GrandRevShare Review, Is Grand Rev Share Scam or Legit?

This Grand Rev Share Review is not to promote this site, but to deliver the truth about GrandRevShare. Our No.1 Recommended Online Work Company is Wealthy Affiliate and you can find its detail review by clicking this link:-


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However, GrandRevShare is not one of those companies which we have listed within our legit companies list because in order to list any companies within our legit websites list, that company have to be more than 2 years old without any issues. On top of that, Grand Rev Share is revenue sharing site and till date we haven't listed any revenue sharing sites, even the old paying revenue sharing sites within our legit sites list because there is always risk involve to work in revenue sharing sites about which we have explained in detail within this page:-


But, that doesn't mean Revenue Sharing Sites are completely bad. If we can take risk, then we can make very good amount of money from revenue sharing sites as well. But, for that we should play safe and try to minimize the risk as much as we can and should find out which revenue sharing sites can sustain for long run and should avoid those which can be shutdown within some months.


So, then what about GrandRevShare? Will GrandRevShare last long or will collapse in some months as all those scam type revenue sharing sites?


Ok let's begin with our GrandRevShare Review and find out either GrandRevShare is scam or legit.


Background of GrandRevShare

Grand Rev Share is the sister site of GrandMonopoly, GrandClick and TheBuxer. All of these sites are paying till date of this review (May 12, 2016). The owner of all these sites is Mihkel Einaste, also known as Teiejumal, from Spain. Among these all sites, GrandClick is the most old site which is running from January 2014 and till date we have received payment on time from all of these sites as well as our referrals and our friends. However, we have found some complaints from some of the members for suspending their account and not getting payment after waiting for long time. But, since we and our referrals are getting payment from all of his sites, we don't know those complaints are real or not. May be there is some faults on the members side as well. But, if there are some complaints, we should take it into consideration as well. However, till date Mihkel has good reputation in PTC industry for running PTC sites and now he has launched GrandRevShare which is PTC plus revenue sharing sites. Since he has managed to run 3 PTC sites from more than 2 years, we think may be he will try to make GrandRevShare a sustainable revenue sharing site. The plus point is that through GrandRevShare he is going to share revenue of the profit make by his all sites to the members of GrandRevShare who buy AdPacks in it. So, it has high chance to become sustainable because revenue sharing here is at least back up with real products, the advertisement services provided by 3 old PTC sites plus new site GrandRevShare. At least it will not pay in the Ponzi model, means paying first member from money of second member. But, it is totally new concept of revenue sharing in online work industry, so we have to see how much it can be sustain in the future.

This Grand Rev Share Review is still under construction. We need some more days in order to complete it because we are trying to gather as many information as we can so that we can provide authentic information. We are also testing this site by working in it. If you are also interested to test this site, then you can join it by clicking the link:-

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