What is FXltd.biz? Is FXltd a Scam or a Legit?

FXLtd review. Is FXLtd.biz scam or legit? What is FXLtd.biz? FXLtd.biz reviews. FXLtd complaints.

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What is FX Ltd and why don't we recommend it?

FXltd is nothing but a Ponzi scheme which can't be sustain for a long run and which is not legal as well. Ponzi schemes are illegal because they can't sustain. Let's think generally. If any company can generate upto 500% ROI within 50 days, then why they need to collect money form several people instead of taking loan from a bank? After all, they don't have to pay more than 1% monthly if they take a loan from a bank and if they really have a formula to make 500% ROI within 50 days, then they can easily pay the loan of bank within a month. Even if they can't take business loan, they can easily take personal loan or use their credit card money. So, why aren't they doing that? Why they are collecting the investment from several people and paying them upto 500% ROI within 50 days instead of taking loan from bank in less than 1% monthly interest rate. It is simply because they are not what they are claiming to be. They are simply a Ponzi scheme which will pay for some months at starting in order to lure more people into their scheme so that they can collect the huge amount of money and run away with that. Ponzi schemes can stop paying anytime, even just after you invest your money.


If you check the WHOIS details of FXltd.biz, you can't find any information about who and from where is operating the site because the owner details of FXltd is completely hidden within the WHOIS details. They haven't provided any information about the owner within their website as well, which proves that their intention is not good. None of the legit investment companies will hide their owner details.


Actually, then Ponzi schemes like FXltd is not a new thing. There are tons of Ponzi schemes sites like FXltd which are operating now and also there were tons of sites like FXltd which have been already turned into scam. Ponzi schemes never can sustain because they only claim they make real profit to pay back certain amount of ROI, but in real they just use the money invested by new members to pay the existing members due to which each time they pay, they create a debt equal to the profit margin that they pay to their members. So, Ponzi schemes even want to sustain, they can't. 


FXltd has claimed that they can pay upto 500% ROI within 50 days by using the investment members in Forex Trading and stock market. Well, expert traders know that is claim is completely bogus because none of the traders can guarantee certain amount of return within certain period of time. So, that is completely bogus claim by FXltd. Actually most of Ponzi schemes like FXltd always claim that they can make profit by investing in Forex Trading. It is now just like a copy paste claim.


Actually, we can go on and on. But, we think we have already provided enough reason to prove you why FXltd is a bad company and why we don't recommend it. So, now we are going to conclude this reivew.


If you want to know more about illegal schemes like Ponzi and Pyramid, then you can find the details by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/2017/03/06/what-is-pyramid-scheme/