Bux888 Review, Is it Scam or Legit?

Update:- 27/07/2015:- Like we guess in our review as below, now Bux888 is prove to be scam because they had already stop paying to their members.

According to our investigation so far, we find many bad points about Bux888 than the good points. At the moment it is paying. However, it seems that it may turn into Scam in future.


The drawbacks which we find out about Bux888 are as below:-


1. The proofs which they are showing are not real and those member are not real. They copy picture of those members from site name dynado.com


2. They claim they are from USA, but their Paypal account which they are using is belong to China with name as Zu Wei. However, the site was registered under name of Ronnie Scudder.


3. We feel that this site is from same owner of previous scam sites 88bux, 88clix and Neatclix, but not sure about it.

Bux888 Review, Bux888 is Scam

Conclusion about Bux888

As we mention before, they are using the fake name, which is not good sign. However, they will pay for sometime in order to gather more people. So, till that time if you want to work with them in safe way (without investing your own money), then you can proceed by clicking about picture and register in their company.


To work in Bux888 is very simple. Register by clicking picture as above and then log in and click "View Ad pack" and start to view ads. You can also buy your own ad pack to advertise other sites and your referral links which in return will give you 138% return.


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