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Wealthy Affiliate is top Online Work from 2005, Click here to Join it Review: Dune Ventures Scam or Legit?

You must be here to find out either is a DuneVentures scam or genuine, either you should apply for a loan at DuneVentures or not, right? Well, we don't want to label it as a scam or legit, but we want you to know the reality of DuneVentures before you apply for a loan there.



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Shoppica Review: Is Shoppica Scam or Legit? Beware!

We are here to make you aware of scam sites that are using the Shoppica theme available at


Well, we don't mean Shoppica is a scam. Shoppica is an advanced OpenCart theme to build web stores. But everything has side effects. Since it is easy to build online stores using the Shoppica theme, so both legit and scam online stores are using it.


You can find lots of scam online stores using the Shoppica theme these days, such as,, and so on. But that doesn't mean Shoppica is a fraud company. Scammers are not only misusing the Shoppica but are also misusing other legit platforms like ShopifyShoptimized, and so on.


These scam online stores are not only using the Shoppica theme but are also providing their website name as Shoppica. However, they have different domain names.


Read More 6 Comments - an invitation to respond to the 2020 Census SCAM or LEGITIMATE?

My2020census .gov scam or legitimate website to respond to the national 2020 Census?

You must be here to find out either is a scam or genuine website which is inviting to respond to the United States Census 2020, right? You may have got this letter from U. S. Census Bureau where they may have provided website link to visit. For example:-


"U.S. Census Bureau,


To Resident at (your address)




Dear Resident,

This is your invitation to respond to the 2020 Census. We need your help to count everyone in the United States by providing basic information about all adults, children, and babies living or staying at this address. Results from the 2020 Census will be used to:


● Direct billions of dollars in federal funds to local communities for schools, roads, and other public services.

● Help your community prepare to meet transportation and emergency readiness needs.

● Determine the number of seats each state has in the U.S. House of Representatives and your political representation at all levels of government."


If you have got a letter similar to the above example, then you should not be worried since this may not be scam unless the letter is asking to visit other domain links such as ".com" or ".net", etc. instead of ".gov" link.


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How to Fix Google Search Console Error: Breadcrumbs issues detected: schema deprecated on WordPress?

How to fix Breadcrumbs issues detected on your WordPress website: " schema deprecated" error?


Recently you may have received multiple emails from Google Search Console to fix Breadcrumbs issues detected on your website: " schema deprecated" error as shown in the screenshot as above.


Well, we are not a technical gig but we found one very simple solution to fix this error if you are using the WordPress theme. So, we are going to share with you that solution here.


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GCJ Research Survey Message Scam or Legit?

Probable Fraud Message: you’ve been randomly chosen by GCJ Research to take our survey


“[Your Name], you’ve been randomly chosen by GCJ Research to take our survey. As thanks we’ll send you two bucks via Amazon gift code: mi2020surv [.org link removed]”




“Hi, I’m texting because you’ve been randomly picked out of all Coloradans to take our survey (by GCJ Research). Thanks & click: coopinoins [.org link removed]” and so on.




“Hello [Your Name], we’ve chosen you to out of all Pennsylvanians to represent your community. Thanks from GCJ Research and click here: pasurv2020 [.org link removed]”


and so on.


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Beware of Shoptimized Scam Online Stores

Beware of Shoptimized scam and MyShopify scam

This is not a Shoptimized review or a MyShopify review but this is a post to make you aware of scam sites that are operating under Shopify using Shoptimized theme and subdomain as well as other domains.


Well, we definitely don't mean MyShopify or Shoptimized is a scam. Shopify is a good and easy platform to create online stores and start your e-commerce business. provides a very good website theme for an online store. But, everything has side effects. Since it is very easy to build online stores using the Shopify platform and Shoptimized theme, lots of scammers are taking the benefit of these platforms.


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Is Zedge Harmful or Safe App in 2019?

Zedge complaints. Is Zedge legit or fraud? Is Zedge fake or real?

You must be here to find out either is Zedge app harmful or not since you have got the notification from Google Play Store that Zedge tries to attack smartphones and other mobile devices, right? If so, then you have landed in the right place to find out either is Zedge safe or dangerous to use in 2019.


Actually, we don't think Zedge is a scam or harmful anymore. It seems for a certain time it got some bugs that seem to be fixed by now. We can say this because now you can find the Zedge app available again to download and install from Google Play Store. It was removed by Google for around 72 hours.


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Beware of Scam Online Stores

MyShopify Scam Alert! Beware of MyShopify Scam Online Stores. Shopify Scam

This is not a MyShopify review or a review but this is a post to make you aware of scam sites which are operating under Shopify using subdomain.


Well, we definitely don't mean MyShopify is a scam. Shopify is a good and easy platform to create online stores and start your own e-commerce business. But, everything has side effects. Since it is very easy to build online stores using Shopify platform, lots of scammers are taking the benefit of this platform.


You can find lots of scam online stores operating under such as Dwemn.MyShopify, Gthnvbcx.MyShopify, Nukkghoed.MyShopify, Big-Bear-storesl.MyShopify, JeansUnlimited.MyShopify, Xfgsdhgxg.MyShopify, Lirstgsd.MyShopify, Agaeqqtq.MyShopify, Veronicatneme.MyShopify, Ferdinandlane.MyShopify, Fsffdgafa.MyShopify, Tweri.MyShopify, Defrgt.MyShopify, Gdur.MyShopify, Kittycarpettey.MyShopify, Siuhdie.MyShopify, Ewiuhid.MyShopify, Pqmqwqn.MyShopify, Dorothyinrmorrow.MyShopify, Edfbghytr.MyShopify, Susannahlatp.MyShopify, Ulbrich.MyShopify, Doifwefuv.MyShopify, Wszasdc.MyShopify, Laborvanl.MyShopify, Wwsdcxdse.MyShopify, Wsxcder.MyShopify, Bbnmq.MyShopify, Wsdfgyhji.MyShopify, Edcvfgtr.MyShopify, Wsdfghyt.MyShopify, Ljhhfx.MyShopify, Gdnyehl.MyShopify, Shx35ec.MyShopify, Fanfannn.MyShopify, Justinemdwmoore.MyShopify, LovingHouse520.MyShopify, Sharonnjbz.MyShopify, Eavdva.MyShopify, Woeufbvbowiwe.MyShopify, Bennymilleson.MyShopify, Packerfwdmlur.MyShopify, Bryannapake.MyShopify and so on.


Read More 331 Comments Review: ySense Scam or Legit?

ySense complaints. Is a ySense fake or real? Is a ySense legit or fraud?

You must be here because you were searching for the ySense reviews to find out either is a ySense scam or genuine and what is in real, right? If so, then you have landed in the right place since through this ySense review, you are going to find out the complete truth about ySense.


We don't call ySense a scam, instead, it is a trustworthy site, but still, it is not our No.1 recommendation to make money online. Why? Well, you can definitely find the answer here in this ySense review. So, keep on reading this ySense review.


Read More 16 Comments Review: Aliexchange Scam or Legit?

AliExchange complaints: Is an AliExchange fake or real? Is an AliExchange legit or fraud?

You must be here because you were searching for the Aliexchange reviews to find out either is an scam or genuine, either is an Aliexchange trustworthy or not and what is in real, right? Well, then through this Aliexchange review, you will have some idea about what is Aliexchange in real.


So, let's begin with our Aliexchange review to find out the facts about Aliexchange.



