Clixten Review – Is Clixten a scam or a legit?

Updated: 27 March 2017:- Clixten is back and online, but also still we don't recommend it because after their Paypal issue, the existing members can withdraw money only if they invest in the company more than what they have invested before from Paypal and also it seems the owner of the site is not active as before. For 4-5 days site went offline as we have updated in 22 March 2017 as below, but also when they online back, they didn't provide any information why site went offline and pretend like nothing happen. Even it becomes very difficult to earn a pocket money from Clixten. However, if you are working in Clixten, you don't have to worry because you can still withdraw money if you haven't invested before from Paypal, but if you have invested from Paypal before, then you must invest more than what you have invested before using other payment processor in order to withdraw money. So, from our side, we don't recommend Clixten anymore.


Updated:- 22 March 2017:- It seems Clixten has completely gone scam now because form yesterday (22 March 2017), we can't access the Clixten site. It seems site is already shutdown. Like we have guessed before and updated on 29 January 2017, it seems we did right by listing it within our Not Recommended List.


Updated:- 29 January 2017:- It seems Clixten is having payment issues. There are lots of members claiming they haven't got their payment after waiting for long time. After Paypal disable their account, even they stop paying existing members who have invested from Paypal unless they invest again in the site 50% of what they have invested from Paypal in order to get paid. It seems Paypal incident is going to make them very difficult. So, we want to warn everyone that now it is better to start withdraw money from Clixten, otherwise will have chance that you will not get paid. We before listed Clixten within our Good and Trusted Online Works section because it was paying from 2012, but we don't think it can keep on paying anymore. So, we have now moved it from our Good and Trusted Online Works section to our Not Recommended  online works companies list.


Following is our previous review on Clixten which is not applicable anymore.

Ads by Media

End of Ads by Media

Although we have listed Clixten within our Good and Trusted Online Works section, we don't mean it is a best platform to earn full time income for your lifetime. If you are searching for best online work companies to established your full time online career so that you can earn good income online for your lifetime, then Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice. You can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate and the link to join it by clicking this link:-


So, is that means Clixten scam? No, we don't mean that either and you can find details within our Clix Ten review. Ok, let's begin with Clixten info review as below.

Background of Clixten:-

Clixten was launched on November 1, 2012. The owner and admin of Clixten is Pascal Mihaela from Romania.

Clixten Review - Work at Home Company - Is it Legit or Scam?

 Link for Clixten login and to work in Clixten: www. clixten. info (Not Recommended to join)

What is,

Clixten is PTC (Pay to Click service) website in which you can earn money by viewing advertisements and advertisers can get benefit by displaying their advertisements in low rate to increase their website traffic as well as sales.



Who can work in Clixten?

Clixten is suitable for everyone who are interested to make money online. Either beginners or professionals, both can take benefit from Clixten.



Clixten program details (How can we make money in Clixten?)

You can earn money in Clixten by viewing the advertisements. You will earn from $0.001 to $0.01 per advertisements view. You need to view each advertisement from 2 seconds to 30 seconds depending upon the rate of advertisements.



Is there any other way to make more money from Clixten than viewing ads?

Yep, there is one way to make more money from Clixten and that is by referring people to join and work in Clixten through your referral link, means by making referrals. You will earn commissions from your referrals when they work in Clixten in the same manner as you are working, means viewing ads. When your referrals click and view the advertisements, they will earn money as same as you and you will earn commissions from their each advertisements view. This commission will not be cut from your referrals earnings, but will be provided to you additionally from Clixten as an incentive.  You will also earn commissions if your referrals upgrade their accounts in Clixten.


(NOTE:- You need to view at least 4 ads everyday to earn commissions from your referrals)


Most of the time, we don’t recommend anyone to rent referrals in any PTC sites, but in Clixten you can make sometime good profit from rented referrals if you follow good Clixten strategy and that is only if you upgrade your account to Golden and rent total 1,000 referrals, otherwise as a free member, you can't make profit by renting referrals. Once you rent the referrals, don't extend them or recycle them. Just keep them in Autopay and let the inactive ones expire by itself and rent new referrals so that you will always have 1000 rented referrals on regular basis. However, earning from rented referrals is not guaranteed. There are some members in Clixten who have even lose money by renting referrals. So, the best strategy is to focus on making direct referrals.


But as a free member, you can only refer 100 direct referrals. To refer more people, you must upgrade your account in Clixten. But, if you can make 100 direct referrals who are all active, then you can easily make money to upgrade your account in Clixten. As soon as you upgrade your account, you can refer more people and keep on increasing your earnings.



How to get direct referrals in Clixten?

The strategy to get direct referrals in Clixten as well as in all other PTC sites is almost same which we have described in another post which you can find by clicking -->HERE<--



Is Clixten free to join or do we need to pay?

Clixten is completely free to join and work.



Drawbacks of Clixten:-

1. Clixten also provides additional features to earn money like Paid to Sign up, Clixgrid, Like Flow etc. But, we think those are completely waste of time because you can’t make enough money comparing with the time and effort that you have to provide to complete those works. For example:-

  • If you work in Paid to Sign up feature, then it is not guarantee that you will be paid even after you complete the work honestly because all of those works are listed by the advertisers, not by Clixten itself and we have found most of those advertisers are rejecting works of members even after they have complete it honestly.
  • If you work in Clixgrid, then you will not make money all the time because Clixgrid is like lucky draw games in which you need to view ads, but only some lucky people will get cash. So, most of the time you will get nothing.
  • If you work in Like Flow Section, then you need to like bunches of Facebook pages for which you will be credited only $0.001. But afterwards, your Facebook will be floated with bunches of pages and will waste your time to manage it.

We don’t mean that these additional features are completely useless. But, comparing with the effort that you have to provide to complete these works, you will earn very less amount. So, if you manage same time and effort to get referrals, you will earn much more good income than doing those works. So, now you can decide yourself what is best for you. However, the best way to earn money from Clixten is by viewing required number of ads and by referring as many as people as you can.


2. Clixten can’t guarantee you that each advertisement you view in their website is legit because they display the advertisements as per the requirement of the advertisers. Not only Clixten, but all kinds of medias can’t guarantee and check each and every advertisements which they are displaying in their media. So, if you find something interesting while viewing some advertisements, first of all to do your own research regarding that before you decide submit any information to those companies.


3. If you don’t have enough number of referrals in Clixten, your earning will be very slow. So, in order to find out how to get direct referrals in Clixten as well as in any other online work companies, click -->HERE<--


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