Friday, 07 June 2019 17:21)

    Dewalt trimmer for $69 that is $245+ at other sites. No response from their customer service

  • #20

    Sean D (Sunday, 09 June 2019 06:56)

    Its been 2 weeks and I haven't received my mower so I'm assuming its a scam. I just disputed it with my credit card company

  • #21

    Donna H. (Sunday, 09 June 2019 08:32)

    This is a scam website. I should have known better when the price of the grill I ordered was 50% less than everywhere else. My debit card was charged immediately. I got a "fatal error" message on the website, and when I went back to my cart to see what had happened...the cart was empty. No confirmation email and no tracking number. In my bank account, the details related to the debit say Puchong, TN. Puchong is a city in Malaysia. Filed a fraud claim with Wells Fargo.

  • #22

    Doug l (Sunday, 09 June 2019 12:11)

    Damn glad I did some research btw is everything they sell 69.95? Lol was gonna buy a arlo pro security camera with 3 cameras for 69.95 cant find them for less than 200..but almost ordered because of there logos and they have https secured site supposelly..but after reading these reviews dont think I seen one person saying they recieved anything?? Dont know why it's not shit down

  • #23

    Robin (Sunday, 09 June 2019 17:42)

    Scam, scam, ordered a air conditioner, great price, two weeks later nothing from them no response, no email, reported to pay pal...

  • #24

    Debra sa (Sunday, 09 June 2019 17:45)

    They r robbed. Me of my money! Ordered last week and than tried to log back in to see whst the status was. I could not log back in and all info was changed. I still 5 days later have recieved nothing from them at all. I have emailed and nothing! Google and others use them for suggested ads and they are also participating in ripping people off! I will be reporting and sharing everywhere i can about them and any company i see displaying their ad and putting a seal of approval to rip ppl off. I really wanted the water slide for my kids at a good price cause cant afford to much. They made me disapoint my children! Not gonna allow that

  • #25

    Barb Schin (Monday, 10 June 2019 09:44)

    I bought a 40" TCL Smary TV for 69.00, still eaiting to hear from them, no recpiet or confirmation on buying it. After I bought it friend told me it was a scam. I have triedvto contact them no reply, by email. Does any one have a phone number or any way to contact them?

  • #26

    Alex (Tuesday, 11 June 2019 14:21)

    Hello my friends , I get purchased from them Cable modem website look presentable ,but already one week I don't have any Time frame for the delivery , no information whatsoever after reading all your feedback you're absolutely right this is a Scam
    I cannot understand how Google can allow to them .to be an a Google search . And also Pay pal make purchase transaction, after so many complaints

  • #27

    kay (Wednesday, 12 June 2019 21:18)

    i ordered two cat feeders from their site and i checked my paypal and they added another purchase of $62.00 for what i dont know. i put in a dispute with paypal for all three transactions.
    thank you for giving me a heads up on these scam artists

  • #28

    Karen (Wednesday, 12 June 2019 23:37)

    I just ordered a step stool with handle from this website. I tried to use their PayPal link to pay for it. It did not work so I entered credit card information. Then I got a strange looking receipt which appeared to be from PayPal. I checked my PayPal account and that charge did not show up. I called my Credit card and the charge had already gone through. I then cancelled my credit card to prevent them from further use.
    I will probably have to file a dispute, but at least it was only a $20 charge. I hate when this sort of thing happens.

  • #29

    Keiah (Thursday, 13 June 2019 16:24)

    Dang ugh I just ordered a camera today what should I do

  • #30

    Jessica williams (Friday, 14 June 2019 00:14) came up while looking for a 16 ft trampoline for my I used pay pal and purchased it.well after I started looking something didnt seem right so I contacted pay pal and they contacted seller.seller gave them a tracking number to insure it was real.I called usps and it was indeed a fake tracking number!they are 100% scammers!!

  • #31

    Jessica (Friday, 14 June 2019 00:34)

    Bought a trampoline from them.they gave me a tracking number says delivered to Los Vegas and I'm in Okla so I called usps and they said I was given a tracking number for a light small package in someone else's name and address so they faked a tracking number and I filed a claim.they are 100% scammers.they got 100 bucks from me hope they feel great mother of 6 children on one income!kids were really looking forward to their trampoline!

  • #32

    Nancy (Friday, 14 June 2019 07:55)

    I placed an order for a step stool and paid thru pay-pal. I have yet to receive any emails to confirm. After reading these reviews, I'm now worried I will never receive the product I ordered. Any way of recourse?

  • #33

    Samantha (Friday, 14 June 2019 11:23)

    Prcedo was what the company was I thought I was ordering a piano keyboard Yamaha 660 I haven't received anything from noone about this matter..I am highly upset, that's a lot of money. I need help

  • #34

    Leslie laughter (Saturday, 15 June 2019 04:03)

    Hello..yes I think I got scammed too..I ordered a push mower from this sit that said the price was 69 dollers and some change..5 doller shipping.. I have not heard from them or got my mower...what do I need to do now.

  • #35

    Jean Marie (Monday, 17 June 2019 13:58)

    Yepp, I am one of those dummies that didnt think this through and ordered not only ONE but TWO push lawn mowers. Now, I am out the 160 some bucks. This happened a week ago, and the money was taken out of my bank account, immediately. Is there anything that can be done? And ya, i immediately closed that card.

  • #36

    Chris (Sunday, 23 June 2019 12:15)

    Purchased security camera system for 69.99 and was charged 81.00 on my c/c. Still have not received cameras. We need to all shut this down and get this jerk (s) caught. 2019 June

  • #37

    Whitney R (Monday, 24 June 2019 13:59)

    I purchased a cat scratching post and have year to hear anything. It was purchased June 3. I’ve emailed on multiple occasions and have gotten no response.

  • #38

    Evan (Monday, 24 June 2019 21:41)

    Well I thought I was buying from a us company until I made my purchase and seen Chinese writing on my receipt. The seller won’t respond to any of my emails and the recedo website administrator won’t respond either. I was given a tracking number from Usps which I followed from China and it was delivered to North Carolina to someone else. Not even close to the Iowa address it was supposed to come too. I made a complaint to PayPal regarding the issue. Hopefully I get a full refund.

  • #39

    PRCEDO Customer (Tuesday, 25 June 2019 11:33)

    I have just received a refund from Pay Pal, I made a Purchase from after finally receiving a Tracking Number I thought ..good. However.
    Having gotten Zero response From the Contact Us on website, a residential address in TX. I called USPS asking what the shipping address was on my package, I told her my address she told me my package what ever it was ..? was to be delivered in AZ., I live 2000 miles from Arizona, #1. whatever was delivered to AZ could have been an empty box ..who knows. #2. There is Absolutely No response from PRCEDO Customer support, Or ... which is the business email for said company. Fortunately Pay Pal has given me a Full Refund. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY !

  • #40

    K (Friday, 28 June 2019)

    I bought a grill from them, and they gave me a tracking number from CA, which is a separate state from the one I live in. It seems they just put random tracking numbers into the field to have SOMETHING there. They hook you with outrageously low prices for items they never intend to ship. I filed a Paypal claim, they have two more days to respond. I've used their stupid form, and I've emailed the address provided, and I've gotten crickets. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

  • #41

    robert (Sunday, 04 August 2019 09:21)

    these fucking assholes a nothing but a fucking scam I bought a Makita polisher for 75.97 they charged my credit card 82.83 ive never received anything I bought back in june 2019 I have filed a dispute with the credit card company and I turned these prick in to the consumer affairs don't buy anything from these thugs

  • #42

    Joe Winston (Friday, 20 September 2019 06:43)

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