What is Blued App? How to Make Money from Blued Live?

Blued app is a gay app which provides social networking service specific to gays. So, it is a social media application targeted to the gays which can be download free of cost in any kind of smartphones. Everyone can join it free and can use this application to chat, messages, sharing picture as well as for live broadcasting specially between gays.


Blued Live Stream is a feature provided by Blued app from which any members who have joined Blued can live broadcast free of cost and even can earn money because those who view the live broadcast and like the performance, some of them will reward the performers by giving gifts. Those gifts viewers can buy within Blued app and the performers who get those gifts, they can exchange them into real money and can withdraw into their banks.


The main motto of our website is to guide people to make money online, so our main focus in this Blued review will be on Blued Live Stream feature than other features of Blued app.


OK, let's begin with our Blued app review as below in order to find out in details what is Blued.com. 

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What is Blued gay app? How to earn money from Blued live webcam feature? Blued app review.

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Background of Blued Appication Company, What is Blued Gay App?

As provided in Wikipedia, Geng Le (Ma Baoli) is the owner of the Blued and it was launched on 2012. Geng Le was a married police officer in northern China and was running Danlan.org, a website for gay people. Later when his superiors discover about Danlan.org, he loses his job and also his family. But, he didn't give up to make the legitimization of same-sex relationship in China. After that incident, he creates Blued, the first gay social network application in China. Currently, the headquarter of Blued is in Beijing, China and also has offices in London, UK. 


Now, you've already known that Blued is a gay social networking application which anyone can download and use free of cost to be connected in the gay world. Aforementioned, although Blued was started from China, but now it has become the largest gay social network in the world with more than millions of members. It also partnered with another popular gay app known as Hornet. The CEO of Hornet is Christof Wittig and the President is Sean Howell. Now a days, Blued not only remains as social networking for gay, but also a place to make money by live broadcasting about which we have explained in detail as below.



How to make money from Blued Live Broadcasting?

Aforementioned, it is free to join and use the Blued application which means it is also free to work as a live broadcasting performer in Blued. Actually the main feature of live broadcasting through webcam of smartphones is just to share your moments with your gay network inside Blued. But, now a days it also becomes the place for many people to earn money from it because when you live broadcast from your smartphones through Blued, then other members of Blued will watch your performance. If they like what they see, then they will even reward you by giving gift. Those gift can be bought by any members within a Blued and can gift to anyone whom them like while watching live broadcasting. 


As per our research within Chinese users, we found out that in Blued, you can purchase 42 points to purchase a gift by paying 6 RMB (Chinese Yuan/Chinese Currency) if you are a iPhone user and 100 points by paying 10 RMB if you are an android user and you can gift those to the performers of your choice as many as you like, but this doesn't mean you have to pay to view the livestream, remember, everyone can view and use all services of Blued free of cost, but also there are many members who are willing to give a gift to those other members who broadcast live from their comfort zone because when someone sends virtual gifts like cars, flowers, beer, food etc. will increase the chance of a performer replying to a viewer questions or acknowledging presents by mentioning the gift-giver’s name. Other fun fact of giving gift is to demand the performer something that we want to see. Sometimes even there have some members who gave gift and asked the performer to do some sexual activities like taking out cloths, but you should know that not gonna happen in Blued app because if any performer shows anything even nearly inclined to explicit sexual content, the performer will be cut off by the Blued. Blued activity monitor is very strict in their rules. So, if you want to earn as a performer, you have to think the creative ways to earn by doing live streaming, but far from a sex content. For example, some people are earning by singing the song of viewer's choice within a live stream, other are doing funny stuffs etc. If you can't think any other creative activities to attract viewer's attention to your live stream rather than sex, and if you don't have any problem to show the sexual activities in the front of live webcam and if that is legal according to the rules and regulations of your country, then you can go for another program known as Chaturbate about which you can find more details by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/chaturbate/


As a live performer, all gifts you will earn will be in points which later on you can exchange for real cash. But, the main cut will be taken by Blued itself, because Blued only pays 35% to the performers of what they have earned.


Like we have said before, to be performer of Blued, we can register free of cost, but we need to be verified. To verify, we need to submit our citizenship scan copy and one video showing ourselves and the Blued will verify our documents are real or not and then only will approve to use the live feature. Once you earn the gift, Blued will convert it into real cash and send you money directly to your bank account which you have provided to them.


However, remember, if you want to earn money by performing in Blued, you must be gay or if you are not, then you must pretend to be gay because almost all viewers of Blued who are willing to give gift as per your performance are gays. You also have to follow the rules of Blued while performing. It is not allowed to show any sexual activity while doing the live performance within a Blued. 


So, this is all, this is how you can make money from Blued Live Streaming feature.




Although it seems it is easy to make money through Blued Live feature by doing live stream from your own home or any comfort zone using your own mobile devices, but also it is not a cup of tea for everyone to drag the viewer's attention towards them so that those viewers will be willing to give them a gift. The money you can make from Blued depends upon many factors such as your looks, your performance, the amount of viewers and their choice at the time of your broadcast, the number of other members broadcasting on the same day and so on. So, this is not a definite or regular source of income. Yep, we agree some people are making good amount of money from this app, but also it is never certain how long they can earn in the same way. Anyway, it is the way to make money by having fun in the same time, but definitely not the place to develop a career. However, if you think you can do it, you can try it and see it yourself as it is free to use and the Blued is 100% legit company which will pay to every members on time. But, if you are looking for serious career, then you must think which can remain forever so that you can make money for your life time and keep on growing day by day on regular basis. Well, there are lots of ways for that, but we know if you are looking for the methods to make money from your comfort zone, then that means you will more prefer to earn money from your home rather than doing job or traditional type of businesses. If you are one of them, then we can recommend you one top online work company where you will not only earn, but will also learn every expert online business skills to earn from any kind of online work companies, even from the reputed companies like eBay, Amazon, Google AdSense etc. and also by making website in your own subject of interest. Yep, you hear us right, you can earn by following your own passion, your own subject of interest. Well, now if you are interested to know the name of that company, then that is Wealthy Affiliate and you can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate and the link to join it by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/wealthy-affiliate-review/


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