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Review on Vans Scam Sites like Vansxc, Vansgg, etc.

Vansxc review, Vansgg review, Vansbk review, Vans scam sites

These days you can find lots of similar kinds of sites such as Vansxc, Vansgg, Vanskf, Vansq, Vanske, Vansbk, Vansnn, Vansvt and so on claiming to sell the products of Vans brand. However, in reality, those sites are scams.


This post is not only just a Vansxc review or Vansgg review or Vansbk review, Vanskf review etc., but this post is more about spreading the awareness about Vans scam sites.


Through this post, we are explaining to you why and how those Vans sites are scams and how to differentiate those scam Vans sites from the genuine ones.


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Ray-Ban Scam like Rabnn Redirect to BfGlasses

About scam online stores claiming to sell Ray-Ban and other sunglasses

You can take this post as a review on Ray-Ban scam sites such as Rabbk, Raybm, Rbqxt, Rbnmn, Rabnn, Raybxc, Raybbn, Raybw, Rbybc, Rbcaca, RB-Win, Rbbax, Rbkru, Rbrwrc, Rbnoe, Rbabh, Rbacy and so on. So, this post is to make you aware of Ray-Ban scam sites like Rabnn, Raybxc, Raybbn, Raybw, Rbybc, Rbcaca, RB-Win, Rbbax, Rbkru, Rbrwrc, Rbnoe, Rbabh, Rbacy and so on which are claiming to sell the Ray-Ban glasses at a heavy discount price but in reality are fraudulent sites. So, you can take this post as Ray-Ban review to make you aware of Ray-Ban scams.


Previously, there were multiple scam sites claiming to sell the Ray-Ban glasses but at the end, they just shut down their site without delivering the purchased items to their clients.


None of those scam sites had any link with Ray-Ban company, neither they were authorized seller to sell the Ray-Ban products. Those sites were intended to scam people from starting.


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How To Make Money From a WordPress Website

Ways to make money from a WordPress website

Today is the world of the internet. There is no such way like the internet through which we can reach to billions of people around the world. It really has united the world in a bucket. You can see everything is linked with the internet and seems like life is not possible without it. People are getting so used to with internet that the whole world seems like roaming in the tip of the finger. Anything you need, just Google it and get it in your doorsteps.


So, here we are going to talk about how to monetize this internet for your living through online, yet simply can explain you on how to make money online through internet, website or blogging.


Through this post, you will not only find ways to make money on a WordPress website but you will get an idea about how to make money from almost all kinds of content websites. So, keep on reading this post to find out how can you make money from a website, especially from content blogging websites like WordPress.


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Keen scam, Nike Scam, Ray-Ban Sale Scams

Adidas scam, Keen Scam, Nike Scam, Ray-Ban Scam

Nike Fraud Alert! Adidas Fraud Alert! Lots of Branded Items Sales Scam Alert!


These days most popular online scams are the online store scams pretending to be from the branded companies such as Adidas scam, New Balance scam, Salomon scam, Birkenstock scam, Ugg scam, Canada Goose scam, The North Face scam, Versace scam, Converse scam, Dr. Martens scam, Timberland scam, Polo Ralph Lauren scam, Nike scam, Keen scam, Ray-Ban scam, ZARA scam and so on.


The popular examples of these fake branded websites are Keenzd, Keendf, Keendm, Nikeec.Site, Nikekn, Raybxc, Rabnn, Bkenxp, Bkenp, Raybbn, Bkenm, Nikepx, Vansbt, Nikepc, Nikekw, Norsp, Nikezb, Polobc, Notbn, Notdt, Polomc, Vansxc, Nikebn, Notdv, Polokp, Notdc, Rabkb, Polozd, Salomk, Notkg, Bkenct, Vansbc, Vanbn, Vansgg, Nikepy, Keendd, Keenkp, Salokp, Keenbt, Bsken, Rbo-one, CoolShoess Club, Keenmk, Keencw, Vanskp, Rbaoo, Kenfb, Keencp, Rb-VIP, Nikebt, Notkp, Rbtwd, Smnck, Rb-ban, Rbq-all, Nikekp, Pologg, Rb-en, Rbopa, Shopnikes99, Keentk, Rbrtw, Rbxpcy, Nikesd, Polopk, Rbtodays, Rbuim, Rbe-us, Keenkd, Keensd and so on.

Read More 1 Comments Review: Is an InfoYour Scam or Legit?

InfoYour complaints. Is an InfoYour fake or real? Is an InfoYour legit or hoax?

Are you trying to find out either is an scam or genuine? If so, then you have landed in the right place because through this InfoYour review, you are going to find out what is in real and either is an Info Your scam or trustworthy. So, your search for InfoYour reviews to find out its reality ends here.


Actually, we don't recommend InfoYour due to the facts that we have found about it.

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Beware of Chievoe Scam. Reviews

About Multiple Chievoe Scam Online Stores. Chievoe Review.

These days you can find multiple sites with the domain name For example:- (Rfigner),,, (Jfuiwee), (Anjfvker), (Vjslsz.Rocks),,,, (Woefiweo), (Ieufiv),, (Sieowevn.Club), (Cbwieurslf) and so on. None of these sites are trustworthy or genuine, instead, all of them are scams.


Most of these sites have been already shut down. Those which are still online, they are also scamming people by not delivering the purchased items to their clients or delivering the wrong or very cheap quality items which look nothing similar to what they have advertised on their websites.


OK, let's find out in detail what is and why all the sites with domain name are fraudulent sites through this Chievoe review.


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Beware of Magnetic Double Sided Window Cleaner Scam

Magnetic Window Cleaner Scam

This is a very short post just to warn you about lots of scam sites such as FlexyFox, Ppfive.Shop and so on which are claiming to sell Magnetic Double-Sided Window Cleaner, also known as Magic Window Cleaner or Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner or Magnetic Window Cleaner or Two-Sided Window Cleaner and so on.


We don't mean all those sites which are selling the double-sided window cleaner as shown in the picture are scams but most of them are. So, it's always better to shop these kinds of products from the renowned online stores like Amazon, eBay and so on. Now let's find out how to identify if any online store is a scam or not.



Read More 2 Comments Review: Is FreeLotto Scam?

FreeLotto complaints. FreeLotto fake or real? FreeLotto legit or fraud?

As per our research, we have found lots of complaints. Lots of people have complained that they receive the email from claiming they win some cash and prizes and they have to send money in order to get that winning prize. However, when people send money, they didn't get their winning prize.


On the other hand, has denied those emails are from them. Even in the official website of, they have warned people to be careful with such emails and SMS since those are not from FreeLotto, instead, are from scammers. is a registered company under name PlasmaNet Intl Limited and has been listed in BBB where it has received 3 stars which is not bad at all. In BBB forum also, it has got some complaints but it seems it has resolved most of those complaints.


Read More 3 Comments Review: Is Carbon Coco Scam or Useful?

CarbonCoco complaints. CarbonCoco fake or real? CarbonCoco legit or fraud?

Carbon Coco review is here to reveal the truth about CarbonCoco. This CarbonCoco review reveals you the facts that we have found about CarbonCoco from our research. So, let's find out what is through our CarbonCoco product review and website review here.



