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It's hard to believe that is a legit company because we have found out lots of bad points about this company. So, we have listed PayDiamond within our Not Recommended sites list which means we don't recommend this company. So, do we mean is a scam? Well, you can find why we don't recommend PayDiamond, either is PayDiamond a scam or a legit, and what is in real within our review here. So, let's begin with our Pay Diamond review.


What is Pay Diamond in real? Either is Pay Diamond a scam or a legit?


PayDiamond is a company which claims to pay its members a certain amount of ROI such as $10 weekly who invest up to $200 or $1800 weekly who invest $36,000 and so on by investing in diamonds. Well, any company who is dealing in diamond business, they can easily take a loan from a bank at the rate of less than 1% monthly interest rate. So, instead of that, collecting the invest from several people and paying them such a high rate of ROI doesn't make any sense. On top of that, it fails to provide the proof of its investment in the diamond business.


OK, let's find out more about PayDiamond within our Pay Diamond review as below.

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PayDiamond complaints. PayDiamond fake or real? PayDiamond legit or fraud?

PayDiamond login and join in link:- (Not recommended to join)

Are we saying that PayDiamond is a scam?

We are not directly saying that Pay Diamond is a scam but definitely this company is not the legit one. The legit company never hides their owner details. In the case of PayDiamond, no one knows who and from where is operating this business. There is no need to hide that information for any legit business. We will never recommend any online businesses who hide their owner details.


Members who join PayDiamond only can invest in their affiliate program to earn back certain rate of ROI. Other than that there is not any retail products or services sold by PayDiamond. So providing unilevel affiliate commission by letting members paying every month without selling any real products or services makes its business perfect Pyramid scheme which is an illegal scheme.


It also pays the ROI to the members but fails to provide the proof of its real source of income which it is claiming to be a diamond business. The only verifiable source of income that we can find out coming into the PayDiamond is nothing other than the money invested by its affiliates. So, it seems it is routing the money between the members to pay one member using the money invested by other members which is the exact business model of a Ponzi scheme, another illegal scheme.


We didn't find any supportive proof to prove Pay Diamond is a legit business but instead, we found out lots of red flags about this company which makes it an illegal company as well as we have also found lots of negative reviews and complaints. So, it's better we don't make our hands dirty by involving with this company. So, from our side, we don't recommend PayDiamond. Now you can decide yourself either is a scam or a legit.


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