How to Build Free Website

How to create free webiste? How to build free website?

We know there are lots of companies around the internet offering to build your own website for free. But all of them don't provide the detailed tutorial about how to create website within their system. More than that, it is difficult to get the website which provides complete services from building website to make it top ranked in search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing.


If you want to create the website, then you certainly want more and more visitors in your website. And to get the target visitors in your website, your website must be ranked good in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are very few companies which offer free website with good search engine optimization. So, here we are briefing about top two companies which are the best ones to provide full service to create your website.

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 We choose these two companies for creating website because:- 

  • Creating website in these companies is very easy like working in Microsoft Word Document.
  • They have put step by step tutorial to handle each features for creating good website.
  • Their support system is very good so that you can ask them anytime if you get stuck in middle of something while building your website.
  • They provide good SEO plugins which leads to good search engine optimization so that your website will be recognized by Google, Yahoo and Bing shortly.
  • They provide both free and paid website service with detailed tutorial to make your website top ranking in Search Engines. If you follow their each and every tutorials and apply them without failure, soon you will start to get good number of traffic in your website and start to earn good money online.

Detail information about those two companies are as follows:-


1. Wealthy Affiliate 


Wealthy Affiliate is a complete platform to build your free website. Actually, Wealthy Affiliate is the platform which provides complete training about online work and one of their courses also contains full training to build best website. Not only that, they have sister company from which you can build your free website within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.


They provide you two free website for lifetime. They give you step by step training to build your website. That training also includes Search Engine Optimization. After pursuing that training, you will be able to build your own website, make it top ranked in search engine like Google. They provide both free and paid website and for both, they provide all the tutorials. Free website will be with their sister company’s extension i.e. and paid will be just with .com or .org or whatever you like i.e. or But either for paid or free, they will teach you each and every step to make your website top ranked in search engines. Both free and paid website can be ranked in same way in Google. This is the best part of Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to know more details about what other services Wealthy Affiliate provides then click -->HERE<-- 


Following video is the one example of Wealthy Affiliate tutorial to demonstrate how they teach you to build the website step by step.

Click the banner below to register and create your own free website or paid website within Wealthy Affiliate:-

2. Jimdo


Jimdo is another free platform to build your own website. The themes and design provided by Jimdo is much better than the themes provided by Wealthy Affiliate from Wordpress. Jimdo is much easier to handle than Wealthy Affiliate themes. 


If you want to create free website only, then SEO plugin of Wealthy Affiliate is better option than Jimdo because in Jimdo, SEO plugin for free website will be centralize and you can't optimize SEO for individual page but in Wealthy Affiliate you can use full SEO plugins as a free user also.


But the plus point of Jimdo is that you can create as many free website as you like where as in Wealthy Affiliate you can create only two free websites. Free website will be with their extension i.e. and paid will be just with .com or .org or whatever you like i.e. or


But as a paid service, Jimdo also provides good SEO plugin same as Wealthy Affiliate. But if you don't have enough knowledge how to use that SEO plugin to make your website better ranking in Google, then it is better first you join Wealthy Affiliate because Wealthy Affiliate have step by step video tutorials. Jimdo also have tutorials in their support section, but you need to find each of them and need to learn about them by yourself whereas in Wealthy Affiliate you can learn step by step course from video tutorials.


Jimdo gives you total package from purchasing domain to hosting if you want the paid service whereas in Wealthy Affiliate, you need to purchase your domain by yourself but they will teach you how and where to purchase your domain easily.


If you want the paid service hosting, then Jimdo is cheaper than Wealthy Affiliate hosting. 


So, if you already have knowledge about SEO optimization, then it is better to create your website using Jimdo. If you don't have enough knowledge about SEO optimization, then it is better first you join Wealthy Affiliate and learn about the total internet marketing there and after you can join Jimdo to make your website look more professional. 


For our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate, click this link:-

For our detail review on Jimdo, click this link:-


You can click the banner below to sign up with Jimdo and create your own free website or paid website using Jimdo hosting:-

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