What is MainofNews? Is MainofNews.com a Scam or a Legit?

MainofNews is a scam site because it doesn't pay to anyone. Actually it's all claims are fake, such as, it claims you can earn $5 to $9 for reading one news for some seconds and can make $300 a day and can cashout when your earnings reach $4500. But, in reality they don't pay to anyone. When you reach the cashout limit and request for cashout, your payment will be keep on pending forever. If you ask them to release the payment soon, they will suggest you to upgrade your account first by using your own money in order to get paid soon. But, either you pay or not, they will never pay you. We can sure about this because we have proof they are scam. It is not the first site of this kind. You can find tons of these kinds of sites around the internet. For example, BaseofNews, CapitalofNews, SoCupNews, LuckiNews, QuestofNews, AllNewsRoundStatofNewsQuestofNews some of which already shutdown and others are still running. These kinds of sites always keep on poping up from time to time from many years and online for some time and then just shutdown later and again open with new name. However, now they have change the theme of their site and new version of sites are MainofNew, SoCupNews, BaseofNews and CapitalofNews. Even they change the theme of sites, their business model and way to scam people is same.


So, if you are still doubting that either is MainofNews.com scam or legit, either they will pay or not, then you are fooling yourself. OK, we will make you more clear about what is MainofNews.com, a scam or a legit, later here within our MainofNews review. But, the information which we have provided as above is already enough for you and now instead of finding out more detail on Main of News, if you want to find out the real online work companies to earn money online, then you can find the list of our good and trusted online work companies by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/legitimate-work-home-businesses/


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OK, let's continue with our MainofNews.com review as below in order to find out what is Main of News in real and what is the reason they online.

What is MainofNews? Main of News review. Is MainofNews scam or legit? MainofNews reviews. MainofNews complaints.

Main of News login and join in link:- http:// mainofnews. com (Not recommended to join)

What is Main of News and why we are calling Main of News a scam?

Aforementioned, Main of News is a scam site which doesn't pay to anyone and claim to pay big amount for doing simple tasks, such as reading news for some seconds. But, after wasting time for several days in their sites, the members will come out empty hands because this site and all similar kinds of sites never pay to anyone.


So, why they are online? What they get by wasting the time of other people and lying them.


They are online to make money for themselves in following ways:-

  1. They can make money by selling your information to third party such as your email address which you need to provide when register in their website.
  2. When they show easy money, they can easily attract many people to visit their site on daily basis and can earn by showing advertisements to them.
  3. When members request for cashout, their payment keeps on pending of several days and if they ask to release payment soon, they will say free member need wait very long tome, so instead upgrade account in order to get payment soon. But, after members upgrade, then also they will never pay to that member. So, that is their trick to make money from you, not to pay you.
  4. They also trick members to pay into their site by saying that if members want to increase their earnings, then they can upgrade the account to view more news daily. 
  5. When members provided their payment details in order to request payment from them, they may be use those payment details as well and you can guess how much critical it is to give your payment information to scam sites like MainofNews.

So, these are the reason why they are online. Never expect to get paid from them. They are running these kinds of sites from years in different name, but they never had paid to anyone and in future also they will never pay to anyone. They are here just to make money for themselves. Actually, none of the legit company can afford to pay $5 to $9 to each person who read their news. Even the big news channel like CNN and BBC start to do that, they will broke completely within some days. So, you should know that these kinds of too good to be true claims are not true in real. If you want more tips so that you can spot a scam by yourself, then we suggest you to read this post:- newsonlineincome.com/2017/03/23/how-to-know-scams/




Aformentioned, it is clear that MainofNews is a scam company and if you ask us why concerned authorities haven't catch them yet, then the obvious reason is that no one knows who is running and operating these sites because when they register site, they completely hide their owner details. So, best option is just to stay out of them. So, we have listed ManofNews within our bad and scam online works secttion.


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