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If you are looking for the persons who write the reviews, articles and posts for, then following are the name of the authors of for you:-


1. Deroka (Suman Roka)

Suman Roka, Author and Admin of News Online Income

Deroka (Suman Roka) is the one who has written lots of reviews, articles and posts within He is also the researcher for the reviews written on News Online Income about different online work companies. He is also the editor of the reviews, articles and posts within a News Online Income. If you want to get in touch personally with him, then you can follow him through his Facebook page by clicking this link:-


However, he has maximum friend numbers within Facebook, so you can only follow him and message him, but can't add him as a friend due to the Facebook friend limitation.


Suman Roka has been in online work industry from 2007, however, he started to earn good amount of money only from 2011. So, his failure in the past makes him capable person to do the deep research on online work companies and day by day his skills to do the research on online work companies keeps on growing, that is why now he can do research and write the reviews on almost all kinds of online work companies. He has also written several kinds of internet marketing articles which you can find within our News Online Income Blog page. 


Deroka is also responsible to handle the comments within our website as well as within our Facebook page which is this one:- Since he is so much involved in researches all the time that he has gained ample of experience, thus he can reply lots of queries related with online work industry without any further research. However, there are still other team members who handle the comments of


Suman Roka is form Nepal, but staying in both China and Nepal because of his business nature. You can find more about him within our Admins of News Online Income page because he is also an admin/founder of this website.



2. Ditiea (Zhang Long)

Zhang Long, Author and Admin of News Online Income

Ditiea (Zhang Long) has only written few posts within our website, but he is very capable of handling marketing part of our website as well as he is also a founder/admin of this website.


You can find more information about Zhang Long through his Facebook ID which is this one:-


He is not very active in his Facebook, so it may take a long time to get reply from him if you want to message or contact him in his Facebook. 


Zhang Long is also responsible to handle the comments within our website and also within our Facebook group. Zhang Long is more responsible to handle the messages which are received via our website.


Zhang Long is in online work industry form 2011 and he started to earn good income after he was associated with Suman Roka in online business from 2013. So, he also has his own experience in online work industry which adds value to the reviews of online work companies that you can find within our website.


Zhang Long is from China and you can find more about Zhang Long within Admins of News Online Income page because he is also an admin/founder of this website. However, majority of share is hold by Deroka (Suman Roka)



3. Pooja Ghimire

Pooja Ghimire, author of News Online Income.

Pooja Ghimire has written lots of articles/posts within our website. However, she only writes on the base of research outcome made by either Suman Roka or Zhang Long. She also edit the articles/posts of our website.


She doesn't like to share her Facebook ID, so sorry for inconvenience. It is because she is only the writer, but not the admin/founder of this website. So, she don't want to use her Facebook for business purpose and make that very personal. 


Pooja Ghimire is from Nepal and she has lots of ideas and knowledge regarding online work industry because she has been involved in online work industry since 2013. 


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