Carbon Coco product review:-


American Dental Association (ADA) hasn't approved this product and dentists are not in favor of using this product. So, Carbon Coco may have some side effects. As per dentist, activated charcoal is not good for your teeth to use regularly because that can wear off the enamel of your teeth. It removes surface stains which can make your teeth look shiny but it does not penetrate deep into the dentin layer such as carbamide peroxide will do in dental office bleaching systems. So, if you use Carbon Coco regularly, it may have some side effects.


Now let's find out about website which is selling Carbon Coco products.



Read More 0 Comments Review: Is Romwe Scam or Legit?

Romwe complaints. Romwe fake or real? Romwe legit or fraud?

Before we begin with our Romwe review, we want to introduce ourselves to you.


We are the team of experts who are doing the investigation on online businesses from 2013 and have already saved lots of people from 1000s of scams. Whenever we find out the new online businesses, we investigate them and list them either as a scam or legit. Even we have already done the reviews on lots of online stores and have found too many online store scams. But when we did research on, it makes us very difficult to identify either is scam or legit.


So, instead of declaring is a scam or legit, here we are providing you the facts that we have found about online store. So, let's begin with our review to find out those facts.



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Meshki Review: Is Scam or Legit?

Meshki complaints. Meshki fake or real? Meshki legit or fraud?

Since we have already saved lots of people from scam online stores, so here we are doing the review on Meshki as well to find out either is Meshki a scam or not.


From our research, we didn't find out the serious issues with Meshki like we have found out with other scam sites. But also these days there are lots of scam online stores so we always need to be careful while shopping from any new online stores. So, we try to dig more deeply into Meshki and we find out some drawbacks about Meshki which we are going to explain here within our review as below. Hope our research on Meshki helps you to decide either is a Meshki scam or legit.



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Warning for FSHIPING LONDON or FSHOPING LONDON GBGB Fraudulent Credit Card Charges.


Well, you must be here because you want to find out why your credit card has been charged by the company named FSHOPING LONDON GBGB or FSHIPING LONDON, right?


Well, then that means cybercriminals have hacked your credit card information and now stealing your money. So, we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company to cancel your credit card because these cybercriminals can charge your credit card further. You can also ask your bank or credit card company to help you for a refund. They will definitely try to refund your money as far as possible. You can just show this article to your bank or credit card company as proof of this kind of scam.


Now you must be thinking how these cybercriminals got your credit card details, right? Well, let's find out about that.



Read More 6 Comments Review: Is Webtalk Scam or Legit?

Webtalk complaints. Webtalk fake or real? Webtalk legit or fraud?

Before we begin with our detailed Webtalk review to make you clear either is a scam or a legit, either you should join Webtalk to grab its revenue sharing opportunity or not and so on, first of all, let us give you the brief verdict on Webtalk.


Webtalk is not a scam but at the same time, there is not any guarantee that this website will be popular and you can make some income from its revenue sharing opportunity. However, it is free to join and you can use it as a social media site, so nothing will harm you by joining it free of cost. So, if you want to join Webtalk, you can join it by clicking this link:-


OK, now let's find out what is Webtalk.



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Invest in Knightscope, Scam or Legit? Review

KnightScope complaints. KnightScope fake or real? KnightScope legit or fraud?

Knightscope is definitely not a scam. So, we no need to be worried on that part. This company has been on the news of many reputed news channels like BBC, CNBC and so on. However, when it comes about investing in share, it's not enough to see either that company is a scam or legit because there are lots of factors which can make us lose our investment by investing in shares.


OK, we will discuss either we should invest in the share of Knightscope or not later in this post. First of all, let's have some brief Knightscope review to find out what is


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TimeTreasure Review. Is It for Real?

TimeTreasure complaints. TimeTreasure fake or real? TimeTreasure legit or fraud?

We know that you are here because you were searching for the reviews to find out either is TimeTreasure a scam or a legit, either is it really selling the branded watches at a very cheap price or is it something else. Well, then you have landed in the right place to have the honest discussion on this company.


Actually, most of the time whenever we find out some sites which are offering the product at very cheap prices, especially watches, then mostly they turn out to be scams such as Mocelli, LucanLorenzo and so on. So, whenever we find out new sites offering the products at a very cheap price like TimeTreasure is right now offering, we should be careful with those kinds of sites.


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Alex Becker's Review

Source Wave University Review

Although Source Wave University by Alex Becker is a legitimate program, we don't find it as the best program which can help you to start your online business. However, we definitely don't mean Source Wave is a scam or Alex Becker is a scammer. Actually, Alex Becker is a renowned person in internet marketing field and through Source Wave he is teaching what works for him to become a successful internet marketer.


So, then why don't we recommend it?


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ShopNowOne Review: Let's find out its reality

ShopNowOne complaints. ShopNowOne fake or real? ShopNowOne legit or fraud?

We are really confused to say either is a scam or a legit because when we look at the official website of Shop Now One and the relative price of the items listed on ShopNowOne, those don't seem unnatural.


However, we surf the internet to find out more about ShopNowOne (Shopping NowOne) and we found out lots of complaints from the users for not receiving the items even after waiting for a month. Those users also have complained that the customer support is terrible. Many users have complained that they didn't get any reply from the support team of ShopNowOne when they contacted them to ask why didn't they receive their item even in a month.


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MOBE Has Been Shut Down By FTC

MOBE fake or real? MOBE legit or fraud? Why did FTC shut down the MOBE?

Yes, MOBE has been shut down by FTC (Federal Trade Commission).


From starting, we have never recommended anyone to work with MOBE and now it is confirmed that our decision was right. You can find our previous review on MOBE by clicking >HERE<. Now let's find out why did FTC shut down the MOBE?


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Is Wealthy Affiliate for Everyone? With Payment Proofs

Wealthy Affiliate Payment Proofs. Wealthy Affiliate Review. What is Wealthy Affiliate.

Well, Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone but not for those who are lazy and dreaming to earn money without doing almost nothing. If you are not the lazy person then it doesn't matter either you are an expert or beginner in the online business field, you can definitely earn a good income from it. OK, let's find out how.



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How To Start Affiliate Marketing In 5 Simple Steps

How To Start Affiliate Marketing In 5 Simple Steps

Instead of explaining too many things, we directly want you to head over to the 5 simple steps to start good affiliate marketing business. We are sure you also don't want to read a too much lengthy article with lots of explanation. However, definitely, we like to explain little about what is affiliate marketing before we head over to the 5 simple steps.



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Why Do People Fall in Scams?

Why people believe scams? Why people fall for scams? How scammers can scam people?

It may sound rude but people fall into scams due to the greediness nature of people. Yes, we are responsible for successful scams. It's our greediness. 


People are being lazy day by day and they want to get everything easily. Most of the people want to make money quickly and easily. So, they start to search the shortcuts. However, they forget the fact that money doesn't come easily. If you want it quick, you have to take a risk such a gambling which is definitely not the way to make money. Then people start to search the quickest way to make money online and there is where they fall into scams mostly because most of the scam site shows them a very easy way to make money.


For examples:-


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BitConnect Investor Glenn Arcaro Vanishes

Top US BitConnect investor Glenn Arcaro vanishes

One of the top Investor of BitConnect known as Glenn Arcaro vanishes after US authorities step into the BitConnect Ponzi scheme. So now it is confirmed that BitConnect is a Ponzi scheme, which means an illegal scheme. Actually, we had already reviewed BitConnect before and had already warned people to stay away from it. But also many people got trapped in this scam and now it appears the top US BitConnect affiliate investor has gone into hiding.


