What is Chaturbate.com? How to earn from Chaturbate?

Before we begin with our Chaturbate review, we want to make it clear that Chaturbate is an adult site and if you are under 18, then the content of this review is not suitable for you. However, neither we are a adult site nor we are are promoting Chaturbate, but since our site is related with online money making industry, so we can't leave Chaturbate without reviewing it because although it is an adult site, but also it offers the members to earn money free of cost and our website is related with online money making niche due to which we got queries about Chaturbate from time to time. But, this doesn't mean we are working with Chaturbate. Our review on Chaturbate entirely depends on our own research, but not working with Chaturbate as a member. It is not as easy as you think to work with Chaturbate because to work with Chaturbate you must be over 18, you need to commit yourself that you can go as far as like a model in a adult industry, you should be comfortable to have sex in front of live webcam, your country should be legal and open to sex industry and so on. If you feel you are not fit for those requirements, then it is better you forget to work with Chaturbate. But don't worry, there are lots of other ways to earn money online and about that, we will discuss later in this post. But before that, first of all let's find out what is Chaturbate, how to make money from Chaturbate, does Chaturbate pay to its members or not, is Chaturbate real or not, is Chaturbate legal or not and so on. 


Chaturbate is one of the popular webcam site where anyone more than 18 years old can join and do the live broadcast on the webcam anywhere from their comfort zone, but not from the place where other than the Chaturbate performers can be visible on the cam, and can perform the erotic performances and doing so, they will earn money through the tips or tokens allocated by viewers. On the other hand, those who want to watch adult videos, they can enjoy by watching various types of livestream performances by different people in Chaturbate and what makes Chaturbate different from other adult site is the ability to request the performers to perform the way you want to watch them by giving them tips or tokens. In order to search and find the performances according to your choice easily, they have categorized their chat section in Featured, Male, Female, Couple and Transgender and further categorized as Asian, Hairy, Anal, 18, Ohmibod, Feet, Teen, Mature, C2C, etc., so that you can directly head to the chat room of your choice.

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Chaturbate name itself reflects the content of Chaturbate website because the Chaturbate represents the combination of words "Chat" and "Masturbate".  


The official website domain of Chaturbate is chaturbate.com, however if you mistype, chaterbate.com or chatturbate.com, that will also direct you to the chaturbate.com. 

Chaturbate review, What is Chaturbate, Is Chaturbate fake or real? How to earn from Chaturbate? How much money can you make Chaturbate?

Above image is just a screenshot of Chaturbate website, hiding some details which are not appropriate to show in our website. However, if this violates the terms and conditions of Chaturbate by any means, then the team of Chaturbate can contact us through our email address or using the comment section below. We will be more than happy to remove the screenshot as above and even ready to post the image as the way team of Chaturbate want to provide us, but not with visible sex content.

Background of Chaturbate

When we checked the WHOIS detail of Chaturbate, we found out that the Chaturbate.com domain was registered on 2011-02-25, and it is operated by Multi Media LLC which address is mentioned as 23600 EL TORO RD, #D344, Lake Forest, United States. However, in their blog, "blog.chaturbate.com", we found out that blog.chaturbate.com and chaturbate.com is a part of Zmedianow, LLC. Then we dig more into it to find out either it is operated by Multi Media LLC or Zmedianow, LLC, then we found out in the terms and conditions of chaturbate.com that they have provided that it is part of Multi Media, LLC and provided address as 23615, EL Toro Rd., #X344, Lake Forest, United States, which almost match with the details as they have provided within the WHOIS detail. Then we did further research to find out the connection between ZMedianow, LLC and Multi Media LLC and found out that they are connected to each other because as provided in "trademarks.justia.com", both companies are linked with each other and related with Chaturbate.com. We also check the detail of Zmedianow, LLC within "www.bbb.org" and found out the address which they have mentioned for Zmedianow, LLC is 23600 El Toro Rd, #D344, Lake Forest, United States which is exactly same as they have provided within their WHOIS detail for Multi Media LLC which proves that both company is operating and running from the same roof and both belongs to Chaturbate. Now, after this, we tried to find out the name of the owners of these companies, but we didn't find much more information than Shirley Lara is Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Chaturbate as mentioned in the "http://www.thedebrief.co.uk/". Anyway, from these all research, we can conclude that they are legal company which is paying their members on time as per their terms and conditions.



How to Make Money from Chaturbate?

