Digadz review -site same like Paidverts- is it scam or legit?

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Update 03/07/2015 :- Digadz is now not paying to anyone. As you can see in our review as below, we have always doubt on Digadz and always warn people to work with precautions in this site as it can turn into scam anytime and now it did. So, now we move Digadz from our "Not Recommended" list to our "Bad and Scam Online Works" page


Update 01/06/2015:- As we guess before in our review as below, it seems now Digadz is in debt because they are having more problem these days and still their business is not sustainable. They have not added any new income stream. More than that, they had stopped delivering Dig Value Ads from 5 days and they are not responding support ticket from anyone. Even they are sending payment more late than their TOS. Some members are even not getting payment from more than 2 weeks. Their sister site Adbonuz is also not back yet. So, we decide to move Digadz to our "Not Recommended" site list.

Before providing the detail review on Digadz, first of all we like to tell our friends that we are not promoting Digadz. We are only testing this site because it is currently paying and members are getting payment. But also there are other bad points to be consider which we had mentioned in our "Drawbacks of Digadz" caption as below. Join it only if you like it to test because it is currently paying and you can earn good amount as free member. But we don't recommended to invest at the moment in this site.

Background of Digadz:-

Site Same Like Paidverts - DigAdz

The owner of Digadz is Mr. Beejay. He is also the owner of another site known as Adbonuz. Adbonuz was running successfully without any issues and paying on time to its members from April, 2014. But as soon they open Digadz, they start maintenance in Adbonuz and currently members are not getting payment in Adbonuz because of this maintenance. Till now, the Admin of Digadz has good reputation in the online work market. He is known for operating business with honesty and integrity. So, we can say that the plus point of Digadz is its Admin. However, currently we can see complains from members in Adbonuz for not getting payment due to maintenance. Lets see this maintenance last how much longer. Another good point of Digadz is its program concept which is same like Paidverts because Paidverts is like by too many people and become too much popular within short period of time. The Digadz was launched at November 29, 2014. But, till now Digadz didn't have any additional income sources like in Paidverts. Recently they announce that they are going to open social media site. Lets see after that they can generate how much additional income from that social site and how much other additional income sources they will add in Digadz.

What is Digadz?

Digadz is PTC + Revenue Sharing program. In another word, we can say that it is same like one of the popular program known as Paidverts. As similar to Paidverts, here also members can earn upto $100 + per click depending upon the points they have. It is the 2nd one in the online money making industry which follow the PTC + Revenue Ad Sharing concept program.


Digadz is the PTC which completely relies on advertisements by advertisers rather than upgrade and Rented Referrals investment of user. Instead, it doesn't have RR, but also you can earn good money just by clicking advertisements, increasing your points and by referring people under your link.

Who can work in Digadz?

Digadz is suitable for all level of users (for both beginner and professional online workers). 

Digadz program details (How can we earn money in Digadz?)

It is very easy to make money with Digadz, just by viewing ads. However the value of ads you receive depends upon how much points you have. You can cashout your earnings anytime when your earnings reach $5.


When you join in Digadz, on the right hand side of the screen, you will see three options to view ads as shown in the picture :- 

  • Dig Value
  • Dig Bonuses
  • Dig Points

1. Dig Points 

First of all, you need to view ads for points by clicking "Dig Points" option. After you click "Dig Points" option, you will directed to the page where you can find the ads as shown in picture on the right. Without having enough points, you will not receive cash ads. You need to accumulate at least 800 points in order to receive value ads. More points you have, you will get more value ads. So, you must not miss to view Dig points ads and accumulate points in order to receive high value ads.

 2. Dig Value

After you accumulate more than 800 points by viewing Dig Points Ads, then you need to wait at least one day to receive cash value ads. Next day you will receive cash value ads according to the points you have accumulate in the Dig Value Section. Each time you receive value ads, the system will automatically deduct your point from balance because you will receive value ads in the replacement of the points you have. Each point is worth $0.001. So, if they deliver you $0.001 value ads, then they will cut your 1 point. For example:-  If you receive Value ad worth $5 , System will deduct 5000 points from your points balance. 

