EdMoney.Win Review. Is EdMoney Scam or Legit?

EdMoney.Win Scam Alert! What is EdMoney.Win?


EdMoney.Win is a scam site from the serial scammer who has lots of similar kinds of scam sites under different names and domains. You can find the few lists of those similar kinds of scam sites by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/petdengi/


So, now it is clear either is EdMoney.Win a scam or a legit, what is Ed Money in real. However, you can definitely find out lots of details on EdMoney within our EdMoney review here. So, you don't have to search any further EdMoney.Win reviews. Yes, your search for EdMoney reviews ends here.


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OK, let's begin with our Ed Money review in detail to find out what is EdMoney in real and why is an Ed Money scam.

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EdMoney complaints. EdMoney fake or real? EdMoney legit or fraud?

Why is EdMoney a scam? Let's find out details

Aforementioned, we have already made you clear that Ed Money is a scam because EdMoney is a site from the serial scammer who has other exactly similar kinds of sites. The website script, website theme and business model of those sites are exactly same. None of those sites have paid to anyone, neither will pay in the future because their business model is bogus.


EdMoney claims to pay 10 cents per ad that you view on its website and you can find lots of such ads. When you view those ads, you will notice your earnings are increasing in your EdMoney's account balance. But when you reach the minimum cash-out threshold and request for cash-out, EdMoney will not release your payment. Instead will ask you to buy the referrals in order to get the payment and if you believe that and buy its fake referrals, then also it will not pay you, instead will delete your account and misuse your credit card information. So, it is clear that Ed Money will not pay to anyone.


Actually, we have already posted the reviews on lots of similar kinds of sites. So, we don't think we have to explain the same thing again and again. So, if you want to find out in details why is Ed Money a scam, then you can read those reviews on similar kinds of sites by clicking any links as below:-


























So, if you have already registered with any of these sites, at least don't purchase anything within these sites and never ever provide your credit card information to these sites, otherwise, you will end up canceling your credit card. If you have already provided your credit card information to these sites, then we suggest you contact your credit card company immediately to save your money.


Aforementioned, now it is clear that Ed Money Win is a scam. That's why we have listed it in our Bad and Scams category. So, your search for Ed Money reviews ends here.


If you are tired of scams and looking for the ways to detect either any site is a scam or not by yourself, then you can find some tips by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/2017/03/23/how-to-know-scams/

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