Creatinv Review - Is it Scam or Legit

Update 2015/05/07:- Creatinv has already stopped paying to their members. So, Creatinv is already a scam now.

CreatInv is typical HYIP model which is a very risky platform to invest money because these kind of websites can be shutdown anytime. It is one kind of platform where you can try your luck by taking high amount of risk. This is the reason why these kind of sites always register by hiding their real location and owner details. As per online work norms, we never recommend these kind of unsustainable HYIP programs. But, if you are player or gambler and if you know about the risk involve in HYIP program then CreatInv is worth to try as it is paying from 2nd December 2014 till date (we will post just above of this review with bold letter when they stop paying to their members) 

CreatInv Review, Is CreatInv Scam or Legit, Click here to join CreatInv

Platform like CreatInv is never a place to plan the lifetime income and it is definitely not a place where you should invest more than you can afford to lose. 


If you have decided to take a risk in HYIP gambling world, then at the moment CreatInv seems best, but in the future may be other site will be best as anytime HYIP programs will be close and another HYIP programs will be open by the same owner. This is the reason why many people think HYIP is Scam. Actually it is scam if you take it as lifetime income opportunity or as online work. However, if you take it as a gambling platform where you can invest for short period of time and cash out as soon as you can, then definitely we can't tell them scam.


To work in CreatInv is very simple, you no need to do any other things than deposit the money and wait for the plans as shown in the picture above. If you only invest $10 to $499 in one day plan, then you will get 104% only after one day. If you invest from $10,000 to $50,000 in one day plan, then you will receive 125% after one day. Similarly if you invest in 3 days plan, you will get 114% to 200%, if in 6 days plan, then 130% to 500% and so on as shown in the picture above. For example if you invest $100 in 1 day plan, then you will get back $104 in 1 day OR if you invest $100 in 3 days plan, then you will get back $114 and so on.


But considering the HYIP business we never recommend anyone to invest more than what they can't afford to lose and also don't invest in maximum days plans as HYIP can be shutdown anytime without any notice. So, as we mention before, treat it like gambling and try to stay low as far as you can, (means focus on short term profit even it look like small profit rather than focusing on long term plan and loosing your hard earn cash if site shutdown without any notice).


Anyway, if you have landed with CreatInv in order to make lifetime income for you, then you are totally in wrong place. It is not the place to earn money and establish your online carrier in order to earn real online income regularly. However, if you are interest to make full time income by doing online work, then we can suggest you one best company which is paying from 2005 and which have many courses that not only help you to earn within the company but also will make you expert to do any kind of online work or even open your own business online. If you are interest to see the detail review of this company, then we kindly request you to click this link:-


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