MyPayingCryptoAds Review, Is MyPayingCryptoads a scam or a legit?

Final Update:- Instead of solving the financial problem on their own, MyPayingCryptoAds stop sharing revenue to their members and many members lose their money in this platform. On top of that, having financial problem proves that they were not sharing revenue by making real profit, but was sharing using the money invested by one member to other, which means it is proved that MyPayingCrytpoAds is a Ponzi scheme.  So, we don't recommend anyone to work with MyPayingCryptoAds and now we have listed it within our Not Recommended sites list.


Below is our previous update and review on MyPayingCryptoAds.

URGENT NOTICE, 7 May 2017 :- It seems My Paying CryptoAds is struggling to manage funds. So, we suggest everyone to stop purchasing AdPacks within My Paying Crypto Ads and also start to withdraw money as soon as possible. So, until they manage their financial problem, we now list MyPayingCryptoAds within our Watch List. If they fails to manage funds after some period of time, then we will move it to our Not Recommended sites list.


This is the reason why we don't recommend revenue sharing sites. Before also we have listed MyPayingCryptoAds only within our Promising Online Works section, not within our Good and Trusted Online Works section. But also from time to time people come here and argue with us that we should list MyPayingCryptoAds within our Good and Trusted Online Works section, but that never gonna happen because revenue sharing sites are risky business. We only list sustainable sites within our Good and Trusted Online Works section and our No.1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find details by clicking this link:-


Below is our previous review on My Paying Crypto Ads.

If you are searching for MyPayingCryptoAds Reviews in order to find out either My Paying Crypto Ads is scam or legit, then you are in 100% right place. We are here only to deliver the truth about My Paying Crypto Ads so that you can find its both pros and cons. Before we begin with our My Paying Crypto Ads Review, if you want to know about our No.1 recommended online work company, then that is Wealthy Affiliate, for details, you can click this link:-


Ok let's begin with our review on MyPayingCryptoAds in order to find out My Paying Crypto Ads is safe or not as well as MyPayingCryptoAds is a scam or a legitimate opportunity, over all let's find out what is My Paying Crypto Ads.

My Paying CryptoAds login and join in URL:- (Not Recommended to join)

MyPayingCryptoAds Review, Is MyPayingCryptoAds a scam or a legit? What is MyPayingCryptoAds? Review, Is My Paying Crypto Ads a scam or a legitimate?

Background of My Paying CryptoAds

The best think about MyPayingCryptoAds is the history of its owner. It is belong to Dr. Uday Nara from India, right now settled in Singapore, who is the owner of MyPayingAds about which you can find details by clicking this link:- 


Why are we saying Uday Nara is good? It is because his site MyPayingAds is paying on time from more than 18 months even after they got problem from Paypal. MyPayingCryptoAds is almost same like MyPayingAds, only difference is that MyPayingCryptoAds will deal with bitcoin. So, if he can run similar kind of revenue sharing site, MyPayingAds for so long time, then it is obvious that now he has become more expert for running these kind of sites which is positive point for MyPayingCryptoAds. More than that My Paying Crypto Ads only deals with bitcoin, so at least this site will not interfere too much for legal issues compare with other kind of similar sites which deals with other kind of payment methods. If price of bitcoin keep on rising, then the site will make much more profit and become more sustainable.


MyPayingCryptoAds is launched at October, 2016.



What is - Bitcoin Revenue Sharing Site

My Paying Crypto Ads is bitcoin revenue sharing site with advertising service platform. It provides revenue to those who buy their advertisement services known as Adpacks. The members who will purchase their Adpacks products, they will immediately get advertisement services to promote their products such as websites, referral links etc. and also will be eligible to earn revenue from the profit made by the site. They can earn back upto 120% of the amount they purchase the Adpacks, means if you purchase Adpacks with amount $100, you can earn back upto $120 in total.


Members also can earn without purchasing anything just by viewing cashlinks ads and making referrals.



How can we earn money from MyPayingCryptoAds?

There are three ways in order to earn money from MyPayingCryptoAds:


1. Free way to earn as a free member

2. Free plus paid way to earn by making referrals

3. Paid way to earn from revenue sharing pool


1. Free way to earn as a free member:-

You can earn as a free member just by joining MyPayingCryptoAds free of cost and then by viewing cashlinks within a site. You will earn the quoted amount from each view of cashlinks. 


