Not Recommended Online Work at Home Jobs

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In this section we have listed those kind of online work companies and so claimed online business opportunities which are paying but also we don't recommend anyone to work. We don't recommended these online work at home jobs because they may have following drawbacks:-


1. Almost impossible to earn and if some of them is easy to earn, then have high risk to shut down anytime.

2. Need to do too much hard work and even not sure you will be credited for your work or not.

3. Business model is totally questionable which is make in such a clever way that members can never make enough profit.

4. More than 50% risk of either shutting down the company or paying selectively.

5. Business model is totally unsustainable at the time of review.


Companies listed in this list doesn't mean they are scam or they doesn't pay to their members. But, it means there is high risk to work in these companies due to which we don't recommended you to work in these companies because if you use same time, investment and effort in other companies as listed in our Good and Trusted Online Works section, you can earn much more money in those companies and will have low risk to lose your investment compare with the companies listed in this list as below. Anyway, it is completely your choice to work in these companies or not after reading our detail review in each companies.


Among the legit companies as listed within "Good and Trusted Online Works" section, our No.1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate and you can find the detail review of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-


Following are the list of companies which we don't recommend anyone to work:-

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Simply search the name of website in Alphabetical order


NOTE 2:- Please click on the name of respective companies as below in order view the detail review about those companies

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