DealHaven Review: Is a Scam or Legit?

If you are trying to find out either is a DealHaven scam or genuine and searching reviews for that, then your search ends here. Through this Deal Haven review, you are going to find out complete truth so that you will have a clear idea about what is in real and either is a Deal Haven fraud or trustworthy. So, let's begin with our review.


Actually, is a scam, not a safe site for online shopping. That's why we have listed DealHaven within our Bad and Scams category. If you want to know why is a Deal Haven scam, then you can find the reasons below.


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DealHaven complaints. Is a DealHaven fake or real? Is a DealHaven legit or hoax?

Deal Haven is a fraudulent online store due to the following reasons:-

  • DealHaven has provided the fake trust seal logos on its website. Trust seals are there to secure the website. If some websites can fake the security of their websites and try to trick people by showing the fake trust seal logos, then that is enough to stay away from those websites. The trust seal logos such as McAfee, Norton, VeriSign and so on provided by DealHaven on its cart and product detail pages are fake because those are not clickable. However, the real trust seal logos should be clickable so that we can click on them which will send us to the official websites of respective trust seals to verify those trust seals. So, this one reason is enough to prove Deal Haven is a scam.
  • Since DealHaven hasn't secured its website properly and has tried to trick by showing the fake trust seals, so your personal and financial information can be stolen if you shop at this site. Your credit card information is definitely not safe with DealHaven.
  • The company's address of Deal Haven which is "2401 S Maple Ave, Hannibal, MO 63401, United States" is found to be used by other suspicious sites such as, etc. So, definitely, Deal Haven has copy pasted its company's address from another website which is not a good sign. This mostly happens when multiple scam sites are operating by the same scammer.
  • When we tried to locate the given company's address of DealHaven (2401 S Maple Ave, Hannibal, MO 63401, United States) via Google Map, we didn't find any company with the name DealHaven around that address. There is a church around that address but not any company with name Deal Haven. So, this again proves DealHaven has provided the fake company's address.
  • Lots of details provided on website match with lots of scam sites. For example, its Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, company's address and so on.

Aforementioned, now it is clear that DealHaven is a scam online store, so we have listed Deal Haven within our Bad and Scams category.


These days you can find multiple scam sites selling various products. So, you should be always careful while purchasing anything from the new online stores. Most of these online stores don't deliver the purchased items to their client or deliver completely different or very cheap quality items. These kinds of scam online stores are even found to be charging the credit card of the clients randomly without their consent. So, if you ever shop mistakenly from any scam online stores, we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company to secure your credit card.

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Comments: 10
  • #1

    Ju (Thursday, 27 June 2019 02:47)

    Deep appreciation for your diligent and valuable efforts.

  • #2

    Marcelo (Thursday, 27 June 2019 07:32)

    Thank you!! Won't shop there

  • #3

    Ricards (Thursday, 04 July 2019 17:43)

    I just made a purchase from them. Now I am a little worried. I read some reviews that it is fake. How can I get my money back?

  • #4

    William (Friday, 05 July 2019 16:45)

    I dont see why there are so many negative reviews. Well.. i am basing it off my experience which was more than smooth, no issues at all. But i am seeing quite a bit of stressful reviews. I have had a very positive experience even offering me discounts as a sign of appreciation for my purchase. I need answers!!!

  • #5

    Sylvia (Friday, 05 July 2019 18:17)

    I don't trust a site where every single customer review has 5 stars, come on now...get real.

  • #6

    S. Johnson (Saturday, 06 July 2019 20:59)

    We bought a items from the over June 5th and have not received anything. We got a "it will ship in 5-7 days" that was 10 days ago and nothing. Canceling order and contacting credit card company.

  • #7

    Denis (Sunday, 07 July 2019 08:00)

    They do have the PayPal option witch is safer but as mentioned here, you never know what your gonna get with these sites.. So thanks for the info

  • #8

    Peotti (Monday, 08 July 2019 21:54)

    SCAM - It has been over 6 weeks of waiting. Am unable to cancel order since their so called "customer service" is a computer generated message explaining - stupidly - why order is delayed - not their fault, carrier takes a long time (!!!??).

  • #9

    Peotti (Saturday, 13 July 2019 10:37)

    I've gotten the runaround for 6 weeks now. Asked for refund many, many times. All I get is a computer generated message «How have you been?». Followed the advice of a review and contacted my credit card company, I will get a refund and they will handle the complaint directly with the scammers and their bank. They did not offer refund but they tried to lure me for more purchases with 30% discount ...

  • #10

    Karen Lambert (Sunday, 14 July 2019 06:39)

    I placed an order on June 28, 2019 and have only gotten computer generated messages and their phone line is conveniently unavailable at the moment...every time I call. I have put in a dispute with PayPal, but it is a long process. I am out $99.00 Shame on me for trusting this site.