Click High Value Ads in Digadz, Make Good Money Online

So it is very important to view all “Dig Points” and earn more points as much as you can. More points you have, they will deliver you more value ads as shown in the picture on the right. They can even deliver you around $100+ worth ad if you have more than 7.5 million points.


You can increase more points by purchasing ads. $1 worth advertisement you purchase, you will receive 1500 points, means in the future you will get total $1.5 value ads. In simple way, you will earn back $1.5 if you invest $1.

3. Dig Bonuses

Dig Bonuses is another section in which you can earn free points and cash. Just view all ads within Dig Bonuses section as shown in the picture on the right and wait till the server time. If you are lucky, system will reward you with some cash or points after the server time. But you must remember to view all Dig Bonuses Ads in order to qualify for receiving those lucky prizes.


Dig Bonuses is one of the free way to earn points and Cash.

How to make more more money with Digadz?

As we mention before, one way to earn more money in Digadz is by increasing points and getting more high value ads. However, there is still another way to earn more money in Digadz and that is referral program.


Referral program is the process in which you refer people by letting them join under your referral link which you can find in the “Team and Tools” section of the Digadz menu. To find your referral link, just click the “Team and Tools” section on the right hand side menu of Digadz as shown here in the picture at right hand side. After clicking there, click banners within that page as shown in the picture below. Then you will find your referral link (Targeted link) which you can use to advertise around other PTC websites or any other website or even can share within email, facebook etc. When people click that link and join Digadz, then they will be your referrals.

Your referrals need to do the same thing which you are doing in Digadz like viewing dig points ads and earn points, and then view dig value ads in order to earn cash. When your referrals view dig value ads and start to earn cash, you will also earn 5% of your referral's click value. For example, if your referral click $20 value ads, then you will get 5% of his/her click, means $1.


You will also get 10% commissions from each advertisement purchase by your referrals. For example, if your referral purchase $100 ads in order to advertise his/her link or website, then you will get 10% of his/her purchases, means instant $10.

But the question is - How to get Referrals, where to advertise to get Referals?

As we mentioned earlier, you need to advertise your referral link in order to get referrals. We had already guided you where you can find your referral link of Digadz. Free way to advertise your referral link is by sending email to your friends, posting your referral link in different chat sections and forums and social medias like Facebook,twitter etc. But this way you will only get only few amount of referrals or sometime even don’t get anyone.


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Digadz is free to join or need to pay?

Digadz is absolutely free to join and work.

Drawbacks of Digadz:-

  • Although Digadz has copied the concept of Paidverts, it still haven't enough income stream to generate cash flow within Digadz. So, in order to be stable, they must generate other source of income. Recently they announce that they are going to open social media site. Lets see how much that site can generate income for them. Anyway, currently they don't have enough income stream to pay each member. But this is new company and they are working in it. So, considering the background of Admin, we give it little more time and lets see how they deal about it.
  • Digadz is new program. It has to prove its worth in the industry. So, we suggest you to work only as a free user and if you decide to invest money, then 1st earn money in Digadz and then only invest that money which you earn from it or only invest that much amount from your pocket which you can afford to lose. As soon as you reach cashout limit (5 USD), cashout as soon as possible for safety.
  • DigAdz can’t guarantee you that each advertisement they show in their websites is Legit. Because they display the advertisements of the members. Not only here but all kind of media can’t guarantee and check each and every advertisement they put in their media. So, if you see something interesting while viewing some advertisements, first of all you need to do your own research regarding that before joining or giving information to any company.
  • Digadz is always having some technical issues which they need to solve as soon as they can. Their sister site Adbonuz is also under maintenance due to which members are not getting payment on time. They must finish this maintenance as soon as possible in order to prove themselves in online work industry.

We love to hear from you and help you. So please feel free to leave the comment below if you want to report anything about Digadz or want to give any feedback about this page or want to report anything about Online Work Industry.