DonkeyMails Review, Is DonkeyMails a Scam or a Legit?

Before you begin with our Donkey Mails review, we want to inform you that although it is a legit company, we haven't listed it within our “Good and Trusted Online Works” sites list, but have listed it within our "Not Recommended" sites list after working with it for 3 years because during those 3 years, we referred 100s of people in DonkeyMails and tried every strategies to make good amount of money from it, but always failed to earn more than $100 a year which is very less amount. Although it has multi level referral earning system like MLM companies, but also the problem is to retain the referrals. When referrals find out the fact that it is very hard to earn on their own, most of them leave that site because in real it is not possible to earn even a pocket money on our own in Donkey Mails. However, those referrals who tried to refer, they also failed due to the same reason. That is why it will be very hard to earn even a pocket money from DonkeyMails. But definitely you can earn some extra money, some pennies and company is paying. So, it is upto you either you want to work in DonkeyMails or not, but from our side we don't recommend it.


If you want to earn good amount of money online and for that if you were searching DonkeyMails reviews, then sorry, Donkey Mails is only the platform to earn some extra few bucks, not the platform to earn good income online. However, if you want to establish the full time online career for lifetime, then you can join No.1 rated online business known as Wealthy Affiliate which is online from 2005 and day by day becoming more strong with high rate of successful members. For further details on Wealthy Affiliate, please click this link:-


OK, let's begin with our DonkeyMails review in detail to find out what is DonkeyMails in real.

DonkeyMails login and join in link:- http://donkeymails. com/

What is Donkey Mails? Is DonkeyMails Legit or Scam? Donkey Mails reviews.

Background of Donkeymails PTC

Donkeymails has been established in February 2005 and it has been paying its members on time since then. It is owned and managed by Mr. Sebas Broekhof from Netherlands. There are many developed PTC sites and Donkeymails PTC is counted as one of those established PTC sites. But, we don't recommend it and we have already mentioned the reason for not recommending it on the top of this review as above.



Do we have to pay for joining in Donkeymails?

No, the membership is absolutely free.



What is Donkey Mails and how to earn from Donkeymails?

Like many other PTC sites, in DonkeyMails also we can earn by clicking the ads and also by reading the emails and then clicking the paid links as provided within those emails. And additionally, you can earn 0.5 traffic exchange credit by surfing ads. Using those credits, you can promote your own site or referral link and can take benefit of advertisements free of cost, but the site has to be approved by DonkeyMails. And like other PTC sites, DonkeyMails also supports referrals. Payments of viewing ads start from $0.0001 to $0.01. There’s unlimited referring system and more referrals you can make, more you can earn from them. You will earn commissions up to 5 level referrals in DonkeyMails. The payment methods available in Donkeymails are by Paypal, Payza, Ego pay, OK pay, Pay too, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay and Sensi pay. Payment is processed within 14 days after a withdrawal request.


Aforementioned, you can increase your earnings in Donkeymails by referring people. So, in order to find out the detail strategy to get referrals in Donkeymails, click >HERE<



Drawbacks of DonkeyMails

  1. DonkeyMails doesn’t have any forum. Therefore you cannot communicate with other staff and members in DonkeyMails publicly.
  2. Due to strict policies in this site you may get suspended for small mistakes and your payment may be stop in the middle.
  3. You can’t earn huge amount of money overnight from this site, only few extra bucks. Even if you make 100s of referrals, then also you can't earn more than $100 a year from DonkeyMails. That is why we don't recommend it. However, if you are looking for the opportunity to earn good amount of money online, then you should join our no.1 recommended site known as Wealthy Affiliate. For details, you can click the link this link:-

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