Aforementioned, anyone can register free of cost with Chaturbate. In order to be a viewer, there is not any restriction, you can use their service free of cost. You can also register free of cost to be model/performer, or let's say to broadcast live yourself to make money from Chaturbate, but for that you need to agree their terms and conditions and need to provide the details about yourself with documents as per the company requirements. Everyone is allowed to view the content free and register free in Chaturbate, but there are many other kinds of viewers who are in Chaturbate to see the show as the way they want, means they want the performers to do something for them and for that they are ready to pay the tokens to the performers. If you are a performer, you can set a goal, for example, if you set a goal to be naked when you get 1000 tokens, then those viewers who want to see you naked will start to send you tips in the form of tokens and once you reach to 1000 tokens, you really have to be naked. If you try to cheat, even you will have high chance to get suspended from Chaturbate. The viewers who want to tip the tokens like that, they can purchase tokens within Chaturbate after they sign up. When performer earn tokens, Chaturbate also earns revenues because they will take roughly 40-50% of what performers make and rest pay to the performers. So, that's it. In order to earn money from Chaturbate you have to be a performer there and for that you need to be completely feel free as same as the adult star does. We don't mean showing sex is the only way to earn from Chaturbate, but without showing sex, it is very difficult to earn money from Chaturbate because almost all viewers are there to see the sex show.


Note: 20 tokens in Chaturbate are worth $1.


So, how much money can you make in Chaturbate?


OK, there is not any certain answer for that, it varies due to lots of factors and even varies each day. It depends upon the gender like, girls can make more money than the boys, obvious reason is that the most of the viewers are more interested to see the private parts of girls than boys. However, like we have said before, it varies according to the particular days as well. Sometimes even will have chance to have more viewers who are looking for boys than girls. But, as per our research, most of time the girls will earn more than the boys in Chaturbate. However, we have also found that those who broadcast as a couple or even in a group can earn more than the solo girl performance. If you are a boy and if you want to earn more money, it is always better you pretend to be gay even if you are not, however, if you are a gay, then you will have more chance to earn more money because those who are looking to see the boys in Chaturbate are most of time the gay guys than the girls. But, the only possible way to earn huge amount of money from Chaturbate is when you can appear in the first page of Chaturbate homepage, but for that you need to have good amount of followers, which at starting will be very hard for you to deal with, but if you keep on broadcasting often, you will have more followers and you will have more chance to appear in the first page of Chaturbate in upcoming days. Another factor also depends upon your look, sorry to say that but it is true. Most of the time those boys who looks very handsome or cute or sexy or those girls who look cute and sexy will have more chance to earn than other performers. So, like these, the amount you can earn from Chaturbate depends upon many factors.




Aformentioned, Chaturbate is a legit company, so there is no need to doubt on them. If you want to work with them, you will have your check on time as they have promised. There are already lots of performers who are earning very good amount of money and getting paid on time from Chaturbate which is another proof of its legitimacy. But, like we have said before, working with Chaturbate is not a cup of tea for everyone and even it is not safe for everyone due to the social factor, family problem, legality in certain country, relationship status, problematic to change career in the future, because it is like to be the part of adult industry and once you join this industry, it will be hard for you to completely get out of it. However, if you have any creative ideas to perform rather than showing sexual activities to drag the viewer's attention and if you are male, then may be Blued gay app will be more efficient for you. You can find our detail review on Blued gay app by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/blued/


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Wealthy Affiliate can also help you to make more money from Chaturbate because you know there are lots of competition in the Chaturbate due to the volume of the performers and the ones who can appear in the first page of Chaturbate can earn good amount of money than other performers and to appear in the first page, you need to have lots of fans and followers. So, at starting it will be hard for you to get that, but with the help of Wealthy Affiliate, you can open website in any subject of your interest, which means you can also open sex related website and can learn the expert strategies to get the visitors to your own website through the search pages like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. due to which you will have more followers and you can invite all those followers to see your live broadcast whenever you are live in Chaturbate by referring them to join Chaturbate through your referral link form your website which will not only help you to appear in the first page of Chaturbate, but will also help you to earn money from the affiliate program of Chaturbate, such as, when your referred people sign up as a member of Chaturbate, you will earn $1 for each member, when your referred member purchases tokens, you will earn 20% commission of their purchase amount and you will earn $50 for every referred registered member who has earned $20 by broadcasting on Chaturbate. But, this is not the end, you can earn much more than that by creating your own website, even without working in Chaturbate, such as, by selling affiliate products related with your article subject matter, or by posting advertisements of various services within your website. More than that, even it is not necessary to have a sex website. You can create a website in any subject of your own interest by following Wealthy Affiliate lessons step by step and can make money from that. It is not so difficult like you think and if working with Chaturbate is not your cup of tea, then Wealthy Affiliate should be your best choice to earn money online. Actually, it is already one of the top rated online work company. For more details on Wealthy Affiliate, please click this link:- newsonlineincome.com/wealthy-affiliate-review/


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