How to Buy Articles Online? How to Buy Content? Where to Buy Articles?

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Are you searching for how and where to buy articles/contents for your website to boost your online business or for any other purposes? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place because here we are providing you the best option to buy any kind of articles. The answer for your query: "how to buy article online?" is here or let's say here is the guide for you for buying blog content or articles for any purposes.


Here in this post, we are providing you the name of some of the top websites where you can buy content online, articles and blog posts. 


Actually, there are lots of websites out there to purchase website content or blog posts or articles for any purposes. But, we are going to provide you here the top most recommended websites to buy blog content, articles for any purposes and those top websites for web content service are as below:



1. iWriter

iWriter is a company where you can hire web content writers to write contents, articles and blog posts in any subject of your own interest, even you can buy SEO article to boost your online business. It is one of the best website to buy good quality articles or let's say to buy unique articles with low costs as lowest as $1.25 per content/article. In other word, it is the best place to buy cheap articles which are only cheap in the price, but not in quality. In iWriter, there is high chance to get good quality articles because all the writers who work for iWriter need to pass the test in order to qualify as a writer and become the content writer in iWriter. For more details about iWriter, please click this link:-



2. Freelancer and Fiverr

First of all we want to make you clear that we have listed both Freelancer and Fiverr in same rank because these both platforms offer same kind of services and also both have same drawbacks. Although they provide great services, but it is difficult to find the good writers within these both sites due to which at starting we need to try out many members of these companies and let them to work for us which make us spend more time and money till we find the good one according to our needs.



From the name it is clear that Freelancer is the platform which provides freelancing services. So, obviously there you can find freelance web content writer as well. First of all you need to pay $5 to list a job and that will be refunded when you hire the writer to write the articles or contents. And if you need a full time project, you have to pay $99.95 one time fee, for upfront project you have to pay $19 and you have to pay $19.95 per month if you want to hire writer on regular basis. As same as in other platforms as we have mentioned here within this post, in Freelancer also you can order any kind of articles/contents for any purposes, even you can purchase SEO content. You can pay to Freelancer via PayPal, wire transfer or credit cards.



In Fiverr, you have to pay fix price most of the time and that is $5 to buy an article. In Fiverr, you can purchase what writer offers to sell according to their writing skills and expertise, means any kind of articles as per your need, even you can buy SEO content, as same as in other platform as mentioned here. You can pay via your PayPal account in Fiverr.



3. Constant Content

Constant Content is a place where you can buy good qualities of articles for any purposes as well as best place to buy website content, means the best place to buy SEO articles as same as in iWriter. Most of their articles are very good in qualities because in order to become writer for Constant Content, each one need to pass the test which includes checking of spelling, grammar and syntax errors and then only they will be approved to work with Constant Content as Constant Content writers. So, there is no doubt for the quality of articles in Constant Content. But, the the price of articles are high in Constant Content comparing with other platforms which is $20 to $100 per article which is very expensive. Comparing the price of articles, it is better to buy articles in cheap cost within iWriter because iWriter also provides almost same service and in that also writers need to pass the test in order to become the writer of iWriter. However, instead of hiring writer, sometimes you can just find the articles as per your need by searching within Constant Content articles list because within Constant Content you no need to hire the writers always, but also can find out the articles which has been already listed by the writers to sell. You can find more details on Constant Content by clicking this link:-




Aforementioned, we have rated iWriter as the top platform to purchase articles/contents because they have lots of good writers and the amount you have to pay for each article/content is also relatively low compare with the quality of article that other platforms can offer. You can find more details on iWriter within our iWriter review by clicking this link:-


In fact, you must have your own website to get benefits from web contents, articles and blog posts from those platforms which we have mentioned as above and it is also always better to write content on your own for your own website in your own subject of interest to make real money online. However, if you don’t have any website and if you don't know how to write good articles in your own subject of interest and post it in your website and rank it well in Google to make money out of that, then first of all we recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate and make a website in your own subject of interest within Wealthy Affiliate and learn to earn money from that website by following step by step video tutorials. For more details on Wealthy Affiliate, please click this link:-

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