2. Free plus paid way to earn by making referrals:-

Actually free members can earn commissions from referral completely. You can earn 6% of the amount of the Adpacks that your referrals purchase and 10% commissions from any other services. But also we are saying earning from referrals is a paid way because in order to market your referral link to get referrals, you have to invest money in advertisements. However, there are some free ways to get few amount of referrals as well. In order to find out more details about how to get referrals in any online work companies, please click this link:-


3. Paid way to earn from revenue sharing pool:-

Aforementioned, in order to earn good amount of money from this site, it is better to purchase Adpacks and be eligible for revenue sharing. However, you must know how much site is good, there is always a risk to earn from revenue share because site can share revenue only if they keep on making enough profit. If they can't make profit, they will stop sharing revenue. However, we will also get another benefit from that Adpacks and that is advertisement services. So, even if ever site is unable to share revenue, then also at least we will get benefit of purchasing those Adpacks to advertise our products. However, if you are going to purchase Adpacks only to earn from revenue sharing pool, then only purchase that much amount of Adpacks which you can afford to lose.



Summary of Adpacks and MyPayingCryptoAds Membership Details

  1. Each Adpacks cost: 0.05 BTC
  2. Earnings from Adpacks: Depends upon profit generated by the site
  3. The maximum revenue sharing limit of Adpacks: upto 120%
  4. Commissions from referrals: 6% on referral's Adpacks purchases and 10% on other all services
  5. Withdrawal limit: Unlimited for referrals commissions and 1.0 BTC maximum for Adpacks earnings.
  6. Minimum withdrawal limit:- 0.01 BTC
  7. Advertisement Credits per Adpack: 25,000 credits
  8. Free membership limit to purchase Adpacks: upto 20 Adpacks, around 1BTC value
  9. Paid membership limit to purchase Adpacks: 20-50 Adpacks for Explorer membership which costs 0.02 BTC/month, 50-100 Adpacks for Professional membership which cots 0.05 BTC/month, 100+ Adpacks for Elite membership which costs 0.1 BTC/month


Drawbacks of MyPayingCryptoAds

  1. Aforementioned, MyPayingCrytoAds is a good site if we compare it with other revenue sharing sites only, however, we must know the fact that the revenue sharing sites have risk in itself because Revenue Sharing sites can share revenue only if they are able to keep on making profit. If the site doesn't able to make profit, then they will start to share revenue very slowly or almost stop. So, if you are purchasing Adpacks to take part in revenue sharing only and doesn't care about advertising your products, then purchase only that much amount of Adpacks which you can afford to lose. However, if you are working only as a free member to earn from Cashlinks, then there is not any big risk on that.
  2. The advertisements you view in MyPayingCryptoAds are not from the site itself, but form the advertisers. So, you can find lots of scam sites advertisements as well. So, before you decide to join any of those sites which you find by viewing advertisements in MyPayingCryptoAds, first of all do your own research on them in order to find out that site is legit or scam. If you don't know how to do the research on any sites, you are always welcome here to ask us for the review. We will be more than happy to help you.



Aforementioned, the sites like MyPayingCryptoAds is known as revenue sharing sites with advertisement services. These kind of sites sure will pay at the starting and in order to sustain for long run, it depends upon how the owner will manage the site and how the business will perform in the future. Since the owner of MyPayingCryptoAds is already a reputed person and experienced in handling revenue sharing sites, so there is no problem considering the owner background of My Paying Crypto Ads. However, about the performance of the business, no one can predict which business can make how much profit in the future. The owner of this site also have another site with same kind of business model which is sustaining from years and still paying on time. But that doesn't guarantee it can also sustain for a long run. If this business keep on making enough advertisements sales and profits, then sure this site will long last for long time because the owner of this site doesn't seem to have bad intention to run by taking members' money. But also to be on safe side, we suggest everyone either only work as free member in MyPayingCryptoAds by viewing Cashlinks or if you want to purchase Adpacks, then don't purchase more than the amount you can't afford to lose. However, if you are looking for the sites to earn good income online for lifetime without any risk and established your full time income for lifetime, then you should join a company like Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find the details by clicking this link:-


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