You can find our review on BitConnect by clicking this link:-


According to the Twitter profile of Glenn Arcaro, he is based out of California in the US.


In YouTube video footage, Glenn Arcaro has claimed of making $4.7 million dollars in BitConnect downline investment, so definitely he was a top BitConnect investor from the US.


Glenn Arcaro had shown his BitConnect back office with an investment balance of around $310,000. That is really a big sum of money. We really don't understand why people take such risk and invest such a huge amount of money in illegal schemes. It was not only us who had warned people not to join BitConnect but you can find plenty of other reviews against BitConnect but also people just fall for these kinds of schemes as they appear to be an easy way to make money.

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Beware of Mr. Amancio Ortega Donation Funds Scam

Mr.Amancio Ortega Donation Funds Scam

If you ever get the emails claiming that you have been gifted a heavy amount of money or you have been gifted $2 MILLION USD or you have been gifted $5 MILLION USD in 2018 Donation Funds by Mr.Amancio Ortega and so on, then you should delete those emails and never contact or reply the person as state in those emails because those emails are scams.


This post is just to warn you about this kind of scam in the name of Mr. Amancio Ortega donation fund so that you will be aware of this fact and stay away from these kinds of scam emails.


So, let's find out how these kinds of emails deceive people.

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Is FreeWaySocial Scam or Legit? Free Way Social Review

What is FreeWaySocial? Is FreeWaySocial scam or legit? FreeWaySocial review.

Are you trying to find out either is a scam or a legit, what is in real, either is it safe to buy followers and likes through Free Way Social or not? Searching FreeWaySocial reviews for that? If so, then your search ends here, because here, within our FreeWaySocial review, we are going to provide you both pros and cons about this company so that you can decide yourself either is Free Way Social a scam or a legit?


So, what do you think? Is FreeWaySocial a scam or a legit?


Well, before judging is a scam or a legit, first of all, let's find out the facts about it through our Free Way Social review. So, let's begin with our review as below to find out what is Free Way Social.

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Facebook Giving Away Money Scam

Facebook hoax.

You may be here because you've found some post on Facebook which claims that 1000 people will have a chance to win $4.5 million from the $45 billion of Facebook stock by copy-pasting that post in their own timeline.


Below is the exact copy of that post:- 


"Can’t wait to see who the lucky recipients are…According to Good Morning America, Not a hoax! Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he is giving away $45 billon of Facebook stock. What you may not have heard is that he plans to give 10% of it away to people like YOU and ME! All you have to do is copy and paste this message into a post IMMEDIATELY. At midnight PST, Facebook will search through the day’s post and award 1000 people with $4.5 million Each as a way of saying thank you for making Facebook such a powerful vehicle for connection.

Like, copy and paste!!

What the hell, worth a shot!

Why not… cant win if you dont play. Give it a try???""


So, what do you think? Do you think it is real?


Of course not because:-

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Scam Alert - Beware of 1-410-200-500

Scam calls, SMS text messages. Phishing calls, messages from the numbers starting with 1-410-200.

We are writing this post only to make you aware of SMS text messages or calls from the numbers starting with: 1-410-200, such as 1-410-200-500 and so on.


If you receive any call or text message from the numbers like 1-410-200-500, never follow any instructions of those calls or messages.


Those kinds of calls and messages will pretend to be from the big and reputed companies, but in reality, they are from the scammers, from cybercriminals about which we have explained here in detail.

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Scam, Phishing Calls & Messages in Nepal via Viber

Scam calls, messages and emails. Phishing calls, messages and emails in Nepal via Viber and WhatsApp.

Recently we have found that in Nepal some anonymous scammers are randomly calling or messaging the people and making them believe that they have won some lottery, however, those calls or messages are from the scammer unless you really have purchased some lottery ticket and the caller is from that lottery company.


Actually, these kinds of scams are not new. In the past also, many scammers around the world had tried many tactics especially by sending emails to people claiming they have won the lottery or they are eligible to get a huge amount of money due to some reasons and so on. You can find some examples of those kinds of phishing emails by clicking >HERE<

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Scam Companies Registered from UK Companies House

UK Companies House. Companies House UK. Companies House Gov UK.

The main focus of this post is to make people aware of the fact that if you see some companies which are registered from UK Companies House, then that doesn't mean those must be legit.


While doing the reviews on several kinds of online works and businesses from 2014, we have found lots of scam companies which are registered from UK Companies House.

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What is Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)? Is ICO a Scam?

What is ICO

Initial Coin Offering, commonly known as ICO is one kind of crowdfunding platform via use of cryptocurrency which is very much popular these days and which is done to raise the capital for the startup companies, but is unregulated. So, we don't recommend you to involve in any company which is unregulated because if some company is not under the control of any laws, then they can turn into scam anytime. On top of that, why we should choose the platform which legality is questionable when there are plenty of options to make money online, some of which even we have listed within our "Good and Trusted Online Works" section which you can find by clicking this link:-


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Can I Change Domain Name Without Losing SEO

Can I change my domain name without affecting website ranking?

If you are here, then there is no doubt that you want to change the domain name of your website and searching if that affect your website traffic, means your website's SEO ranking or not. If so, then you have landed in the right place because here we are not only providing you the theoretical explanation, but going to show you the practical result which we did by ourself between July 2017 to September 2017 which will definitely help you to decide either you should change your domain name or not and either that affect your website ranking or not. OK, so without further delay, let's find out the result of our domain migration.


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How to Make Money from Google?

There are lots of scams out there which claim that you can earn money by doing certain tasks or offers or surveys for Google. Well, we are not talking about those scams because those are not the real ways to earn money from Google. There are only three ways to earn from Google, two are direct ways and one is indirect way.


The direct ways to earn money from Google is either by applying with Google AdSense and displaying the ads of Google in your video contents like YouTube, in your website's contents and so on or another direct way to earn money from Google is by working as an employee of Google for which you need to be a qualified person. Well, here we are definitely not talking about working in Google company as a staff. However, we are explaining here in detail the direct way to earn money from Google AdSense and also the indirect way to make money from Google by utilizing the Google for your web business. Here, we are not talking about any illegal businesses, but talking about 100% legit and proven ways to make money from Google. 

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What is Ponzi Scheme about?

What is a Ponzi Scheme about? Define Ponzi Scheme. What is Ponzi Scheme simple explanation. What is Ponzi schemes about? Ponzi Scheme works or not?

Ponzi Scheme is neither a legal, nor a sustainable scheme. It is a fraudulent investment operation where earlier investors are paid with the funds invested by new investors. The scheme is named after Charles Ponzi, who is the first one using this technique in 1920s.


We found out that many people are confused either Ponzi scheme is scam or legit. Well, it is a scam because it can't pay to all of its investors/members, only to few who invest at starting because in order to pay the existing investors, they use the money invested by new investors. But, they claim to add profit while paying to the investors, such as if you invest $100, they claim to pay $300 within some period of time. So, when they pay you $300, they will use the money invested by other 2 investors like you and add $200 in your $100 and pay you the claimed ROI (Return on Investment). But, each time they pay, they create a debt equal to the profit amount they pay to that investors/members. 

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Is It Really Possible To Make Money With A Blog?

Can we make money with a blog?

