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Beware! These days you can find lots of scam online stores with website name or domain name or subdomain name Frtyusgf. None of the Frtyusgf websites are genuine or trustworthy. So, if you find any site with name Frtyusgf, you must know that is not legit, instead, that is a scam site.


Few examples of scam sites which have Frtyusgf as their website name or domain name or subdomain name are Best.Frtyusgf, Us.Frtyusgf, Weifnverw Life, Weifnbgao Club and so on.


Example of Frtyusgf site. Frtyusgf complaints. Is a Frtyusgf hoax or real? Is a Frtyusgf fake?

You should avoid all Frtyusgf sites due to the following reasons:-

  • Multiple Frtyusgf scam sites, as well as other similar kinds of scam sites, are operated by the same cybercriminal. Even other series of scams such as Chievoe scams and Propoina scams sites are operated by the same cybercriminal.
  • We can say the series of Frtyusgf scam sites have a link with Chievoe scams and Propoina scams because lots of details provided in Chievoe scams and Propoina scams sites are very much similar. Even the contact email addresses "" and "" as well as contact number "078 6894 0403" are found to be used in multiple Chievoe, Propoina, Frtyusgf scams sites. There are also other similar contact email addresses and phone number found to be used in multiple Chievoe, Propoina, Frtyusgf scams sites. So, this proves Chievoe, Propoina, Frtyusgf scams series are operated by the same cybercriminal.
  • The examples of multiple scam sites which look similar to Chievoe, Propoina, Frtyusgf scams are Iahvna Life, Cnuwfeu Rocks, We.Chievoe, Fvnwoef Rocks, Fwjoiefg Club, Weifnverw Life, Best.Frtyusgf, Weifnbgao Club, Us.Frtyusgf, Weifngoei, Ta.Frtyusgf, Finvorrw Club and so on.
  • Most of the Chievoe, Propoina, Frtyusgf sites have been already shut down by scamming lots of people. This scammer always opens new sites for some days or months and then close them without delivering any items to the clients and again opens other similar kinds of sites with different domain names.
  • None of the Chievoe, Propoina, and Frtyusgf sites have provided the real contact information. Most of them haven't provided any information about who and from where is operating and running those sites anywhere on those websites. And some of those who have provided their company's address or contact phone number, they have also provided the fake details.
  • The domain name and website name of most of these sites are completely different which mostly happens with scam sites. For example, the website name of domain is Finvorrw, the website name of Weifnverw.Life domain is Frtyusgf, the website name of Weifnbgao.Club domain is Frtyusgf and so on.
  • Lots of details, such as About Us, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Intellectual Property Rights, Refund Policy, Shipping Policy and so on of Propoina, Chievoe and Frtyusgf scam sites not only match with each other but also match with lots of other scam sites.
  • None of the Frtyusgf sites have secured properly. They haven't provided the security measures like McAfee, Norton and so on. So, if you shop at any Frtyusgf websites, then your personal and financial information might be stolen. 
  • If you want to find out more details on Frtyusgf scam sites, you can also check our Chievoe review by clicking >HERE< and Propoina review by clicking >HERE<.

Aforementioned, now it is clear that Frtyusgf sites are scam online stores, so we have listed Frtyusgf sites in our Bad and Scams category.


These days you can find multiple scam online stores. So, you should be always careful while purchasing anything from the new online stores. Most of these online stores don't deliver the purchased items to their clients or deliver completely different or very cheap quality items. These kinds of scam online stores are even found to be charging the credit card of the clients randomly without their consent. So, if you ever shop mistakenly from any scam online stores, we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company to secure your credit card.


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