How To Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams

Are you looking to find out How to Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams? If so, then you are in right place.


We wonder how the Affiliate Marketers get victimized by some scam site during their Affiliate Marketing job despite the fact that there are availability of adequate information in just their finger tips, we mean Google search, Bing search etc. Tracking out the scam sites is not a tough job these days as many researches, reviews or experiences, multiple sources like articles, videos, and discussion forums are available in the internet world. But also, there are both negative and positive reviews of same sites which make us more confuse. Do we really bother what those reviews sites are actually up to? It seems some reviews sites really cannot figure out the legitimacy or they are just giving a try till their so called legitimate site turns into a scam. Does it really worth anything except wasting time and very often money as well?

We witness such cases frequently happening in Affiliate Marketing industry. Even the super players in online business get offended by scam sites. So what’s the big deal with the beginners?

In fact, the starters are the real targets of those scam sites as they can be easily deceived.


Then how could the starter find out the truth?


Ok, let’s first of all tell you what is Affiliate Marketing Scams? It means making referrals to earn money but later the company/site from which referrals are earning turns into scam and in that case, only the sponsor/affiliate marketer earns money and his referral will lose in all way. Actually some sponsor don’t even care if their referrals lose as their intention is only to earn money, they actually know the company/site will turn into scam or already a scam and they also know that scam company at the beginning will pay and they can make money from that company till that time. Eventually the sponsor can make money from referral, that’s why beginners are their set victims.


These scam sites try to take out your account information like your log in details of credit cards as well as payment processors like Paypal, Payza etc. Have you ever noticed when you ask for your payment with these kind of scam companies, almost all of them ask you for your account number or account access for payment? And when you do not provide them what they are looking for, they will not make your payment. They sometimes even ask you to make investment for getting your own work’s payment like you need invest $ 5 for this and we will pay you out $ 15 later. How smarter they will be if you let them be!!! More than that, most dangerous scam sites are those who don't ask anything at starting and pays normally and give you lucrative ways to earn more under which many people falls and invest more money than they have withdraw and then guess what? After some months those kind of sites just stop paying or even shutdown their sites.


To escape from scam sites, you must figure out the source from where you are receiving those kinds of emails, advertisements or promotion? For example:- sometime you can get email like "Your Paypal account got limited and you have to put your email and password of Paypal by clicking the link provided in email". But before doing that, you should check either that email is coming from real Paypal website or not. If it is from real Paypal, then email address will be like "". If there is not at end of email address, but other similar name address, then just delete that email. In order to check that email further genuine or not, you can log in to your Paypal account through Paypal main website, not from the link provided in that email. This is just one example. You can get those kind of emails pretending to be Facebook, VISA or Master Card, Google, Yahoo or in the name of any other big companies. If you got those kind of emails, stay away from them.


Before we describe about phishing email scams. Now to find out which company is legit and which is scam, you have to do the research on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. While you are searching for the authenticity of any site in search pages like Google, Bing etc., you must be aware about one thing that you are ensuring every details of that site through various reviews from trustworthy sources available in the search engine. Some of the sites which provide reviews are themselves a scam. So, before falling into reviews of some companies in any site, first of all find out trustworthy of that site. You should follow site like ours which provide the truths, both pros and cons of each site, neither only promote nor only support the site, also not only declare every site as a scam.


Before starting up your journey in any online work companies, come across with the fact of its being legitimate or scam through the strategy as we have mentioned you before. If it is difficult for you to find out which site is legit and which is scam, then where we are here to do the job for you. As you know, the motto of our site is to do the investigation on online work companies and list them either as scam or as a legit. We always support only established and top companies like Wealthy Affiliate which has proven track record in the industry to develop your own affiliate marketing business. You can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-


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