Well let’s just simplify this question. Why not if you do all things correctly and follow the exact procedure for your blogging? Blogging is simply writing articles or contents on any topic that you choose as per your interest and publishing them in your website targeting your potential customers. So blogging is quite a lot effective tool for the sales you make through your website and make money online. If you don't want to sell anything, but have something to share publicly, then also blogging will be effective tool to make money online because you can also earn by placing advertisements of services like Google AdSense within your website and earn from your visitors view or click on those ads without selling anything or recruiting anyone. So, blogging has definitely a versatile ways to make money online.

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Yahoo Search Ranking

Page 1 Rank 1 on Yahoo, Yahoo Ranking

As we all know that search engine ranking is one of the major parts of online business. Your success highly depends on what ranking you get in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Highest the ranking means large number of traffic to your website and huge possibilities of sales through your recommendations and links as well as advertisements revenues.



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Is it possible to rank on the first page in Google in short span of time?

How to get first page in Google?

Page 1, Position 1 On Google Search!


Excited to know how to get first page in Google and that is also in short span of time?


Sounds interesting huh?


Well anything is possible if you try hard. But not that easy one. You have to work hard and have patience to get the overwhelming result. Google really takes quite some time to notice your website. When you get your own website, you need to blog and blog to prove that you are really a deserving candidate. Actually Google is quite judgmental and analytic when it comes to indexing in their pages. Actually you have to follow the right methods and should have determination to get Google eye in your website.

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Why should you purchase your own Domain?

Why should you purchase your own Domain?

At the beginning of your online work it just seems reasonable to use free domain but you need to have your own private domain to upgrade your online business. In this article, we are going to highlight on some major reasons that why you should have your own domain.


1. When you have your own domain, it will help your website to rank better in search engines. It’s not that it is the ultimate factor for ranking but it can improve your ranking in online business step by step.


2. You know the fact that your domain is the identity of your online affiliate business. As you are in online business which is specifically related with promotion and sales, private domain is more important as to make your viewers memorize your website and built trust in you that you can be their first choice. If you don’t have your own private domain, then how can people be assured of your website? Trust and goodwill is something that brings success to your business.

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The Things Rich People Buy That Poor and Middle Class Don't!

Things Rich People Buy.

Many think there are too much difference between rich, poor people, but the only difference is one idea and the way of thinking that the rich people follow, but other two do not and that is what makes all the differences.


You must know that most of the rich people at some point of time were poor, but now they are rich. If they can achieve it, why you can't, what makes you back from them? Actually it’s so simple idea and way of thinking, but so important that when you finally understand it, will change your life forever.


We are going to open your eyes and show you exactly what we mean so that you can find out how rich people become rich, the poor people get more poorer, and the middle class hang in their own class. It’s not about what rich people do, but what they think and what they buy, the things only rich people buy. 

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The Quickest Way to Create a Website without Coding

Create a Website Business, How to Build a website for Dummies? Website Building Training.

You can find out many posts in our website which explain how to build website online. So, in this post, we are only going to talk about the quickest and easiest way to create a website so that building websites for beginners will be easy and for expert will be time saving. Not only that, in this post you will also find out how to create website without coding and HTML knowledge, obviously the easiest way means the way to create a website business without any technical knowledge, right? 

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How to Know Scams? How to Check Websites Scams or Not?

Are you tired of scams? Want to find out how to avoid the scams or how to find out if something is a scam? Then you are in the right place because here we are going to reveal you some points which will help you to identify the scams, specially help you to spot work home scam. These days there are so many work home companies turning into scam. So, we hope our this post will help you to find out how to spot a online scam.

Online Check Scams, How to Avoid the Scams? how to find out if something is a scam?

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Phishing Email Examples, Where to Report Email Scams?

What is Phishing emails, fraud emails, scam emails, how to find them and where to report them?

Have you ever encountered with any email fraud scams such as claiming you have won a big lottery from the big companies like Google, FIFA or your email has been chosen to be the lucky one to get millions of dollars or some rich folks want to secretly give you millions of dollars or some stranger is ready to invest on your business or some rich folk deposited huge amount of money in the bank and died and no one is there to claim his/her money and your surname matches with that rich folk so you can be represent as his/her family heir/inheritor for claim and the one who send you email can help you on that and so on? If so, then you are in the targeted zone of the spammer. Those emails are not other than the phishing fraud scam emails whose only intention is to make you excited by showing the large amount of money so that they can lure you into their scam to get your personal details such as bank accounts, passports, credit cards etc. So, we strongly suggest you to never ever provide any information to those scammers. Actually if you get those kinds of emails, you should never reply them and you should never click any links within such emails. We are going to provide more information on these types scam emails with examples and the way to report them within this post.

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What is Pyramid Scheme? MLM, Ponzi and Pyramid Scheme Definition

What is Pyramid Scheme? MLM, Ponzi and Pyramid Scheme Definition. Difference between Ponzi Scheme and Pyramid Scheme, Difference between MLM and Pyramid Scheme, Are Pyramid Schemes legal or not?

A Pyramid scheme is an illegal business model which looks like MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business model, but is more focused to recruit the people than selling the products. Most of the Pyramid Schemes sell affiliate membership instead of selling the real products. A Pyramid Scheme always lure the people by offering unexpected ROI on their investment amount but, the fact is that it operates by paying old members by using the money invested by the new members, completely illegal and even can't sustain for long run because the ability to recruit the new members will be dry up sooner or later and the market for that company to get new members will be saturated and the whole system start to backfire and ultimately collapse. Many confused MLM with Pyramid Scheme and also Pyramid Scheme with Ponzi Scheme, however here, we are going to provide you the exact difference between Ponzi Scheme and Pyramid Scheme and also the difference between MLM and Pyramid Scheme.

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What is WordPress about? How to Make Money from it?

What is a WordPress? How to Make Money from WordPress? WordPress Reviews. Can you Make Money from WordPress? Is WordPress any good?

In simple word, WordPress is one of the popular website creation tool which provides easy platform for anyone to manage and create a website and start their own blogs. In another word, WordPress is one of the most powerful blogging platform, free and open source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL where digital content such as texts, images, videos can be modified and published. 


WordPress provides very easy to use front-end interface so that the user with limited expertise also can add, remove and modify the digital content of the website using WordPress themes. So, we can categorize WordPress as a blog software, content management system as well as content management framework. WordPress has been used by many top websites and it has become one of the top content management system. Other similar kinds of website creation tools are Joomla, Drupal and Jimdo. Actually Jimdo seems to be getting much more popular day by day because the user interface provided by Jimdo is much more easy to use than any other website creation tools, even more easy than WordPress.

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What is MLM about? Is it a Scam?

What is Multi Level Marketing About? Is Multi Level Marketing Scam? Is Multi Level Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is a strategy which several companies are using to sell their products by giving incentives to their distributors when they can recruit more new distributors as their downline to sell their products and in the same time all those distributors can also make money by selling their products direct to the customers. These kind of MLM companies main focus is to sell their products. When distributors make the direct sales, they will get certain commission according to the sales volume and also get commission according to the sales volume of their recruited distributors. Many MLM companies provides opportunity to earn commissions from multi level downlines, means if you recruit some distributors and those distributors recruit other distributors, then also you can earn commission from the sales of your those third level distributors which your recruited distributors have recruited. Like these, some MLM companies even offers to earn commissions from several multi level downlines, means upto 5-10 levels. The main benefit that companies can get from this kind of MLM strategy is the more sales of their products. However, people often get confused between MLM and Pyramid Scheme about which we have explained in detail later in this post.

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How to find Best Keywords? Solution for Buyer Keywords List.

