Lootbits.io Review: Is Lootbits Scam or Legit?

Beware of Lootbits.io scam site. Yes, Lootbits.io is a scam, not a genuine site.


Now maybe you want to find out why is Lootbits.io a scam, what makes Lootbits a scam and what is Lootbits.io in real, right? Well, to find out these answers, you don't have to search for any other Lootbits reviews because here, within our Lootbits review, you are going to find out the complete truth. So, let's begin with our detailed Lootbits review below.

Lootbits complaints. Is Lootbits fake or real? Is Lootbits legit or hoax?

Lootbits.io is a fraudulent website due to the following reasons:-

  • Lots of pop-up ads which you can find while navigating the Lootbits.io website contain malware. Legit websites are always careful and only put the ads from the trusted ad-networks. Only scam sites put the ads such ad networks which even deliver malware ads. We can say those ads contain malware because that is detected by our anti-malware software while we were browsing Lootbits.io website. So, Lootbits.io can harm our device while we are using it which is obviously not a good sign.
  • You can also find lots of ads from scam companies in Lootbits. Yes, we agree that you can find ads of scam companies in reputed sites such as Facebook as well. But you can also find the ads of the legit companies there. But, in the Lootbits, you can only find the ads of scam companies. We haven't found even a single ad of the trustable company there. So, it looks like Lootbits has linked with those scam sites.
  • Lootbits.io claims to pay you money almost for nothing. You can just collect the "gem" free of cost for just clicking the button in the website and also for just signing up with the website. Once you get the gems, you can play its lotto kind of game, such as you will find one box in the "open" category of your Lootbits account. When you click that box, you can win some BTC from time to time. So, it is like giving money for doing nothing which is too good to be true. None of the legit lotteries or any other companies will pay money in such a way. So, this proves the business model of Lootbits is completely bogus.
  • The offers listed on Lootbits.io website doesn't make any sense. None of the legit companies can make any benefit by making their members do such offers. The only benefit of those offers that we can find is for the owner of Lootbits since those offers lead to you to the page with a bunch of ads, so the owner will make money by showing you those ads. On top of that, those pages also contain AdSense ads but it is against the rule of AdSense to put AdSense ads on such pages due to which those pages can be banned by AdSense anytime in the future. Those offers also lead to some scam or useless sites where members have to register in order to complete those offers. So, these are definitely not good signs.
  • Actually, you can find lots of games, trades, offers and so on in Lootbits which claim to pay you money free of cost but almost all of them don't make any sense. None of the legit companies can give free cash for completing such useless tasks.
  • Actually, these kinds of sites are not new. In the past, there were lots of similar kinds of sites which have already turned into scams by now. So, this proves Lootbits can be shut down anytime in the future.
  • There is not any information about who and from where is operating and running the Lootbits website and those details have been also hidden in WHOIS. The only way to contact Lootbits is via email. Other than that, Lootbits neither has provided its owner's name, nor phone number, nor the company's address, nothing. We should never believe in any online sites which don't provide any contact details.
  • The scam sites like Lootbits are found to be selling the personal and financial information of members such as their email address, phone number, payment processor details and so on and making money from that.
  • Due to the lots of malware sites linked with Lootbits, you may also become a victim of credit card fraud since some malware can hack lots of personal information from your browser as well as from your device.

Aforementioned, now it is clear that Lootbits is a scam, that's why we have listed it in our Bad and Scams category.


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Comments: 2
  • #1

    Dawood (Friday, 12 July 2019 00:53)

    Hi, there! With best regards and appreciate for your awareness about lootbits.oi scam site, so I accept your opinion and you have
    full informations about these topics and matters so, you quotes are all reasonable,acceptable and Clair. with so much thanks. Dawood from Iran

  • #2

    CtrlAltDefeat (Friday, 29 November 2019 07:57)

    Okay how to put this.... Your review is wrong. Lootbits.io is legit and paying. Basically yes they make add revenue but only people who do the offers make enough gems for them to even have to dip into their income to confirm a payout for a user. Otherwise you only get 5 gems daily with a chance to double them every five minutes guessing if the price of Bitcoin will go up or down in that time. It has worked several times for me with payouts in the high 60-70+ range betting only half that amount. Also I've completed 6 of their offers and received my gems Everytime. You must pay attention some are only for mobile, some are for PC users, and some are both. Make sure to read the required parts for payment. I have had no problem using lootbits.io you can't cash out till you reach 450USD is the only catch. With offers it's simple to reach at least level 2 of 5 user level with only the gems from daily and a few offers of 50+ gems. Let them make their ad revenue it's partly used to pay users. They haven't failed to make a payment yet so I can't say they ever will. I have been using it for a little over a month now and I have over 100 USD in my account of the 450 needed to cash out. On top of that I am a level 2 soon to be 3 out of 5. Where every level increase also increases rewards in BTC gains and different badges as well as higher exp gains for leveling. Though they do give almost 1/2 of all open boxes as empty they also give the same badge during multiple opens which sucks cause that's how they confirm no one made it to the cash out amount for at least one more day. It is just about being persistent it's not exactly doing nothing at all it can be very taxing earning without offers or trade gems as it is slow as hell earning when you only get 5 gems daily and a chance to increase them opening higher level boxes or playing jungle which is expensive and I do not recommend it. Just do some offers, make sure you complete all the required steps, let them make their money, and eventually you will have enough to cash out and you will see they payout just fine. It seems like a lot of red flags no doubt but it's design is actually rather simple and functional. I have no reason to say anything bad about lootbits.io just yet other than I wish I could get all the gems back that opened empty boxes and repeat badges. Also that they need a lot more offers than what they have and higher gem amounts for them less purchase required ads and more free ones, like the kind where you just install and app and try it for 30 seconds. Other then that it is a relatively decent site which does actually let you earn BTC for doing next to nothing with extreme loyalty.... Please make sure to use a site long enough to post an actual review next time. Not just give everything your biased expert opinion as you can see you review is not the same as mine. Thanks for your time if you read this. I feel all fuzzy now!