How to find Best Keywords? Solution for Buyer Keywords List.

Before we begin with this post, we want to make it clear that this post is only for those who already have idea about what is keyword research and its benefits, how to do the keyword research, how to find keywords for a website and so on. If you doesn't know what is Keyword Research, or how to do the Keyword Research or how to find best SEO keywords, then first of all we suggest you to view our other posts by clicking the respective links as below.


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So, now may be you are thinking if those answers have been already provided in those posts, then what we are going to discuss in this post. Well, this post is just about another perspective on buyer keywords, specially focusing on buyer keywords and the way to evaluate them. After all the ultimate goal of keyword research is to make money, and if some keywords can directly provide us some buyers, won't be that grateful? Well, we are here talking about how to find those buyers keywords.

Finding keywords for your website, How to find top keywords, What is buyer keywords?

What is Buyer Keywords?

Buyer Keyword is a keyword which determines the earning in online marketing business. So, choosing the best buyer keyword is essential in online marketing business because when you are picking up the right buyer keyword phrase, you are actually about to making your sales as people are just in the final stage of their purchasing decision. They type the buyer keyword phrases in Google search page to comfort their buying decision. So, your income somehow also depends on the selection of your keyword phrases for the content, we mean your marketing tool for the sales.


What we must understand is that among the several decisive factors on online marketing business which are equally important for your success, buyer keyword phrase is the one such factor which will help you to convert your content into sales. But remember that the entire business success depends on the right module you pick to carry on your business by consulting with right coach about which you can find some more details by clicking >HERE<.


So, before going for any buyer keyword phrases, you must understand the nature of your customers in the terms of their purchasing behavior. You must understand what they often prefer to buy or what they are looking for because you can make sales with them only if you can satisfy their needs. So, knowing what they want and how they want is vital here.


So, you should determine whether the keyword phrase you have selected is buyer keyword phrase or not because it will simply determines your sales.



How to determine and sort out the Buyer Keywords List for your web business

You should understand the buying cycle of the customers i.e. the steps customers come across before making purchasing decision or making actual purchases. People are more likely to make buying decisions only after receiving reassurance on that particular product. They do not buy anything in just a minute rather they use multiple sources and take time to finalize the purchase. This is because they are looking for some trustworthy product to satisfy their needs in exchange of their cash and they also prefer some reliable source to make the buying decision so that they shall not regret on their buying decision. They may perform various comparison tasks or the products evaluation to find out about the product before making any purchases. This is the real tendency of any customer and you should know in which buying cycle they are analyzing their keyword search.


The keyword phrases are quite often self descriptive but sometimes rather difficult to catch up with. You cannot figure out what your niche is looking for. You need to go for some options to understand the keyword phrases. In this case, you have a very simple option and that is none other than Google. Google always serves as the best search engine tool for any keyword phrases offering other options for you based on your searched keyword phrases. This can help you to get the right keyword phrases for your webpage as it will help you to visualize the buying intention of the searcher.


For example, let's think what will you like to find out at last about the product just before buying. Means you have already done the research and already make your mind, but still searching additional details to make sure where you should buy that product. So, in that case, most of the people will type "discount" keyword with their product name, after all everyone wants the cheap price. Those who are still not sure, but want to make sure either they should purchase that particular product or not, they often search in Google with words like "reviews", "comparisons", "complaints" with the product name that they want to know about. For example, if you have already decided to purchase iPhone 7, you will type in the search engines "cheap iPhone 7" or "discount for iPhone 7", "best service store for iPhone 7" and so on. So, those who are typing like these keywords are most of those people who had already make their mind to purchase the iPhone 7. So, if you can write the article/content following those keywords and give them the solution like "here you can find the most cheap price of iPhone 7, discount for iPhone 7". etc. then, definitely those people who have landed in your website content will click the link as you have provided within your article/content and then will even make the purchases as per your recommendation if they really feel they got from you what they are searching for. But, you should be completely honest. Showing them the link of general price of iPhone 7 when they are searching for cheap or discount price will not gonna give you good results. That is why in content and keyword reserach business, we should only involve in the subject matter of our own interest in which we have lots of knowledge so that we can provide the best solution for our visitors so that both of us can get benefit from it. Other kind of buyer keywords are uncertainty buyer keywords, but also works as good as buyer keywords. For example, those who want to buy iPhone 7, but not sure buy iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy, then they will search in Google the keywords like "Comparison between iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy", "is iPhone 7 good than Samsung" etc. and in that place if you can show them your content with honest comparison of iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy, then sure they gonna buy as per your recommendation. However, if you feel iPhone 7 is not good compare with Samsung, but you only can sell iPhone 7, then still it is better you be honest and show them the good features that iPhone have over Samsung, but not providing false information on Samsung, remember to be honest always, that will lead you to great results.


So, if you are here for buyer keywords list, then those are these keywords with your product name:- discount, cheap price, best available service, and so on. After these keywords, others uncertainty buyer keywords are:- comparisons, reviews, complaints etc. Now, in these keywords, put the name of the product which you want to sell and do the proper keyword research to find out more exact metric on these kinds of keywords and write a content on those keywords which is the best one according to competition and traffic number. Product doesn't mean only retail products, it also means services, or companies. For more details on keyword research, click this link:-




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