Before we begin with this post, we want to make it clear that this post is only for those who already have idea about what is keyword research and its benefits, how to do the keyword research, how to find keywords for a website and so on. If you doesn't know what is Keyword Research, or how to do the Keyword Research or how to find best SEO keywords, then first of all we suggest you to view our other posts by clicking the respective links as below.


1. What is Keyword Research? How to do Keyword Research?

2. Why Keyword Research is Important?

3. Which one is the best Keyword Research Tool and how to do the Keyword Reserach using that tool.

4. How to find out Best SEO keywords?


So, now may be you are thinking if those answers have been already provided in those posts, then what we are going to discuss in this post. Well, this post is just about another perspective on buyer keywords, specially focusing on buyer keywords and the way to evaluate them. After all the ultimate goal of keyword research is to make money, and if some keywords can directly provide us some buyers, won't be that grateful? Well, we are here talking about how to find those buyers keywords.

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What is PTC sites? What is Paid To Click about?

What is a PTC and how it works?

Are you looking to find out what is a PTC site and how it works? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place because here we are providing the complete definition of PTC. Not only that, we are also providing the name of top online work company which is not a PTC site, but is one of the best solution to make money online on regular basis. OK, now first of all let's find out what is PTC site and how it works.


However, before we begin with the details on PTC sites, we want to make you clear that we don't recommend any PTC sites form our side because there are 99% scam PTC sites and those which are good, from those also it is hard to earn good amount of money. So, we don't recommend any PTC sites.


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How to Buy Articles Online? How to Buy Content? Where to Buy Articles?

Confused and worried where and how to buy content/article? Then Answer is here, buy articles cheap, freelance web content writer,  purchase website content

Are you searching for how and where to buy articles/contents for your website to boost your online business or for any other purposes? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place because here we are providing you the best option to buy any kind of articles. The answer for your query: "how to buy article online?" is here or let's say here is the guide for you for buying blog content or articles for any purposes.


Here in this post, we are providing you the name of some of the top websites where you can buy content online, articles and blog posts. 


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What is Niche Market, How to find A Profitable Niche?

What is Niche Marketing definition, how to find a Profitable Niche for online business, What is Niche a Market

Before we begin with what is Niche Marketing about and what is Niche Marketing strategy, first of all we like to explain what is Niche. Niche means the subject of your interest in general term, and according to the online business point of view, Niche is the subject of your interest in which you have lots of knowledge so that you can write several contents/articles or create several videos related with that niche. Now may be you want to know what is Niche Market or let's say what is Niche Marketing about. Niche Market or also known as Niche Marketing is the process of marketing your own subject of interest by creating blog or posting articles/contents in other websites and optimizing it with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. so that your content will be viewed by only those who are searching in search pages like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. about the subject related with your content/article/video, means showing your content only to those who are already interested in it.


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What is Content Marketing about?

About What is Content Marketing, What is Content Marketing Strategies, What is Content Marketing Definition, What is Content Marketing in SEO, What is Content Marketing and is it worthy?

Content Marketing is a platform which involves creating high quality contents in written, video or audio format and distributing that to the relevant people who are willing to get or searching for those kinds of contents, means showing the contents to those only who are already interested in the subject matter of those contents.


Actually, if you are viewing any blog posts, TV shows, movies, YouTube videos etc., then you are viewing contents no matter what they have shown. However, if you view those videos, TV shows, movies, blog post only after you search those according to your interest using search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., then that is the outcome content marketing. In another word, content marketing is the process of creating high quality content to inform and engage the audience who are actually interested to those subject matter of contents, means showing contents to only relevant people.


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Legit and Easy Ways to Make Money Online at Home

Legit Ways to Make Money Online at Home

In this post we are going to talk about what is the available best legit ways to make money online fast and easy so that we don't have to risk anything and can make a sustainable business from which we can earn income for our lifetime on regular basis. We know there are some sites which offers more easy ways to earn money than what we are describing here. But remember, those kind of sites will not sustain for long run such as HYIP, PTC, Revenue Shares etc. Those kind of sites offers easy way to earn money like just investing $100 and get back $150 for doing very simple work or even without doing any work. But, those kind of sites can't be sustain for long run and can be collapse and stop paying anytime, even just after you invest money into those sites. So, when we are saying easy way to earn money online, we are not saying that much easy, but we are explaining the most easy way to earn money online comparing with every available long term sustainable legit businesses.


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What is and How to Earn Money from Wealthy Affiliate?

What is, Wealthy Affiliate Scam review, wealthy affiliate review scam, wealthy affiliate university scam, is wealthy affiliate university a scam, how to earn from Wealthy Affiliate, how to earn free credits from Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a site founded by two online marketers Kyle and Carson in 2005. It is an online community membership site which becomes the number one community for creating and growing a successful online business. Wealthy Affiliate provides both training to be expert in various kind of online businesses as well as also provides the opportunity to earn money from it. Once you take all the lessons of Wealthy Affiliate, you can be expert in lots of online business sector, such as you will be expert to make a website in your own subject of interest and earn money from that, you will learn the expert skills to earn from reputed companies like eBay, Amazon, Google AdSense as well as you will learn the expert skills to make referrals in any kind of online businesses. Once you take the full training in Wealthy Affiliate, you will not only earn from Wealthy Affiliate, but from almost all kind of legit online businesses. Wealthy Affiliate also provides the domain hosting and sale services. We have explained in more details about Wealthy Affiliate within our Wealthy Affiliate review page which you can find by clicking this link:-


However, here within this post, now we are going to discuss about how to earn credits and cash both as a free as well as a paid member from Wealthy Affiliate. However, if you have already decided to join Wealthy Affiliate, then you can click this link in order to join Wealthy Affiliate:- http: // wealthyaffiliate. com/



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Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics for Free

learn affiliate marketing online for free, affiliate marketing programs for free, learn affiliate marketing basics for free

If you are really thinking about making online career in Affiliate Marketing business and searching for how to learn affiliate marketing online, which are the best affiliate marketing programs for free, where to get started, then you are in the right platform. Our major concern is to show you the right path and guide you to choose right options available in the online market and provide you the best way to get affiliate marketing training for free to learn at least basics of affiliate marketing.


So, then how to start affiliate marketing business for free? How to market online for free?

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How Long Does It Take To Make Money Blogging?

how long does it take to make money with a blog, how long does it take to make money in affiliate marketing, how long does it take to make money at wealthy affiliate

How long does it take to make money with a blog? A month or a two or a year or even more than that!!!


Yes it is true. You can make money through blogging as quickly as you adopt the correct approaches and techniques. Blogging could be easier but monetizing it could be more complicated if you could not find the right course of action. So, in what time you start earnings from your blogging completely depends upon your course of action - how you blend the blogging and sales strategies!!!


Think over if your blogging are not working. What’s wrong going on? Why they are not happening?

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How to make money fast and easy

how to make money fast and easy, easy way to make money online, how to make money fast online for free, the quickest way to make money online, the top way to make money online, quick and easy ways to make money online, quick ways make money online

There are many scams out there which claims you can become rich overnight. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t earn money fast and easy. We know that you are here because you are searching the quick and easy ways to make money online. The most genuine and the quickest way to make money online is blogging. Yep, it may sound blogging is difficult, but it is not if you join the program like Wealthy Affiliate where you can learn A-Z about blogging plus about all strategies to succeed from any genuine online businesses. The more you learn from Wealthy Affiliate, more fast and easy you can make money. You can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate and the link to join it by clicking this link:-


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How to Start a Blog and Make Money with Blog

how to make money from a blog, how to earn money from a blogs

Before we explain how do you start a blog and how to earn money from a blog and increase revenue by increasing number of blogs, first of all let's find out what is blogging.


