What is Bitinx.com? Is Bitinx a Scam or a Legit?

Actually, when we are doing the review of Bitinx today, it is just 1 day old, means it was just launched yesterday, 2017-5-5. So, may be you are thinking how can we do the review of any company within a day in order to declare that company is scam or legit. Yep, it takes time to test the company, but not the companies like Bitinx which is scam from the making. So, if you are searching for the Bitinx reviews in order to find out what is Bitinx in real, either is Bitinx.com scam or legit, then you are absolutely in right place and we are happy to see that you are doing research before invest in companies like Bitinx. But, if you had already invested money in Bitinx, then you would have maximum chance to lose your money.


So, is that mean we are saying Bitinx is a scam company? Yep, we are. It doesn't matter companies like Bitinx pays at starting or not. Actually companies like Bitinx pays at starting, but only to lure more people into their scam so that they can gain the trust of people and then gather tons of money from the investment of several people and run away with big money.


Yep, you hear us right. Companies like Bitinx is known as a Ponzi Scheme which is neither a legal, nor a sustainable business. OK, you can find out more about Bitinx within our Bitinx review as below. But, before that if you want to find out what kind of companies we have recommended, then you can find the list of our good and trusted online work companies by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.org/legitimate-work-home-businesses/


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OK, now let's begin with our Bitinx.com review in detail in order to find out what is Bitinx in real.

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Bitinx login and join link:- https:// bitinx. com / (Not Recommended to join)

What is Bitinx and why are we saying it will turn into scam soon?

Bitinx is a Ponzi scheme which is not legal in many countries because Ponzi schemes can't be sustain for long run. They only claim that they can make real profit to pay back their members, but in reality, they just use the money of new investors to pay existing old members/investors and each time they pay, they create a debt in their system which make their system unsustainable.


So, they keep on paying few members at starting in order to lure more people into their system and keep on calculating the daily ratio of withdrawal amount and the new investment amount. When they start to notice that the withdrawal amount is increasing day by day compare with the new investment coming into the system, they will just stop paying or even will shutdown their site. Even if Ponzi schemes manage to run for long time, government agencies will seized them. So, either way they can't be sustain for long run and you can lose your investment anytime in these kinds of companies. If you don't know what is Ponzi and Pyramid schemes, then you can find the details by clicking following respective links:-


Ponzi Scheme:- newsonlineincome.org/ponzi-scheme/

Pyramid Scheme:- newsonlineincome.org/2017/03/06/what-is-pyramid-scheme/


So, why do they pay at starting if they have intention to scam?


They need to pay at starting in order to show the payment proof and in order to gain the trust of people so that they can promote their company and lure more people to invest in their company. After all they take risk by opening illegal business, so they are not here for small money.


If you check their website, you can't find any details who is running and operating the site and those information are also hidden within WHOIS detail which prove that their intention is not good. In online work industry, good companies never hide their owner details. So, will you be ready to invest in such company which address and owner details are not clear and which business model is unsustainable and illegal? Anyway, we are not.




Aforementioned, it is already clear that Bitinx is not a good company. So, if you invest money in this company, instead of earning, you can lose your investment anytime. So stay out of it. We have listed it within our Not Recommended sites list. If you want to know what kinds of companies we have recommended, then you can find those by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.org/legitimate-work-home-businesses/


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