What is EarlyPayJob? What is JobTaka? What is DollarTell? Scams?

You may be surprised to find out that we are writing the reviews of seven companies together, but there is a reason behind it. So, if you are searching for the terms like, "what is CashEast", "what is Early Pay Job", "what is Job Taka", "what is DutyRevo", what is PokeLazy "what is Dollar Tell", "what is Dollar Class Online", "is CashEast a scam or a legit", "is EarlyPayJob a scam or a legit", "is JobTaka a scam or a legit", "is DutyRevo a scam or a legit", "is PokeLazy a scam or a legit", "is DollarTell a scam or a legit", "is Dollars Teller a scam or a legit", "Cash East reviews", "Early Pay Job reviews", "Job Taka reviews", "Duty Revo reviews", "Poke Lazy reviews", "Dollar Tell reviews", "Dollar Class Online reviews" and so on, then you are absolutely in the right place because here we are providing together the reviews of these 7 companies, means, CashEast review, EarlyPayJob review, JobTaka review, DutyRevo review, PokeLazy review, DollarsTell review and DollarClass.Online review.


So, what is the reason that we have provided the reviews of these seven companies together?


It is because only the names and the domains of these companies are different, but other everything are same. These all companies have same business model, same WHOIS details, same claims, same way to scam people and same way to provide fake payment proofs.


Yep, you guess it right. All of these sites are scam. Why? You will find it out within our review on these sites as below. But, after knowing the fact that these sites are scams, if you don't want to find out more details on these sites, but instead want to find out the real online work opportunities to make money online, then you can click the following respective links:-


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OK now let's find out what is CashEast.com, JobTaka.com, DutyRevo.com, DollarTell.com, PokeLazy.com, Dollar Class Online and EarlyPayJob.com, and why these sites are scams through our review on these sites as below.

Cash East review, Early Pay Job review, Job Taka review, Duty Revo review, Poke Lazy review, Dollars Tell review, Dollar Class Online review.

What is CashEast.com, what is EarlyPayJob.com, what is JobTaka.com, what is DutyRevo.com, what is PokeLazy.com, what is DollarTell.com, what is DollarClass.Online and why these sites are scams?

CashEast, EarlyPayJob, JobTaka, DutyRevo, PokeLazy, DollarTell and DollarClass.Online are scam sites because these all sites only claims to pay big amount of money, but doesn't pay to anyone after they request for cashout. Actually these all sites are run and operated by the same serial scammer and that is the reason why we have put the reviews of these sites together. Actually, before this review, we use to do the review of these kinds of sites one by one, but day by day more similar kinds of new sites keep on launching due to which it seems it is better to do the reviews of these sites together to save time.


The other scam sites similar to these sites which are from same scammer and about which we have already done the reviews are:-  WeeklyYouthPayWeeklyFixPayBucksTip, DollarJobSiteBucksTipDutyKid, DutySet, DollarsPlugDollarJobOnlineDollarInPocket, DollarSawDutySpaceDutyTrendDollarsJet, PayChairMyPayPotSuperJobsMyPayStuffEarningHabit, DollarsTeller, NightJobOnline and so on. These kinds of sites are online from many years and still succeed to scam people. Actually, most of these sites even look much more similar. This scammer only has five kinds of themes for his/her sites and that is either the theme which looks like PokeLazy.com or the theme which looks like DollarTell.com or the theme which looks like EarlyJobPay.com or the theme which looks like DollarinPocket or the theme which looks like DollarJob.Site. So, if you find any site which looks like these five kinds of sites, then you should know that is a scam.


Although this scammer is scamming people from many years, but still concerned authorities are unable to catch him/her because no one knows who are running and operating these of sites because these kinds of sites never reveal the owner information and also hide the owner details within their WHOIS. On top of that, these kinds of sites have steal the money of few people comparing with other scam sites and most of time scam people only by wasting their time than stealing their money due to which concerned authorities first priority are not these kinds of scams because they are after big scams first of all which are stealing lots of money from people. That is why these kinds of sites are managed to scam people from very long time. However, we think now concerned authorities should put these sites in first priority list as well otherwise they will be increase day by day and will be able to scam lots of people.


So, now may be you are thinking how they can scam people when people can join and work in these sites free of cost.


OK, here are the details how these sites scam people.


They claim to pay good amount of cash for very simple tasks, such as they claim to pay $10 per click that members receive on their referral link for which members only need to copy paste their referral link in different social media sites like Facebook. But, this claim is completely bogus because anyone can advertise their website link in Facebook at the rate 25 to 50 clicks per $1. So, why these sites want to pay $10 for one click that they receive from Facebook? The only reason they let members to do this task is to advertise their website free of cost in social media sites so that they can lure more people into their scam. After all they don't pay to anyone, so the members will end up doing their advertisement free of cost.


So, what benefit they will get by gathering lots of people and making them engage in their site.


Well, they can earn money by showing the advertisements to those people who engage in their site. However, they also directly scam people because when members request for cashout, they say members need to complete the offers first in order to cashout. But, the members need to pay money from their own pocket first of all in order to complete those offers and even if members complete those offers, then also they will not pay to those members. That is their trick to make money from the members, that is why they are online. They also make money by selling the personal information of members to the third parties such as their email address, payment processors address and so on.


So, never trust these kinds of sites. These sites are online from many years and even haven't record of paying one person from any of those sites. Even some of these sites have been already shutdown. So, this proves that none of these sites will pay to anyone. After all their business model is completely bogus and none of the legit companies can make any benefit by paying the amount which these scam sties are claiming to pay for such a simple task. So, this proves that these all sites are scams, so stay out of them. That is why we have listed these all sites within our Bad and Scam Online Works section.


If you want to identify if any sites are scam or not by yourself, then we suggest you to read our this post which will help you to identify the scams:- newsonlineincome.com/2017/03/23/how-to-know-scams/

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