Blogging is a general term used for your published material. In layman word, blogging is simply publishing your writing like articles, contents, and comments or anything online through the media like websites, social media sites etc.


It’s not secret anymore that blogging content is the most powerful tool for online marketing nowadays. Creating a website and blogging contents as much as possible, this is what most of the expert online business professionals and affiliate marketers are doing. And in reality it is actually working for them. They are converting the contents into money by so far.


OK, now let's find out how to make money from a blog.

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Why Keyword Research is Important? Why is a Keyword Research important for Content Marketing as well as for Online Sales and Affiliate Marketing?

why keyword research is important, why is a keyword research important, why is keyword research important, why keyword research important, why is keyword research important for content marketing

Keyword research is important simply because you need to identify your potential target market which is one of the major factors of not only online affiliate businesses, but of all types of online businesses. Without knowing what to promote or sell and where to promote or sell, how could you produce the results? You can be successful to sell something or make affiliates/referrals online only if you can promote your product to the target group and the keyword research is one of the best way to drive all those targeted group to your content. More accurately, keyword research is finding out the keyword phrases which are using by your target group in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. to find out the information about particular products or companies which they are seeking for.

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Do you need Affiliate Marketing Coaches or just One Professional Affiliate Marketing Coach?

affiliate marketing coach, affiliate marketing coaches, affiliate marketing coaching

We don't think that you need plenty of affiliate marketing coaches to be successful from any online business related with affiliate marketing. If you get the right affiliate marketing coaching, training, step by step guide from just one professional and genuine affiliate marketing coach, then you can succeed from almost any kind of online work companies because more than 99% online businesses are related with affiliate marketing. 


So, where can you find such kind of affiliate marketing coach?

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Competitive Keyword Tool - Top Keyword tools - Best Keyword Tools

This article is little bit lengthy to describe about what is keyword research, how much important it is, which is the best keyword tool available in the market and why our chosen competitive keyword research tool is one of the top keyword tools, a complete keyword tools analysis. However, if you don't want to know all those stuffs and directly want to do the keyword research using top keyword tool in the market, then you can do it completely free just right now by simply typing the keywords that you want to research in the Jaaxy search bar as below. Once you do that, it will direct you to the page where you have to provide your name and email address, that's all and then you will get all the information that you need such as competition, traffic numbers, quality score, SEO power of your keyword as well as the suggestion for the relevant best keywords for your particular keyword and that is also within 1-2 minutes. So, do your keyword research right now completely free of cost by simply typing the keywords in the search bar below or clicking the Jaaxy link as below:-

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Find Keywords for Website that Magically Spits Out Money

find keywords for website, keyword tools analysis, best keywords seo

Keyword tools analysis, Google ranking, webpage traffic, online money making, best keywords SEOblab bla bla!!! How many times and moreover why we have been using these words in our articles repeatedly? Well the answer is quite simple, to make you focus on the sales of your products or promotion of your affiliate links so that you can grab more opportunities to make money online.


Having said that, what we once again urge that making money online would not be your cup of tea if you will not focus on your promotions or sales!!!


After determining the market and then product to offer to that market, you need to write contents about that product/company/site to blog on your webpage to enhance the sales. Here is where most of the Affiliate Marketer, especially starters, go wrong by not choosing the correct keyword for their content. We have been constantly telling you to focus on such keyword phrases that could eventually drag high search engine traffic to your webpage, but are very easy to compete.

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Is Affiliate Marketing Still Profitable?

Let’s ask you something, if affiliate marketing is not profitable then why so many people are digging their nose in this. Why the competition is so high these days? It’s simply because they see a lot of money in this business. As a matter of fact affiliate marketing is something in which you can make huge money and even without much investment. We know you may have three queries in your mind:-


1. Is affiliate marketing over saturated already due to the lots of competition on the internet?


2. Is affiliate marketing worth the effort?


3. Is affiliate marketing still profitable?


Yes, it is saturated for those people who have failed to earn from it because they don't know what they are doing and only following the Gurus who actually want to make money from them instead of teaching them the real strategy to earn form it. Which means for those who had find out the real strategy, they had earn much more from it. So, from this post we are here going to reveal you the best way to learn the best strategy that works for affiliate marketing and you can earn from it.

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How Does Affiliate Marketing Online Work

how does affiliate marketing work

Do you want to know how does Affiliate Marketing Online Work? If yes, then you are absolutely in right place. 


Many of our researches reveal that Affiliate Marketing could be one easy job when learnt thoroughly. We can figure out so many Affiliate Marketers who are getting huge success with nothing but their passion and hardworking in terms of sustainable growth and consistency in their earnings.

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Can you Make a Money with Affiliate Marketing?

If you are really getting all things right, then you can make a money with Affiliate Marketing lot more than that which can be beyond your imagination. So, doing it right way, we mean doing it with right approaches definitely leads you to huge success in affiliate marketing business. People usually get stuck with inappropriate methodologies which ultimately drive them nowhere but in doubt if it could really work for them or if they really could make a money with it? And this happens not only to beginners but also to them who are already in the race.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

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Why is Affiliate Marketing so Hard?

The relevant answer for this question is NO, it is not. Affiliate Marketing is something which really depends upon the strategies and business model you choose for yourself. So, if you go through right approaches, it’s not hard in the sense of achieving success but if you go wrong, the whole scenario will be adverse. This is what actually happening in the affiliate marketing business. So, instead of thinking why is Affiliate Marketing so hard, lets find out the key to play this game.


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Is Paypal a Scam?

Is Paypal Scam? The straight answer is NO. But sometimes the way they handle disputes and change the rules, it makes them look like a scam although their intention is good and they are doing that only to protect their client, but the problem is sometime they become over protective. Also there are some scammers who try to hack the Paypal account and scam people. Our this post is to make you well aware of some negative sides of Paypal. However, we don't mean Paypal is bad. Actually we recommend everyone to use Paypal, but through this post we want to make you well aware of the consequences working with Paypal so that you can work safely with Paypal and also become well aware of other Paypal scams, Paypal scam emails, Paypal scam works which is actually not by Paypal itself, but from the other hackers who try to hack your Paypal account.


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How Much Money Can You Make By Blog

Are you here because you are interested in Blogging but not sure how much money can you make by blog and what is the best strategy for that? Do you know top earning blog sites are earning more than $5 million per year? Do you know you can also make one of those top blogging site? OK, lets find out how much money can you make from blogging and for that what is the best strategy.

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging

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Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead? No, Never! unless you don't know what is Affiliate Marketing Online and how to make profit from Affiliate Marketing. So, may be now you are thinking if it is still not dead, then is Affiliate Marketing Profitable until now? Answer is Yes and it will be always. Here we have described in detail the unique way to be expert in Affiliate Marketing field.

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

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How To Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams

Are you looking to find out How to Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams? If so, then you are in right place.


We wonder how the Affiliate Marketers get victimized by some scam site during their Affiliate Marketing job despite the fact that there are availability of adequate information in just their finger tips, we mean Google search, Bing search etc. Tracking out the scam sites is not a tough job these days as many researches, reviews or experiences, multiple sources like articles, videos, and discussion forums are available in the internet world. But also, there are both negative and positive reviews of same sites which make us more confuse. Do we really bother what those reviews sites are actually up to? It seems some reviews sites really cannot figure out the legitimacy or they are just giving a try till their so called legitimate site turns into a scam. Does it really worth anything except wasting time and very often money as well?

