Review: Is Chicchoo Scam or Genuine?

Are you searching for the Chicchoo reviews to find out either is a scam or legit and what is in real? If so, then here, within our Chicchoo review, you are going to find out the complete truth. So your search for reviews to find out its reality ends here. OK, let's begin with our Chicchoo review.


What is Either is hoax or real? is an online store claiming to sell various clothes at a heavy discount price. However, we have found some suspicious things about due to which we don't recommend it and have listed it in our Not Recommended sites list. If you want to know why we don't recommend Chicchoo for online shopping, then you can continue reading this review below.

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Chicchoo complaints. Is Chicchoo fake or real? Is Chicchoo legit or fraud?

We don't recommend Chicchoo due to the following reasons:-

Although Chicchoo has mentioned it is from London on its contact us page, on its “Return Policy Page” it has provided its return address as “4th Floor, Jiadu Technology Building, No. 4 Jiangong Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou”. However, this particular address has been using by other sites such as "", "" and so on. Actually, the whole return policy of Chicchoo has been copy-pasted from other sites including the address which is definitely not a good sign. 


Other than the copy paste address from China provided by Chicchoo on its “Return Policy” page, on its “Contact Us” page, it has provided its company's name and address as "Qandies Limited, 617, Crown House North Circular Road, London, England, NW10 7PN". Now, this is a big warning because there are multiple scam sites using their company name as Qandies Limited. On top of that, providing two addresses from two different countries for the same company is definitely not a good sign.


Other than those two copy-pasted address, Chicchoo hasn't provided any other address, neither it has provided any phone number nor any warehouse’s address. The only way to contact Chicchoo's team is via email or via its Facebook account. These days there are lots of scam online stores, so it is hard to believe those online stores who even don’t provide their detailed contact information and just copy paste address from other sites. So, this is the main reason why we don’t recommend it.


Now you know why we don’t recommend Chicchoo, however, if you have a different opinion for Chicchoo or want to provide your own Chicchoo reviews or want to report something about Chicchoo, then please feel free to leave your comment below.


You should be always careful while providing your credit card information to those sites which even don't bother to give real contact information. So, if you have ever made a purchase from suspicious sites, we advise you to contact your bank or credit card company and follow their instruction to secure your credit card.

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