What is BTC Block? Is BTCBlock.io a Scam or a Legit?

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What is BTCBlock and why don't we recommend it?

BTC Block claims that it can pay upto 100% profit within a day by using the money of members in crypto currency mining, but that is a complete lie because none of the cryptocurrency miners can make 200% ROI, means 100% profit within a day. That is not possible. So, it makes clear that BTC Block is lying about itself which is not a good sign. 


So, what is BTCBlock in real.


Well, BTCBlock is nothing but a Ponzi scheme which means an illegal and unsustainable business. Ponzi scheme like BTC Block will pay to few members at starting so that they can gain the trust of thousands of people and run away with big money in the end. Ponzi scheme never has any back up income source. They just use the money invested by new members to pay old members. But, each time they pay, they create a debt equal to the profit amount that they pay to their members. So, Ponzi scheme like BTC Block is never a sustainable business. That's is why Ponzi scheme is illegal in many countries.


If you do the math yourself, you can find out the fact that there is no way anyone will collect the investment from several people and pay them 100% profit within a day if they really can make that much of profit. Because if someone can make 100% profit within a day, they will just take a loan from a bank or use their credit card balance and pay back that loan within a day. After all they only need to pay less than 1% monthly interest rate to the bank. So, why are they willing to pay 100% interest rate daily. So, that proves BTCBlock is a complete bogus company. 


Like other similar kinds of Ponzi schemes, BTCBlock has also registered in UK Companies House and claiming that is the license to run an investment company. Well, that is not true. That registration is only for tax purpose where anyone from around the world can register company for which even no need to have a real address, but just by renting address from virtual address services is enough. Even the registration fee is only 20 GBP. More than that, there were tons of Ponzi scheme sites with UK Companies House registration similar to BTCBlock which have been already turned into scam. So, it proves having such document can't stop anyone to turned into scam. More than that document, BTCBlock.io hasn't provided any other information about who and from where is operating a website. So, that is another drawback of the company. So, we don't recommend anyone to invest in BTCBlock.io.


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