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Social Media for Websites

This article is based on our several experiments after receiving countable number of queries on the impact of Social Media for websites.


Does social media help drive traffic to your Website and will it effect on Website Ranking in Google?


People are really concerned if it could really work or not? And your concern is apparently our concern. So, let’s clarify it.

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Wealthy Affiliate Discount

If you are looking for Wealthy Affiliate Discount offer, then you are in right place. However, before we talk about our Wealthy Affiliate discount offer, first of all we want to highlights the benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate. 


If you are planning to make your living from online business, then Wealthy Affiliate, most probably could be the best platform for you. Surprised, why we are so sure about this? Well, we have demonstrated huge success stories in Wealthy Affiliate which you can view by clicking HERE. Besides, we have found Wealthy Affiliate as the best online affiliate marketing mentor. You can also view our review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking HERE. Just by following step by step procedure as guided by Wealthy Affiliate, one can get unbelievable success in the affiliate marketing business.


What you need for success in online money making industry? 

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What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work?

Online Affiliate Marketing, this terminology is very popular in online business market which simply explains the basic concept by itself. As a beginner you must be eager to know what is affiliate marketing and how does it work.


In layman term, it is simply advertising of certain product or service using online platform to obtain its sales and getting commission in return of that sale. More precisely, when you promote or refer some product using online tools to sell it and make commission out of its sales.  

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What to Blog about to Make Money Online?

Interested in make money online? And you know if you blog your own content and get huge traffic then your earning will be more fascinating. But confused what could be your blogging content, right? Here we are going to help you to figure out what exactly could be your subject matter for the blogging content. And for newcomers or starters, it’s even harder to find out what to blog about to make money online? Well, the answer is as simple, you can blog anything, yes anything from daily walks of lives or anything from the universe.

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Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

We often find many people who want to work online basically got stuck in the confusions like how to start their work as Online Affiliate Marketer or what could be the best platform to get started, will that be working for me, what could be my investment if needed? Well we are glad to share some of our experience through this article to resolve your concerns. There are many such websites who guarantee to master you in Affiliate Marketing and some of them are eventually good at it as well in return of your healthy investment. Some of them are little off your head and some are down. Well, we understand what could be your expectations? Easy guidance with reasonable or can say affordable price as well as free!!! Quality service with appetizing feast!!! Sounds Interesting, Yes “Wealthy Affiliate” is the best platform which fulfill your all those desires. Even our this website is one of the product of Wealthy Affiliate.

You can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking following link:-

Following are our Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Success Stories of recent 3 months with screenshots of our Paypal account (our Payment proofs of Wealthy Affiliate) which we have earned from different companies as well as from Wealthy Affiliate only by following and applying what we have learned in Wealthy Affiliate.

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Free SEO Backlinks

We have always tried to help and guide our viewers on how to get higher ranking and huge traffic in Google page. Highly searched keywords being your topic for the content with better blogging content that can be guidance for resolving the problems or the query of the viewers is the key to get traffic and higher ranking in Google. This will also help in getting Free SEO Backlinks for your website which will eventually raise your Google rank. Before writing anything you must keep few things in your mind to make your content well-liked by viewers and those are:

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How to Earn Money Online without Investment

Before we explain about "how to earn money online without investment", we will like to inform you that it is not easy to earn money online without investment. However, it is 100% possible to earn money online without investment if you work hard in proper way. We know that you have found many sites claiming that you can join free, work free and can earn without investment very easily. But all those sites are either scam or even if they are legit, you need to invest in them later. However, there is still one way to earn money online without investment.

how to earn money online without investment

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Facebook Work From Home Program is Scam

This is our urgent blog post in order to warn everyone that there is one message circulating the internet through emails and facebook comment section claiming that "Facebook has now released a “Work From Home Program”. This is totally lie. Facebook has not released any Work from Home program.

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Benefits of Website for Business and the best way to make quality website

Website for Business

As we mentioned earlier in other articles also, today is the world of internet. Everything can be found within it and the world seems to be compacted. It facilitates Globalization and Globalization unites the people from different path of life under one roof.  In view of this, trade and transactions has also increased tremendously. The new concepts of advertisements and publicities thrown in websites help businesses multiply their trade and traffic immensely throughout the world. It’s just a matter of ideas and devotion you need to put on. The necessity of website for the growth and enlargement of any business has now become one of the major thumb rules in present context. If your business not follows this rule, you will be missing out great deal of money.

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What is the SEO?

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization or in plural forms Search Engine Optimizers. If you have website, blog, or some web page like facebook and if you want better promotion of your products, then you must have the knowledge of SEO.

What is SEO ?

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What is Keyword Research? How to do Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is the research carried out to find what could be the best keywords for your article or content that will help to get higher Ranking in Search Engine’s search results.


If website don’t have traffic, then that is of no value. Website or any web pages are opened targeting maximum traffic. And this could be possible only if have maximum visitors in website or web pages.

What is a Keyword Search? What is Keyword Research? Tool Keywords

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What is Google Ranking?

Google Ranking is the ranking of websites to appear for particular keywords in Google page.


If you search some keywords in Google, then it gives you 1000s of results. You will see there are many pages and many websites appear for your search queries. Most of us will click on those websites which come in  1st position or in  1st page.  If we didn’t  find 

What is Google Ranking?

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Promote and sell your own product online or products from other company. But HOW?

How to Sell Products Online

Do you want to know about "How to sell Stuff Online"? If so then you are in right place. Read this all article to learn the best way to Promote and Sell Products online. After reading this article and other other articles linked with this article, you will have full idea about what you have to do in order to promote and sell your own product online or products from other companies.


We think your big questions are:-

"How I sell my own product online?"

"I don't have my own product, What I sell then?"

"What kind of product from other companies can I sell?"

"Which companies are best to get commissions from selling products online?"

"Where is the best place to learn about selling stuffs online?"

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Work at Home Businesses

We said today’s world is computer world but more than that, we can say today’s world is internet world. How can a modernized civilization survive without internet? Now this is a big question whether the world can go on without  the internet system or not?  Well,  we  can assume  the  possibility is unfounded.  Every aspect of human life is now related  with internet.  The world in itself 

Work at Home Businesses

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Are Binary Options, Forex Trading Scam?

Binary Options, Forex and Trading sites like Empire Option, BigOption, Etoro, NRGBinary, Instaforex, Plus500, XM etc. are totally Gambling Sites from our point of view. So, are they scams? We don't mean that they are scams because they pay the members as per their terms and conditions. Whoever wins the money in their Binary option games, they pay money as usual like all casino does. But they are definitely not a work home programs.

Binary Options Review, Forex Review, Trading Review

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Information and Training for Work Home Jobs - by DeRaj

Information is Power.


We use to say knowledge is power and we get knowledge of anything through information. So, we can also say information is power. If  you have  information,  you  can  win  the battle  and  be a leader.  Information 

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Launch of News Online Income Blog - Work Home Blogs - By NOI Group

Today, August 17, 2014, Sunday. We have launch our new feature - News Online Income Blog - The Blog Page which also presents the Breaking News Page related with Online Work Home Business. The motto of 

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